Last Minute Gift Giving

It’s that time of the year again, where hundreds of thousands of people are scrambling to shore up those last-minute gift ideas. My fellow workaholics get wrapped up in…life. Many of us in the veteran entrepreneurship spaces are so consumed with trying to grow our businesses, and things like Christmas gifts fall to the wayside. Guy or Girl we are putting some things together for you to go down in those who you buy for, as the best gift giver…. ever!

Typically, the women that we have in our lives don’t procrastinate, however finding the perfect gift can be a bit tedious. Yes, you can’t go wrong with guns, ammo or anything that is associated with them. If your guy can pew with it…you have found the perfect gift. Unfortunately, guns are not attainable to purchase for everyone. Legally, you cannot go into a licensed firearms dealer and say “hey, I want to buy a gun for someone else”.  Anyone who wants immediate gratification in manly gifts, keep reading we are going to give you a few ideas.


Consumable Addictions

What better way to keep productivity pinging than to keep your loved one hopped up on caffeine? Starting off the morning what red blooded American doesn’t kick off the day with a piping hot cup of coffee? As you already know, Black Rifle Coffee is the best tasting coffee in the United States of America. We call it like we see it and we take pride in our community. Out of the gate BRCC roasts 9 original different blends of coffee, 6 joint venture roasts and 2 roasts packaged in K cups. BRCC is a small batch, roast to order company that doesn’t spend a bunch of overhead with a brick and mortar shops, and bullshit “holiday” marketing crap. We say Merry Christmas, we are in your face and give back to our beloved pro 2A, Law Enforcement and Veteran communities. For their convenience, enroll your guy or gal in our coffee club. You set an appropriate amount of coffee to be sent directly to your doorstep, as frequently as you want. If you have commitment issues, with a little planning just log into your BRCC account pick your poison, and 3-5 days later, a box of awesomeness is arriving at whichever doorstep you want. Aside from coffee, order a couple shirts, hats and hand crafted coffee mugs. If you’re sick of giving your money to a borderline communist business such as hipsterbucks; give BRCC a run! As a bonus, use the discount code drinkin bros to let them know you read this article.

BRCC MSRP: $12.99 – $15.99 (12oz bag), $12.99 K Cups (12 cups)

15 blends of the best coffee on either side of the Mississippi with 2 roasts packed into K cups make for the perfect gift for your coffee heads!

15 blends of the best coffee on either side of the Mississippi with 2 roasts packed into K cups make for the perfect gift for your coffee heads!


Now that we have the morning covered, how do we get through to day? Whether you run and gun, or blast away on a keyboard trapped inside a cube. Strikeforce energy stumbled upon the tastiest energy drink that comes in a tiny tin pouch. The 6mL of goodness is virtually tasteless, yet packs a gradual punch right in the junk without the crash that is found with every other energy drink that we have been sucking out of cans for the past 10 years. Strikeforce can be mixed with water, beer, your favorite liquors, or other liquid of your choice. Strikeforce energy was founded by a couple former Team guys (SEALs) that had no intention of starting a company of this nature. On a whim, they spoke with some scientists about other products and just happened to stumble upon their 0 calorie, drink packed with B vitamins and caffeine. Regardless of your use, the energy that the recipient of this gift will experience of a gradual incline with an equally gradual decline without the niacin dump and crash. Use Strikeforce as a pre-workout or something to just keep your whits about you, in any case the 10 pack, 150 or 300 round ammo cans will supply you with quality veteran owed product. Strikeforce offers a discount for those who read this article by typing in drinkin bros for a 20% discount off your entire order when you check out!


StrikeForce Energy MSRP: $9.99 (10), $149.99 (150 Ammo Can), $299.99 (300 Ammo Can)


Stay ready

If your special someone has spent time in the military or other similar lifestyles; there are a plethora of websites that you can spend hours on picking out gifts that are not only practical but have their place in our niche lifestyle. We picked out a couple companies that have rock solid products that can be used every day.


Celtic Shield, the world’s first RFID proof minimalist wallet. Since the start of the company roughly 3 years ago, they have been our go to wallet. The days of bi fold leather madness are over. My CHL, driver’s License and bank card are all I need between the two aircraft aluminum slats coupled with cash that clips perfectly with the supplied clip is all I need for my day to day Identification and cash flow needs. Most recently, Celtic Shield released a battered brass wallet, as a tribute to our warrior culture and Nordic brethren. Celtic Shield will customize your wallet with your favorite logo insignia to better personalize your kit. Keep your eyes peeled for more products that are sure to make it to the “need to have” list of peripherals. Like with BRCC and Strikeforce type in BRCC blog for additional discounts.

Be one of the first order the worlds first RFID proof wallet in Battered Brass

Be one of the first order the worlds first RFID proof wallet in Battered Brass



RFID Proof Wallet MSRP: $98.00

How do we master the art of self-reliance? The answer is as ambiguous as who killed Kennedy…well not really! The guys that bring some of the best survival gear on the planet to us have it figured out well. If you are struggling to find a gift for someone that has usefulness, and meaning, a membership to ReadyMan would be the perfect choice. Members enjoy a plethora of webinars, web based training brought to you by some of our countries elite SOF veterans and survivalists and endless discounts for the gear found in the store.

EDC gear made simple and practical

EDC gear made simple and practical

The ReadyMan store has hundreds of products that will enable you to be self-reliant when you are presented with situations that are outside of your normal “limits”. The store has everything from flashlights to first aid kits. A couple notable items that we would recommend to fill a stocking is a RATs Tourniquet. This simplistic, yet very practical tool needed to stop massive hemorrhage wounds and it can also be used for other survival uses that elastic cord is needed. EDC Sleeves, they slide right over your belt and enable the end user to secure magazines, pocket knives and can be used as a RATs holder. For less than 20 bucks you have a very low profile pouch that barely prints. ReadyMan will sweeten the deal for you by using the discount code BRCC blog upon checking out.

The RATs tourniquet is the most versatile hemorrhage mitigation tool on the market.

The RATs tourniquet is the most versatile hemorrhage mitigation tool on the market.

RATs Tourniquet MSRP: $15.95


A low print all purpose pouch can be used for just about anything

A low print all purpose pouch can be used for just about anything

EDC Sleeve MSRP: $19.95


What better than a gift that says conceal carry than High Threat Concealments EVO holster. HTC have come a long way since the days of pressed kydex and hand filing. Their product line ranges from EDC holsters like the EVO to full on battle ready thermomolded belt systems. Hand crafted and the highest quality control in the business this group of combat veterans know what works and what does not. The EVO allows for multiple carry positions in one holster. HTC includes all appropriate mounting hardware with each holster so there is no hidden cost involved. The end user can carry IWB, OWB and AIWB with ease and depending on how you employ the holster, you will barely know that its there. We would like to make this very clear! In order to receive the EVO in time for Christmas, You have to place the order right now…like seriously… open a new window and pick overnight shipping! If you choose to further procrastinate, you can type in BRB10 for a 10% discount that is good until the 28th of December!


EVO MSRP: $115.00


Lighten up

There are hundreds, if not thousands of different flashlights on the market. Surefire is no doubt one of the front runners in just about every application of flashlight that you can think of. We are not going to do a full review of…anything that surefire has…at least not right now anyway. Surefire has a couple of products that can be used as simple lighting solutions or “in a pinch” tools that you can buy for your Senior in High School who is heading off to college next year or spouse who works long hours.


Surefire’s Sidekick offers a variable output flashlight that attaches to any key ring. With a max output of 300 lumens and minimum of 5, this illuminator was created to be carried by anyone and ready for any situation. The Sidekick is chargeable by a USB 2.0 and is no larger than a key fob for your vehicle. Surefire offers a retractable light keeper if you want to keep your Sidekick stationary.



 Sidekick MSRP: $79.99

FirePak MSRP: $299.00

Smart Phone Cover MSRP: $29.99

The FirePak is a variable illumination device for those who create content with their smart phone. Not only does the FirePak offer external illumination solutions for filming and photography, it was designed to be used as a device charger as well. The FirePak pairs via Bluetooth with just about any smart device through a free app that is very user friendly. We have used the FirePak on multiple occasions with video and still imagery and it is worth its weight in gold. Pumping out 1,500 lumens on the high end and 100 on the lowest setting the FirePak can be used as a standard flashlight too. Surefire offer cases compatible with the Galaxy S5 and Iphone 6/6S with the Iphone 7 coming soon!


Hurry up and Buy!

As soon as I type this and click publish I will have remembered a couple gifts that I have dropped the ball on this year. We can all make valiant efforts to keep notes and take the necessary steps to mitigate the lapse in memory when it comes to gift giving. We could type for days on what to get and for whom to buy for, what we have mentioned here are inexpensive gifts that will surely have an impact on who you buy them for. If you quit procrastinating and hurry up and order, they just might be there to save the day!

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  • James Panlener says:

    Just signed up for the NEWS Ltr. & have a few questions.
    (1) Are you located in Washington State?
    (2) I have drinking Starbucks “Kamodo Dragon” coffee, it is a robust coffee, what kind of Strenth are your coffee’s?
    (3) Do you do samples?

    I am VERY INTERESTED in your coffee.
    As you may note from my email address I am a Marine Corps Veteran.

    Thank you

    • Scott Lambin says:

      We are a small batch, roast to order company. The process is easy as this. Order the coffee, we roast it, and you receive it 3-4 days later…

      Semper Fi brother!!


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