Warfighters, security professionals and law enforcement officers alike are faced with a plethora different mission profiles throughout their day to day operations. Having checked two of the 3 boxes myself, the need for various kit has been a point of contention on many occasions throughout my career. Running Counter Assault operations to escorting a President or other Diplomats calls for a staunch difference how you do business. Either put in a corner of my 40 ft. connex living quarters or in a wall locker; at any given time, I would always have a low and high profile kit staged and ready to go. Weaponry remains the same for both, but the method in which we employ them differ. Contrary to popular belief, you will be hard pressed to find a TRUE one kit fits ALL mission profile, in most cases, Special Operators kit up for direct use within the team.

Playing in the Security and “Mentoring” realms these days, I have taken the liberty to bastardize (of sorts) a low profile belt system from High Threat Concealment and married Safarilands 6378 (Light Bearing) holster along with S&S precision holster extender and GRT belt adapter. Before getting into the weeds with the extender; HTC’s system is one of the best concealable belt systems on the market. In fact, I have a separate system for low profile missions (here), a rig for a single stack tactical pistol and a rig for my competition single stack set up at home. I just needed a holster that will fit the profile of the job that I am doing.

Pressing a button and A simple lift; the pistol and holster slide up and out of the Gear Retention Track (GRT) attached to the 2″ rigger belt. Genius! The GRT belt attachment comes with S&S Precision’s Multi Belt Stabilizer that accommodates three different sized belt widths; 2, 1.75, and 1.50” allowing for interoperability between clothing and kit. There is nothing more frustrating than a sloppy holster attached to a belt that is skinnier than a tactical or riggers belt. Who has tried to draw with any haste and found a holster that slides on the belt its attached to?! Pissed off yet? S&S has remedied this problem with their holster extender.

S&S GRT makes for easy on, easy off applications to the holster extender

S&S GRT makes for easy on, easy off applications to the holster extender

Although we still see a few here and there sporting a drop leg holster…Presumably because they haven’t gotten the memo that a drop leg isn’t nearly as cool as it was a decade ago…be that as it may…there is something to be said in different tactical scenarios where lowering the height of your pistol is advantageous to clearing High Pro gear. S&S was founded by a former Navy SEAL (one that was at the top of the operator heap) who recognized that there is a real world use application for dropping the pistol away from the hip. The holster extender adjusts your pistol to 3 different heights; 0, 1.5 and 3” offset with a push of a button. My preferred setting is in the middle (1.5”) It is offset enough so that my kit does not interfere with draw stroke but still in the concealability range in the event I have to drop the high pro and don low pro and throw a cover garment over my pistol. Vehicle operations make up a great majority of my daily operations, so when I get in a vehicle I adjust as necessary, usually bringing the pistol all the way up to 0 and if I know that im going to be in the vehicle for an extended period of time, I will remove the holster using the quick release button on the GRT and throw it in my go bag. The holster extender offers versatility that is usually unseen with typical holstering platforms.

The extender is CNC machined from T6061 aluminum which accounts for its durability, I have beat the shit out of mine through numerous deployments to Afghanistan; putting it to use every day and it is still as operational as it was the day I got it. S&S coats each extender with Coyote Tan, Black or in my case Sniper Grey that will stand up to the elements and every day use. Through time, the coating itself will show signs of wear but has no bearing on the operation of the extender. A ¼” polymer spacer is provided to offset the holster enough to remain operational while maintaining conceal-ability. The extender will accommodate any holster that Safariland, Blackhawk or G – Code makes anddue to a new design the extender comes in at 30% lighter than previous models yet retains the ruggedness that is S&S Precision.

Fully extended or collapsed the holster extender can be used in multiple mission profiles

Fully extended or collapsed the holster extender can be used in multiple mission profiles

The crew over at S&S always looks at different ways to improve the overall operational capabilities of our countries Special Operators. Everything that comes off of the assembly line or out of the machines at the headquarters in Virginia Beach has a futuristic look and (in some cases) feel to it yet is some of the most practical gear that you will use. Look to S&S to be the front runner in cutting edge gear getting the job done. From everyday carry gear to mission specific tactical kit, these guys are out in front of the “industry standard”.


Holster Extender Specs

Material: T6061 High Grade Material
Coating: Coyote Brown/Black element resistant coatings
Attachment: GRT belt or GRT webbing adapter
Holster Options: Safariland, Blackhawk, G – Code
MSRP: $176.90
Manufacturer: www.sandsprecision.com

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