In a Coffee Rut?

I feel like there are always so many new trends in coffee it can be hard to keep up! But this is why I am here to be your coffee product guru! Sometimes its just time to upgrade to the newest most amazing way to brew your Black Rifle Coffee!

Here at Black Rifle we sell some of our favorite house products for your coffee brewing convenienceĀ and we are going to show you the best ones to upgrade to!

Best Products to Purchase!

Okay!! Let’s upgrade your product bin for coffee!

First off, we need to buy some of our fantastic small batch roasted coffee beans! Here are a few of my favorite roasts! AK Espresso, Silencer Smooth, Blackbeards Delight Blend, and lastly the Just Black Coffee Rounds!

Good coffee is the basis of a good start to the day to be honest! But now we need products to brew these delicious beans with!


Best Black Rifle Brewing Products!

The Page Brewer (you can buy here) creates a delicious pour over coffee and the class carafe is stunning and will impress your friends! The coffee brew is smooth and strong like your trusty pour over! The glass keeps your coffee warm and the size allows you to make more than your typical single cup of coffee!


Next, for these summer months a true favorite is the Toddy System! This plastic brewer makes amazing cold brew concentrate, if you need the recipe grab it here! Cold brew is a staple for that summer afternoon jump of energy! I love to fill my glass 1/3 with concentrate and the rest with ice cold water, mix in a splash of cream, stir and enjoy the afternoon warmth! I mean you really can’t go wrong with cold brew.


If you guys are a no fuss coffee drinker and you stick to your single brew servings you can use our Just Black Coffee Rounds and plug them into your single cup brew machine for an easy way to pack a punch with your coffee! If you want to reduce your fuss you can grab a single brew coffee maker here.


Coffee Talk!

Depending on coffee to start your day is so fun! But like I was talking about above sometimes you just need a little extra help! Whether you are a guru on the coffee bar or just need something to keep those eyes open, there are so many ways to go about your morning jump! Whatever method you choose make sure you choose Black Rifle Coffee! We pack a punch, start your day strong and back you up through the afternoon to get you through the day! Don’t forget to tag us in your pictures and really share what you do with our brew!


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  • Steve says:

    Where do I find that BRCC k cup holder?

    • Paige Williams says:

      Hi Steve!! the K cup holder unfortunately is just for BRCC display purposes. But if you are ever in the Salt Lake City area feel free to stop by our shop and share a cup of joe with us!

  • Arline McLaughlin says:

    what you do is wonderful. I am married to a retired NYPD officer and your financial assistance is so needed and appreciated. THANK GOD FOR YOU.!

  • Drew says:

    This is an awesome article! I think Paige is a great content producer and all of her blog posts are so awesome!

  • A P says:

    Correction: my hubby would’ve enjoyed your coffee even with sand!

  • A P says:

    Hello, just wanted to share my opinion. Last month I purchased “Just Black” and “Gunship” for my husband as a B-day gift. JS is a bit bitter and heavier flavor, while GS is smooth with a hint of semi-sweet aftertaste. We gulped it all down in a week. We invited coffee lover friends and everyone was impressed! All vets, at BRCC were most likely deployed oversees when my husband was; but he swears he would’ve enjoyed your coffee even sand! Thank you for your service! Thank you for quality coffee and the unique products! Best of luck, longevity and God Bless!

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