The dripper, Coffee and hot water is all you need to keep the consistency of great coffee flowing through your veins on the go!

The dripper, Coffee, and hot water are all you need to keep the consistency of great coffee flowing through your veins on the go!

We [obviously] take coffee seriously, it’s kind of our thing.  Our videos, commercials and virtually everything we put out highlights just how good our coffee is. There is logical proof; which has been demonstrated and verified that 1). Black Rifle Coffee increases sexual stamina…let’s be honest; who couldn’t use a little more of it, and 2). Black Rifle Coffee makes you a man…said so by the most motivating and logical Marine on the planet, Tank Machine. All of that said, we want to make sure that everyone who drinks our coffee is getting the most out of every drop of our roast to order coffee. Whether it’s by turning on the Mr. Coffee drip machine, or throwing in a K-Cup and pressing a button; BRC is the best, most conservative, and unconditional Pro 2nd Amendment coffee company in the United States, regardless of how you make it. We do have some suggestions to maximize the taste and caffeine coming from each of our roasts.


This week we are taking a close look at Saint Anthony’s Phoenix 70 paper brewer. By the end of this, it is my intent to give you a snapshot on how to brew the best cup of coffee on either side of the Mississippi river. Before moving forward, we are throwing a disclaimer out. I am not a master roaster, and I don’t claim to be! I do however possess the ability to identify goat piss coffee. Todays Caffeinated Life I am going to walk you through my step by step process of brewing a single cup, pour over coffee using St. Anthony’s Phoenix 70 and Cemex paper cone filters.

The essentials for successful range operations

The essentials for successful range operations


Slow Pour

St. Anthony has filters separately sold specifically for the Phoenix, I on the other hand use Cemex paper filters. In my experience, I have found that I can control taste and brew of the coffee by manipulating Cemex’s larger more porous filters by folding them to create more layers of the filter. That is one of the beauties of the Phoenix, we can control virtually everything that goes through it, and there isn’t a “one way” to brew your coffee.


Our Master Roaster Edwin gets scientific with just about every cup. I am merely someone who appreciates a good cup of coffee, but I don’t break out scales and weigh grounds or measure water only because I don’t know a quarter of what he does. I just put 2 (sometimes 3) rounded scoops from a regular coffee spoon into the filter and begin the brew.


Water temperature, being one of the most important aspects of brewing any cup, regardless of method, roast, grind or vehicle to do so. It is recommended that you heat the water up to 190-202 degrees. Too hot and you will scorch and too cool, many of the oils will not activate, and your coffee will taste flat and like shit! I have learned through trial and error that dumping the water over the grounds is effective but going for broke because you’re in a hurry will not yield the same returns as if you take your time and let the Phoenix, water, filter and grounds do what they do! Pour enough water over your grounds to saturate them and the filter. It is recommended to stop after a slow drip begins. I usually wait about a minute after the drip and continue to pour the desired amount of water over the grounds to a steady stream of goodness into your cup.


It’s Science

St. Anthony developed the Phoenix 70 to use geometry to maximize extraction of everything that is good coffee. Taking into consideration, type of coffee, desired output and cup, the Phoenix offers three different columns to optimize your coffee experience. Without getting too geeky; a 60 degree cone shape is about “standard” (if there was such a thing). If a more flavorful cup is what you’re after you can increase to a 70 degree brew column (taller filter) you are increasing the water to coffee contact; the further the water travels more coffee it has to travel through. As you brew, you can watch the theory come to fruition as the coffee sticks to the side of the cone filter and drip into your cup.  From pouring the water over your grounds to drinking you have about 3 minutes of your time invested into the cup that sets the tone for your day!

The brew column produces some of the best coffee

The brew column produces some of the best coffee

Minimalistic Approach

I am a world traveler; as much as I loathe the profession, it has been common for me over the last 13 years to spend enough time in our great country only to be relegated to a shit hole roughly 90 days later. Be that as it may; The Phoenix was tailor-made for people like me who are in and out of the house yet, have a hard time functioning without good coffee. The Phoenix is made from titanium, so it won’t weigh you down.  It is about 4 ½ inches at its widest point and stands a towering 2 ½ inches tall. If your frequent flyer miles are consistently being updated, it is probably safe to say that between laptop computers, a change of skivvies and other worldly possessions that you don’t want at the mercy of those who handle your bags, carry-on space is at a premium. Between a few filters, the Phoenix and a bag of BRC, it tucks away easily to allow for more room. Also, if you have access to hot water (assuming you have everything else on you) the Phoenix is ready to go wherever you find yourself. On a recent trip, I was 30k feet over the Atlantic Ocean and whipped the Phoenix out and brewed a few cups for myself and a few Marines (who subsequently happened to be Drinkin Bros) heading over to a middle eastern AO.


No matter where you go, or how you get there, the Phoenix enables you (the coffee head) to worry about other things than where you’re going to get your fix. I have found myself in the middle of a Starbucks-infested airplane, and terminal where the same pot of coffee has been being warmed for hours, yet needed my routine cup of Beyond Black to carry me past the point of jet-lagged delirium. Whether you are a backpacker, road tripper or carry a gun for a living stowing one of these coffee drippers in a pack, glove box or carry on or go bag is an easy feat, just add hot water and 3 minutes later normalcy is ready to drink.


St. Anthony Phoenix 70 Coffee Dripper Vital Statistics

Material Titanium
Dimensions 4.5”w x 2.5”h
Weight 9 Oz
Filter Perfect Paper Filters/ $12.00
MSRP $64.00
Manufacturer St. Anthony
Source Black Rifle Coffee Company

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