Mocha Meets Popsicle

Remember back to when we were kids and the days would be hot in the summer and right around 3:30 pm on our way home from the pond or lake or pool we’d stop at the ice cream stand and grab a popsicle to munch on? My favorite as a kid were the fudgesicles. They were chocolatey and decadent. Like eating a brownie on a stick.

We took to the drawing board and recreated a combat cocoa mocha fudgesicle to bring back those nostalgic feelings!

Let’s start the pop stand!

here’s what you’ll need!

  1. in a small sauce pan on medium to low heat, heat the coconut milk or regular milk and whisk in your combat cocoa
  2. next, add in your granulated sugar and ground espresso to let the espresso to steep for 5 minutes
  3. lastly add in your pinch of salt and stir while the espresso steeps
  4. when your espresso has steeped into your fudge mixture, remove from the heat and strain into a bowl with a fine strainer or cheese cloth
  5. pour your fudgesicle mixture into your popsicle molds and let freeze over night (at least 12 hours)
  6. eat and enjoy the sweet mocha energy

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Let’s Get Caffeinated!

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