umm what?! 

Doesn’t this drink sound exotic!? Well heres a shocker for you…. its literally the easiest dang drink you will ever ever ever make!

here is is…. drumroll please!  


Cafe Con Panna…. 2 espresso shots and whipped cream!

Ladies & Gents… that is all that is all! I mean hello easy and hello delicious! A cafe con panna is a perfect after dinner espresso drink if you crave something sweet or just a great way to start the day! Now you can order this delicious drink whenever you want and have the coffee knowledge!

try a cafe con panna next time you make coffee !

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  • I’d buy your coffee even if it tasted like day old Mr. Coffee cooling on a machine shop tool bin. Thanks for your service. More than ever, so many owe so much to so few. Maybe call your next blend ‘FOB’. I imagine some of those forward operating bases have coffee similar to that described above. Cheers and all the best.

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