The full packages includes a Leopold Mk 4 (4.5 – 14 ER/T with the mildot reticle), Dead Air Silencers’ Sandman S that we attached to Proof Research Carbon wrapped tack driving barrel


Veteran Owned – American Made

Everyone from our walk of life is always itching to see the latest and greatest gadgets hitting the market. We got an up close and personal look at a few bad ass products from American Built Arms, Proof Research, Gorilla Ammunition and a couple other manufactures. Guardian Corporation could not have done a better job hosting the event. The Veteran owned small business; located in Charles City, Virginia, which is just a short hike from Williamsburg, Richmond or the popular Virginia Beach neighborhoods.

To set the precedence, the location at Guardian Corp is a new and upcoming lifestyle resort and range facility. Designed and built by a distinguished Veteran and certified bad ass David Barglof.  A GWOT veteran, David put his leadership, vision and no quit attitude to work after being medically retired from the Army. Entrepreneurship was his only option so he did what us veterans do; we make shit happen! MidAtlantic Enterprises Inc was his first project which has proved to be a major success in the construction industry. Staying true to his roots and passion, the concept of Guardian Corp. soon came to fruition.  This is a story all in its own, The BrassTacs will be following David’s progress and giving you periodic updates of this incredible outdoor/tactical lifestyle facility.  For this specific event Mr. Barglof set up two firing lanes for us, one; 300 yards and another stretching to 600 yards. Guardian Corp. will definitely be a force multiplier for those of us that want to go off grid for a weekend to be around like minded people in the industry. More to follow.


AB Arms MOD X chassis accommodates Remingtons 700 and Howa short actions nicely

American Built Arms Company was represented by Adam Edelman and a group of other hard working veterans. AB Arms is also Veteran Owned small business specializing in firearms and small parts manufacturer. This should go without being said; however, as depicted in the name of their company every part made is done so right here in the US.  They manufacture over-engineered parts for many well-known industry leaders, which is how they essentially got their start. AB Arms showcased their new MOD X Gen III rifle and chassis system.  What better barrel to throw on such an accurate chassis than Proof Research, turning AB Arms’ Mod X with the Remington 700 action a quintessential tack driver.  AB Arms newest chassis is a full functioning housing to install on the Remington 700 or Howa style short action of your choice.  It is aluminum that is coated with a Mil – Spec hard coat anodizing which makes it durable as hell! The end user has the option for a built in 0 or 20 MOA scope mount rail and keymod 13.5” free-floating forearm.   It accepts MDT and AICS style magazines in the popular .223 and .308 calibers.  The chassis can be loaded up with all sorts of custom goodies to include the AR stock of your choice, folding stock option, AR pistol grip and various keymod accessories. AB Arms threw Dead Air Armament Sandman-S suppressor on the front…because they know that shooting suppressed does not suck, especially when Dead Air is involved.

Proof Research was in attendance represented by John Clements and Scott Cambel.  They were showing off their carbon fiber barrels on the American Built rifles.  They once again proved their superior performance and lightweight engineering capabilities at this event. In typical Proof fashion, there was little explanation needed on their products. Just as the name suggests your shot placement (so long as you don’t suck) is Proof that your impacts are “straight outta carbon”. For those that have not had the opportunity to shoot through a Proof Barrel; I recommend it. The reduction in weight and superb accuracy will have you questioning all other barrels ever made. Between the board of directors, employees and most of the behind the scenes guys, next to the engineering behind the product, veterans are a huge part of what makes Proof what it is. Some of our good friends are over at Proof, to start the process of getting your own barrel, tell them that BRCC and The BrassTacs sent you over and you’ll be taken care

The Technology behind carbon wrap of Proof Research barrels is yet to be matched by any other company in the industry

The Technology behind carbon wrap of Proof Research barrels is yet to be matched by any other company in the industry

Gorilla Ammunition supplied all the ammunition to feed the AB Arms rifles.  Jay Duncan was representing the event with Gorillas’ Match, SilverBack Self Defense, and Subsonic Ammo. Gorilla has a quality control department that is second to none that work tirelessly to spot check numerous rounds per lot to insure only the best get packaged. Being a bullet enthusiast myself I can appreciate the full range ballistics laboratory that ensures Gorillas ammo is performing as the company says it will. The lab is one of many aspects that sets Gorilla apart from most ammo manufacturers. All of Gorilla’s match ammunition is loaded precisely with Sierra Match King projectiles and are available in all popular bullet weights. Gorilla doesn’t stop at match or precision ammo, they have other “general use” loads as well. After a brief introduction on the product, we ripped open Gorillas Silverback .45 acp which is from Gorillas defense lab.  The subsonic defense ammo had perfect expansion and penetration every time we shot into blocks of ballistic gel. The 5 petals that expanded upon impact create one hell of a wound channel and is sure to stop a shit head dead in his tracks if he decided to bark up the wrong tree. To learn more about Gorillas ballistics lab and what their products bring to the table.

Gorillas Silverback defense ammo has perfect expansion and no over penetration

Gorillas Silverback defense ammo has perfect expansion and no over penetration

Oakwood Controls  represented by Troy Young, brought along their state of the art H-Bar portable electronic target system. It was hotter than FUCK the day of the event and I was not looking forward to walking up and down a range to check targets…. Oakwood Controls made sure that we spent more time shooting than walking! The H bar is a rugged target system that uses acoustic and temperature sensors along with other cutting edge technology packaged in one housing to detect hits and misses in a designated scoring area.  The bullet information is instantly displayed to the shooter on a Toughbook computer screen, giving the shooter immediate gratification and make the necessary adjustments to whichever optic he or she is looking through.  The H bar system is fairly user friendly and can be set up and torn down in a matter of minutes. If anything; there is more information than the average shooter “needs” or wants. The bullet porn displayed on the H Bar is available to us bullet heads.

Oakwood controls offers a solution to precision shooting and training at long distances. The system is plug and play...It will save your legs too!

Oakwood controls offers a solution to precision shooting and training at long distances. The system is plug and play…It will save your legs too!

Erick Navarro, President/CEO, of Breakthrough Clean Technologies comes in.  Erick brought enough cleaning supplies to keep us and the AB Arms guns functional all day! The Battle Born High Purity Oil truly is a breakthrough (Clich’e I know).  Its high quality, synthetic, multi-service lubricant and protectant can operate between -90 and 417 deg  F, and is safe on all metal, plastic and polymer parts.  It’s also non-flammable, non-toxic, low odor, and get this, non-staining!  No more grease spots on your $450 tacti-cool guy range pants (that is the 13 years of contracting coming out in me)!  I do not want to bore you with the technical mumbo jumbo… If you don’t remember anything remember this about Breakthroughs product, it is safe on any surface. Something that other solvent/cleaning companies cannot say!

All the non staining, odor free lube is all packed into a cleaning kit so you can stuff it in your range bag and use as needed

All the non staining, odor free lube is all packed into a cleaning kit so you can stuff it in your range bag and use as needed

American Built Arms and Guardian Corp put together one hell of an event with all the right components. Every company involved were more than accommodating yet remained professional and very informative!

The guns – Bad Ass

Barrels – Amazing

Ammunition – consistent and accurate as hell

Targetry – accommodating for us precision guys

Lube –  FOUL proof! (you see what I did there)?

I am already anxious to see what each of these companies bring to the table next year. We will be reviewing each companies product in extent so stay tuned to the Blackrifle coffee blog and The BrassTacs.

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  • Chris Ice says:

    I’m glad as hell somebody told me about you folks. I (shamefully) admit that I was a starbucks addict for the past couple of decades but when I read about how they have flagrantly disparaged those of us that believe in morality, marriage as God intended and sovereignty, I had had enough. I drink enough coffee to fill the hoover dam but there won’t be a drop of starbucks from this point out. A friend from church turned me on to BRCC and I’m glad that he did, you folks deserve Kudos all the way around… and as far as the subversize pukes that troll this blog, they can take a long walk off a short pier for all I care.. aren’t they all moving to Canada anyway?

  • Shawn Hoadley says:

    I have stopped buying anything from Schtarrbaulks. Owned by garbage people who couldn’t care any less about this Country.

    I ordered my BRCC a few weeks ago and I’m still waiting. In the meantime I bought some local grocer stuff that is really weak and not very flavorful. I’ll keep drinking it to remind myself that I am supporting Americans like Evan and company and not shitbag globalists like schultz.

    God bless BRCC.

    • Scott Lambin says:

      Thank You for the support! Please be patient, we are dilligently catching up on orders placed by other patriots like yourself! You will not be dissapointed with your purchase!


  • Casee says:

    hahah Starbucks is a damn joke!
    Keep up the kick ass work! you guys are the real deal!

  • Fred Squires says:

    Bought your coffee. Former 25th Infantry Division Sergeant in Korea in 1954. I know what bad days are. Veterans must be respected for doing what our government asked us to do. Thanks to the GI Bill, and working also, I am a retired Civil Engineer now. South Korea is a wonderful and modern country. Seoul is a great City. My wife and I visited there in 2000. Not all of us that were sent there in the 1950’s, came back. Thank you Black Rifle Coffee for bringing the importance of hiring veterans back to our attention. Clearly Starbucks was cashing in on a line of thought that they considered would show them in a good light to the public. Our veterans have been in dangerous places and we have done our utmost. War is hell, but we went there for our great country. Our brave troops are at it still.

  • Greg Gillespie says:

    I just wanted to say as a conservative, it is exciting to hear about your organization and many of the more traditional values that you business represents. I could never support a company like Starbucks so you guys are a great alternative. My issue at the moment is that as a strong conservative and proponent of conservative principles, I can’t even direct my teenage children to your website because portions of it aren’t exactly family friendly. I have a large family and there many conservatives like us who share your views on free market principles, strong defense, etc. The backbone of any society or culture is family and where the family goes, there goes that society or culture. I definitely plan on being a customer of yours but I would just like to encourage you to think of ways to market your products with the whole family in mind. Thanks for all of your ambition and hard work.

  • Roy Chirico says:

    Would love to buy your coffee but shipping charges are too much. But I am going to drop Starbucks.

  • Chief Parment says:

    Check out 2 Vet Arms. I have a custom 6.8 from them that makes me drool thinking about it. Got it for a disabled veterans hunt.

  • Duane Park says:

    I saw u on Fox and Friends, Great job love that u r hiring vets and ur outlook for our great country. I will stop going to Starbucks and buy ur coffee Good Luck
    Ps r u planning on opening stores in the Denver Metro area?

  • Walt Boost says:

    Ditto on the franchise opportunity. Am looking for a post retirement career.

    Wild Wally
    26 th Co. Greyhounds

  • MP says:

    To the Owned Veteran post owner… Starbucks has and does and says they will continue to hire veterans, you’re right. What they do that is not very cool though is they play politics – and they do so without consideration that many of their customers are moving away from them because of it. Instead of using the opportunity recently to hire those who are out of work, or the thousands who have been downsized out of their jobs only moments from a full retirement opportunity, or many other American citizens who need work – Starbucks chooses to go political by saying “we’ll hire 10,000 refugees.” One might think – oh how compassionate. Until you do your homework and realize that you don’t have to look too far beyond any Starbucks store to find citizens out of work, recent high school graduates who can’t find work, mothers and fathers who have lost their jobs all over this country who could surely use a part time or full time gig. But no… instead, Starbucks plays political games and says – we will overlook the needs of our citizens to go out of our way to hire those that the current President is trying his best to simply check out more thoroughly so that one of these 10,000 that Starbucks hires doesn’t come in with the idea that a Starbucks shop in your town would be a great place to set up a terrorist network.

    When a nation focuses more of its resources outside the country than within to help the homeless, put people to work, provide housing, etc… which is what the refugee program does – then we’ve lost our way. Here’s my suggestion to Starbucks… put your money into finding ways to stop the refugee problem… try that. Kind of like fixing a broken dam… instead of moving people out of the way of the water… fix the dam.

    • Philip Knopp says:

      Good thinking and well said!

    • Omar says:

      @MP: You are right. Starbucks’ slogan of hiring 10k refugees is more likely to be a populist marketing stunt, than a real manifestation of solidarity and care.

      Speculation on terrorist network:
      I’m still shocked how some (literally) sheep herding “ragheads” can set up terrorist networks using public cellphone network for communication in the country where I think one of the worlds best intelligence agencies are operating. I mean – really, US intelligence agencies are using top notch neural networks and machine learning data scientists to analyze those billions of conversations that are going on in the country (and around the world) and as also Russia does, US also has literally the best field agents in the world. So for this paradox, the only comprehensible reason for me is business reasons:
      That because the US is the biggest of all arm exporting countries in the world (Russia is second: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arms_industry). If I would run such a successful business, I would do literally everything to make sure I keep and even grow profits. For that, I would have to sell what I’m producing (i.e. weapons) and for selling I would need markets. Sustainable markets. In case of arms, this means war zones. And believe me – if such an enormous amount of money is involved – I would do literally anything to sustain my markets. This includes artificially raising xenophobia to legitimize the “new market openings” I do (i.e. starting war in new places) and of course keep up older markets (existing conflict areas). That’s my personal theory on the terrorist problem of US and Europe (Germany is the 3rd biggest arms exporter).

      So, speaking of fixing the dam: I would spend some fraction of the money that US is now spending on production for arms export onto helping the homeless, provide housing, put people to work, etc… for all americans.

    • Steve says:

      Well said, Brother!

  • Sally says:

    Please consider making k-cups from your coffee – that is where it’s at!!!!!

  • PJ says:

    Is there more on your charity the thin blue line?

  • Tom B. says:

    Old men have dreams and visions on Black Rifle Coffee! The dreams and visions they have are sleep because they are awake. Twenty-four hour guard duty is possible only with Black Rifle and love of country.
    This is not a valid comment but it could be.

  • How about Black Aircraft Coffee Blends? The Blackbird / The Dragonlady / The Nighthawk ???????

  • Al Hannah says:

    Saw you on Varney &Co. this am. I am a vet and a supporter of you and wish you all the success in the world🇺🇸

  • Si Dirst says:

    The US Navy runs on oil and Black Rifle Coffee ?

    The US Air Force hits after-burners with Black Rifle Coffee ?

  • Paul Stricker says:

    Recent press indicates that BRCC is 50 people and growing. Is there any plans in the near future to offer franchises? I’d love to seriously not only give Americans a good choice of coffee shops (even the “independents” are too far left “hippie” for me, and the store cleanliness leaves a lot to the imagination, but I’d love to see Starbucks forced out of markets that surround US military facilities.

    One more thing…I would pay 10% more for your merchandise if you can source it from US manufacturers. I’m a long haul trucker firmly committed to buying American every opportunity that I can.

    Keep up the great work.


  • Lynn says:

    BTW It doesn’t sound as if BRCC has to ride on Any body’s “Coat tails” or any other body parts…just saying.


  • Gerald V. Herr says:

    I sent an email asking about a franchise.

  • Andy Whaley says:

    I just saw a photo stating that you were going to hire 10,000 veterans. Truth or nah?

    • Scott Lambin says:

      As we have always said; we are not resting our wares in an attempt to capitalize from temper tantrums. BRC has (always) vowed to hire Veterans and Patriots. If you are interested send a resume to [email protected] or [email protected]

      Thanks for checking us out!


    • Owned Veteran says:

      Starbucks already does this. But glad to see you’re riding their coattails.


      • Lynn says:


      • Phillip Burns says:

        star bucks sucks… Period and Starbucks is nothing but a LIBERAL Progressive Think tank for Brain dead Piranhas..Just my opinion..
        I will stick with and support BLACK RIFFLE COFFEE COMPANY ..it is a company where leaders are made!! and coffee will be GREAT AGAIN!!!
        God Bless our Veterans!! and their Family’s!!

      • Lee says:

        If you think somebody’s riding Starbuck who tells you must be high call Starbuck it’s so on American it’s not even funny run your education on your facts before you speak go veterans good job

      • merijoe says:

        Already does what? Starfucks specifically said they will be hiring 10k refugees over 5 years, if Starfucks hires veterans then they should continue to hire veterans ONLY, not refugees from where ever they are from, no one is riding a “coattail”.

        • Omar says:

          Yep, “merijoe”, Starbucks shall hire no refugees but real Americans (you know, like the Abanaki, Dakota, Sioux, Navajo, and so on). And of course they are allowed to make exceptions for those vets who are refugees or refugee-descendants (no matter if they came from Europe or from anywhere else).
          But setting aside my sarcasm – I really mean this company is a great initiative, and I think it is great that it’s built by vets and hiring vets.
          I strongly think that the shaky and slippery topic of refugees shall be totally out of context here. Especially when speaking of a country (US) that is one of the biggest arms exporter in the world besides Russia (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arms_industry) – and we all know that export needs market outside the exporting country (that is why there’s the “ex” prefix in the word) – and markets have to be sustained for a successful business model that is based on export. If I would export arms and would make serious money out of it, I would make sure that people are buying it. This is the same for Russia and Germany. I live in Europe, Germany, and I see what’s happening. So let’s just leave this topic alone.

          We shall be happy that there are such determined and good people (like Evan) who has the business skills and strength to help vets! I feel respect for him!

      • Richard USMC says:

        Starbucks blows. Crappy overpriced stuff served by young punks that wouldn’t know reality if it bit them in the ass. You ask for a cup of regular coffee and they look like a deer in a pair of headlights – what? No pukea lattie with a frappy? How about a love bun? Drink real coffee made by real americans. And as far as riding coattails there is a difference in being and acting.

  • From another veteran and 2A supporter: well done!

  • Evan Harper says:

    Please rephrase your headline. I was terrified to learn that a veteran had been owned until I realized it was only an infelicitous use of words.

    • Dave says:

      Love the title, recommend you don’t change a thing. Keep up the good work!!

    • Kelly Boone says:

      Wow… Very impressed with your mission, heart, and dedication to our veterans… Thank you for serving our country.. BTW, I noticed that your company is conservative in values. Do you sell coffee to liberals, like myself? I am teasing (I am liberal) but will buy my coffee from you all. Great clothing too..

      • Scott Lambin says:

        Yes, we sell coffee to EVERYONE who enjoys a good cup. Yes, we are very conservative, but more so Constitutionalists. Nonetheless, thank you for reading!


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