Caffeinated Life, AK-47 Blend defined

AK – 47 Blend

As prolific as the Soviet game changers, the AK – 47 espresso blend will give you the kick in the ass needed to jump start your day. The blend is one of the originals that we came out of the gate swinging with. An easy comparison to the battle rifle, The AK blend is roasted from nothing but what is needed to make a bold, full flavor espresso or Americano. Mikhail Kalashnikov didn’t add a bunch of useless shit to make his rifle efficient, and effective, so why should we add anything?

AK-47 comes ground or in its whole bean form which can be ground to your desired consistency

AK-47 comes ground or in its whole bean form which can be ground to your desired consistency

The AK espresso is available ground and whole bean. Each carries a unique taste profile simply due to the atmospherics surrounding them. When you order AK ground, it’s coarseness is optimized for the perfect cup of espresso or Americano. Expect a full flavor blend of Colombia Supremo and Brazilian beans that are roasted to perfection and makes for one of (if not the best) espresso you will ever taste.  Absent acidities and other impurities found in less equal coffee. Should you prefer to grind yourself, the full bean AK is high grown Costa Rican from the same blends of Colombian and Brazilian beans which offer an unparalleled; intense dark color and smokiness.

AK1Some equate the name of the AK – 47 blend directly with the rifle; being strong and unforgiving. Though it’s not the most potent weapon system on the planet, it gets the job done and has been for years. Our AK blend doesn’t wield the highest caffeine content but is one of the most flavorful out of the lineup. AK has everything you need to get you going in the morning; if you’re a day drinker (of coffee) AK will carry you through those skull drag meetings and make the unbearable hipster coworker…less unbearable.



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