the best alternative to drip! 

Hands down this is my go to drink when I feel like having a good cup of coffee but am in a rush, or want to switch it up from the drip world!

If drip is your go to and thats what you are comfortable with…. switch it up when you go to your local coffee shop and order an Americano!

what is an americano? 

Americano: 2 shots of espresso poured into hot water!

It might sound weird if you haven’t ever had one before, but trust me when I say its smooth, delicious, NOT watery and an amazing alternative to drip coffee! Why not try something new?!

This is a drink I make all the time when I’m home and want to switch up my routine! Just grab your AK (here) and a badass mug (here, here, here, here) and brew your espresso, and pour it into a cup of hot water! Delicious!

have I convinced you yet ?

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