High Threat Concealment…seems a bit counter productive doesn’t it? For a small Veteran owned company that started by hand pressing heated Kydex to accommodate the owners needs for gear that has the ability to go from zero to hero in no time flat. While in Afghanistan onesie and twosie holster/mag pouch combos morphed into one of the heavy hitters in the plastic holster markets. Their products range from a full on “High Threat Rig” to individual holsters specifically made for everyday carry. Tactical nylon is now becoming more prevalent within HTCs wheelhouse with an array of tactical nylon belts with Cobra buckles that accommodate their holsters perfectly.

Recently The BrassTacs has been using HTCs newest concealed carry holster for our everyday carry tools. Normally carrying a subcompact or micro pistols, its time that we carry a full sized Glock 17; after all it is the go to pistol for us. We train and actually work with it so it just makes sense that we carry it in our day to day.


One Holster – 3 Platforms

Methods of carry are as controversial as .45ACP to 9MM and AKs to ARs. It ultimately comes down to personal preferences in your day-to-day business and where you are comfortable. Some like Inside the Waistband (IWB), a few prefer outside the waistband (OWB) and it seems that most carry appendix which is an inside the waistband (AIWB) carry platform. The EVO holster will accommodate each, with equal operability. Unpackaging the EVO holster was a bit overwhelming with all of the hardware in separate bags and belt clips and loops at the bottom of the packaging. We took a step back and looked at the included directions and made sure everything to assemble was present.

High Threat Concealment has quality holsters with quality and rigid belts for EDC

High Threat Concealment has quality holsters with quality and rigid belts for EDC

The EVO holster is essentially a one holster fits most option for Glock and Sig aficionados. Holsters are ready to ship for the 26, 19, 17 in 9mm; 22, 23 and 27 in 40 S&W and 31, 32 & 33 for you 357 SIG types. If you do not own either pistol, don’t worry, HTC will accommodate your order; you just may have to wait a couple weeks for it. Speaking with James Overton who is one of the brainchildren behind HTC’s products, quickly informed us that HTC has the capability to produce holsters for just about every common pistol on the short order (roughly 2-3 weeks at most) light bearing or not. HTC advertises Glock and Sig simply because in all of their studies, both brands are of the most prevalent in the concealed carry realm. Due to the high efficiency levels and attention to detail within their shop, the customer drives demand. HTC will be adding to their stock of common brand pistols. If there is a large spike in Springfield Armory XDM holster (For example), HTC will tool up and produce appropriate runs to accommodate their customer demand.


Smooth as Silk

We have employed various Glock pistols in war torn regions in support of the GWOT, putting boot to ass Glock has always prevailed. So, testing a 17 from the EVO holster was the obvious choice. Prior heading to the range it is only necessary to carry the holster and pistol combo around with me during my daily mundane activities of carting my kids around or sitting around writing articles for you guys.

My first impression after an extremely easy assembly process of attaching the 1.50” belt clip into place was; the holster appeared larger than the typical leather holster that I carry subcompact pistols in. That said, I know this pistol is a full sized tactical pistol…naturally the holster will reflect. The EVO holster stayed in place after minimal adjustments securely clipping onto the HTC EDC belt that accompanied it.

After a couple days of carrying a full sized pistol around with me the EVO holster was one of the most comfortable plastic appendix holsters that I have worn. Since my wardrobe typically consists of S&S precision 757 denim jeans and a Black Rifle Coffee Company T shirt; evaluating the level of print that my Glock put off while in place in the EVO holster was virtually nonexistent. Again, my daily travel consists of the Gym, a gas station, a grocery store and our office writing so needless to say, the level of interaction with people is sort of as existent as the print the pistol and holster put off. Print playing a large part in pistol and holster selection for EDC can be arduous in itself. We understand that body type; pistol and proficiency play a large part of how much print your concealed pistol gives off. The EVO holster can be canted 15 degrees to accommodate for the shooter.

As easy as installing the belt clip, the EVO holster will accommodate 1.50 and 1.75" belt loops for OWB

As easy as installing the belt clip, the EVO holster will accommodate 1.50 and 1.75″ belt loops for OWB

Down Range

After all of the tedious evaluations of the EVO holster were complete, it was off to the range to run through a series of drills from a covered or concealed signature. We started off with typical draw and slow firing sequence under no time restraints or standards. Coming to a full draw after un covering the pistol was un interrupted and smooth. It didn’t take long to become accustomed to the holster; it is time to break out the shot timer. Although the holster did not have impedances in our first series of drills, ergonomics of the holster can play a key role in how fast a shooter can draw and get effective rounds down range in defensive situations. We engaged all remaining rounds for our evaluation drawing from a covered holster. Average 1st shot engagements broke right around 1 second.


A particular feature of the EVO holster that impressed us was the amount of belt retention it maintained throughout the series of drills we ran. The holster stayed locked into place, we noticed little if any shift. Another unique feature the EVO holster has is an index blade. The same forethought that started the company prompted them to incorporate the blade into the EDC holster just as they did with their high profile rig. The index blade can be used for efficiently re holstering your pistol at night or simply when it’s the shooter has to keep their eyes down range, scanning for additional threats. For newer shooters, the blade can also be a guide, used during the drawing sequence ensuring that the pistol is removed from its holster in the straightest vertical movement as possible. It is drilled into a shooters head from the first day of pistol shooting that the fundamentals of marksmanship start in the holster; the EVO reinforces the simplest (but one of the most crucial) fundamentals of marksmanship.



All of the holsters that come out of the shop of HTC is made from Boltaron, a high impact thermoplastic. The material was designed specifically for people that fully intended to beat the shit out of it and above that; it is designed to withstand extreme temperatures without compromising the mold. Boltaron is significantly stronger than typical kydex so it no doubt holds up to the rigors of every day use in permissive and non-permissive environments.


The EVO is as tough as nails and could be considered a multi tool of the holster industry

Having spent significant amounts of time in the GWOT, we have witnessed first hand the toughness of High Threat Concealment products. Since the company was founded while its owners were deployed in support of the GWOT, you can say that the gear is tailor made for the environment its used. If you are in the market for an EDC holster that can be used across multiple carry profiles, High Threat Concealments EVO holster is one to look in to. You will not be pigeon holed into one carry option.




Material: Boltaron

Hardware: Anodized phillips screws, Chicago screws and rubber grommets

Belt Attachments: 2 – Belt Clips (1.5/1.75”) 2 – Close belt loops (1.5/1.75”)

Carry Profile: IWB, OWB, AIWB

MSRP: $115.00

Manufacturer: http://www.highthreatconcealment.com

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  • Jonathan Stasko says:

    Do you make it for the Beretta mod96 w/accessory rail?

  • John says:

    To spend that much on another holster would take a more convincing. I already have a pile of holsters I will never wear again and it does not need another expensive addition. How about some video of the holster in action and some reviews of its performance.

    • Scott Lambin says:

      We can definately relate! The EVO is surprisingly comfortable for an all plastic holster. What makes this holster different than most EDC and worth the money is the multiple mounting platforms that is included. We will be doing a EDC roundup in action live, and review on http://www.TheBrassTacs.com thank you for you for reading! Have a happy thanksgiving


  • Mac Fraser says:

    Is a OWB paddle in the future plans. Own several Fobus and have never drawn my weapon and holster together, with or without a belt on in my Wrangler jeans. Wore one for several years working plain clothes.
    Retired Det Sgt with 28 years service.

    • Scott Lambin says:

      First off, thank you for your service in walking that thin blue line! Our hats are off to you for your service!

      Yes we will be covering paddle holsters in the future, I have run both Uncle Mikes and Fobus during the hay days in Iraq, and prefer a looped holster. Permissive and Non-Permissive carry platforms are like comparing apples to oranges though. Stay tuned for more gear reviews!


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