Drinkin’ Bros Live: The Shaved Eagle Tour

***Links for tickets below***

Ladies and gents, I’m here to tell you all you need to know about The Drinkin’ Bros Podcast Live Show!

On June 22nd in Denver, Co and June 23rd in Colorado Springs, CO, prepare yourselves to experience a bastion of debauchery the likes of which you have never before encountered.

Mat Best, Jarred “JT aka Lord Hotdog” Taylor, Ross Patterson, Evan Hafer, and Vincent “Rocco” Vargas will take to the stage to bring you live music, tales of degeneracy, and copious amounts of drinking, all the while eloquently talking shit. It’s everything our alcoholic, smut-peddling forefathers could have ever wanted for us! I hope you’re mentally prepared to be exposed to the level of perversion these brilliant minds and filthy mouths will bring to the table; I mean,  we are talking about the creative forces behind the undeniably facetious flick, Range 15.

These grown-ass men have even arranged for a “tattoo glory hole” to take place (maturity is overrated anyways). The insanely talented Will (will_xx on social media) from Blaque Salt Tattoo in SLC will be tattooing one lucky(?) Drinkin’ Bro per show with a tattoo of his choosing, which won’t be revealed to his client/prey until after he’s finished!

^^Just look at this! Makes you sick, doesn’t it?

Need I also mention there will be surprise celebrity guests popping in at random intervals during the show? God only knows what kind of depravity shall take place during this shit-hurricane of a show, which will be filmed for their movie, Drinkin’ Bros Live: The Shaved Eagle Tour. I shall be attending as well, adorned in my infamous “Freedom Tits” American Flag bikini, more than likely spewing profanities and attempting to keep up with my shit-lord cohorts.

Listen, if showing up half naked with a bottle of whiskey plastered to my hand is wrong, then I don’t wanna be right. The problem of course being that I’m traipsing around amongst seasoned men who possess the party tolerance of Charlie fucking Sheen, whereas I can hold my composure as well as an epileptic newborn giraffe. Whatever. Nothing years of emotional therapy and a shot of penicillin can’t fix. So take a break from the standard 50-Shades-of-Bullshit routine of shower beers and crying while masturbating to come out to the Drinkin’ Bros Podcast Live Show, make some questionable friends, and vie for dominance as Alpha Drunk. I mean, is there really anything better you could be doing with your time? Short answer is “no.” Long answer is “fuck no.”

Complete information on each show is as follows:

***June 22nd (Thursday) Denver, Co- @Soiled Dove Underground

21 & Over. Doors @ 7:00 pm/ Show @8:00pm

 Ticketfly.com 877-987-6487

***June 23rd (Friday) Colorado Springs, Co- @Pikes Peak Center

All Ages. Doors @7:00 pm/ Show @8:00pm

Ticketfly.com or 866-464-2626

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