Black Rifle Coffee Bootcamp

Okay, yay, so we got you to our site. Now I’m here to train and give you a mini bootcamp to become a badass coffee expert!

there are no tests. there are no surprise drills. this is not a test!

This is the BRCC bootcamp for coffee expertise. Where coffee experts gather and become a family!

Rule #1: know your beans!

  • dark roasts: tend to have more notes of the roast temperature itself, more chocolate notes come through with darker roasts

common coffee misunderstanding: dark roast coffee has more caffeine 

This statement is 100% false. The reason dark roasts coffee tastes stronger and is darker in color is due to the roast time and the heat of the roast to boost the dark notes in the coffee bean itself. Coffee beans all start the same. The roast temperature and time is what determines the roast of the beans i.e. dark, medium, light & espresso. Shop our dark roasts below!


Rule #2:

  • medium roasts: these delicious coffee blends tend to have a medium taste hence the name. Dark in color and rich in taste they leave a sweet flavor to your palate. Like red wine, these roasts tend to leave your mouth feeling full, a coat of the roasting flavor stays in your mouth after each sip! I am a huge fan of a good medium roast coffee!

grab my favorite Black Rifle medium roast coffee’s below by clicking on each image! My favorite way to brew a delicious cup of medium roast coffee is with these products here, here and here.

Rule #3:

  • light roasts: this is the most under appreciated coffee in the game. As this bean is roasted less oil is produced. This roast is a less oily coffee and some confider if to be a “dry” coffee in flavor because of the lack of oil form the length of roasting from the bean.

Myth debunked: light roast coffee actually has more caffeine that dark roast coffee! This is 100% true! because of the shorter roasting length, less caffeine is baked off allowing the bean to boast more caffeine!

in need of a badass coffee container?

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