Let freedom ring… and enjoy the day!

In American history, July 4th, 1776 was the most important day as a nation, because we become a unity. Today, we celebrate our independence with fireworks, picnics and parades. But, we can’t forget what came before us to allow us to have a celebration. Our forefathers set out to create a new world, one away from oppressive Crown rule and a place where we would all eventually belong!

At Black Rifle Coffee Company we stand together, united on liberty, justice and freedom. Fighting as our leaders showed us to fight. We take this holiday as a day to show our strength and our commitment to our country.

Curating amazing coffee is our religion and today we share with you our “Cannonball Coffee”. A power packed cup of American Freedom to pack a punch and hit you right where you need it!

Cannonball Coffee

It’s time to make an amazing Black Rifle Cannonball Coffee

First thing you will need is a sphere ice cube tray, buy it here!

Okay! Let’s do this!

  • 12-16 oz of cold brew (grab the recipe here)
  • 3 oz of heavy cream


  1. make some delicious cold brew and pour into your sphere mold 1/3 of the way & freeze
  2. when the first layer is frozen, pour in your cream and freeze again
  3. fill the rest of your ice mold until it is full and freeze fully
  4. when your mold is fully frozen, remove the ice cube and place into your glass
  5. pour your remaining cold brew over the ice cube and enjoy with more cream or as is!
  6. drink and enjoy your freedom!

Happy 4th of July! Enjoy and drink your coffee!

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