step aside men, the ladies are in control

Let’s be honest, the face of Black Rifle Coffee Company is the bravado of the male war hero. And fuck yea they rock and we wouldn’t be here without our leaders, Evan, Matt & JT! But, behind the scenes we have the most badass team of women working behind closed doors to bring you what you see every single day!

Noelle Best 

This smart chick is one hard working business woman. You might recognize her from instagram where she enjoys blasting targets with her husband, but she’s also the brains behind the operation that is Black Rifle Coffee Company.

what is your favorite part of  BRCC as a woman? Though there are more men than women here, I get to work with some of the strongest, most talented, and hardest working women I have ever met.


how do you like your coffee? About a year ago my answer would have been “coffee flavored sugar milk”. Black Rifle Coffee was actually the first coffee I have ever enjoyed black. We were at an airbnb in Colorado and Evan made everyone coffee. I am usually a HUGE creamer fanatic, but we didn’t have any. My experience had been that creamer helped the coffee taste better. With that being said I drank 5 cups that day, black, which led to my now addiction.


what is your favorite gun to shoot? anything with a trigger lol. I would have to say that lately it’s the SIG MPX. It’s such a fun gun to shoot and it’s super light. As a small human that means less fatigue, better consistency and a lot more time down range for me.

Justine Martinez

Justine is the brains and push behind the operations team at BRCC. She controls, trend forecasting, purchasing, sales, shipping and all the ways you, our favorite customers get the best products that you love! Big thank you to Justine!

what is the best part of drinking coffee?
The best part of drinking coffee is the caffeine boost. Can’t live a day without it!
how do you take your coffee everyday?
Before working here, I had to have coffee with tons of sugar and creamer. Now that I’ve been enlightened, I enjoy drinking it black. It really does grow on you.
what is your favorite black rifle coffee shirt?
My favorite black rifle coffee shirt is the Coffee Saves shirt. It has a really classic vibe that appeals to everyone. Now we just need a women’s version!

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