Have you ever heard the word Cappuccino and thought….”what the heck is that?”

so…what is it?! 

A Cappuccino is a traditional Italian Coffee broken down into thirds! 1 part espresso, 1 part steamed milk, 1 part milk foam!


steamed milk

milk foam

So now that we know that percentage of what goes into our Cappuccino, let’s get our ingredients and show you a little video on how to make one!


  1. Pull your shots and steam your milk
  2. if you steam your milk manually, make sure you allow more air to flow through the milk to create more foam
  3. when your milk pitcher is hot to the touch, your milk is sufficiently steamed
  4. pour your espresso into your mug, and gently tip your pitcher to allow the steamed milk to flow first into the espresso
  5. follow your pour with milk foam
  6. drink and enjoy!

order a cappuccino next time! 

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