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By February 28, 2017Double Shot, Satire

I was recently asked to do some blog posting for BRCC. I should tell you that I was a little apprehensive about the blog.  I’ve been a TACP, firefighter, a patrol officer, detective and even a Watch Commander (Lieutenant). I’ve had experience as a Military and Veteran’s Liaison to Congress, a Republican Campaign Staffer, and a Republican contractor but never as a blogger for a coffee company. That said, I’ve drank a shit ton of coffee. I’d even be able to argue effectively that my blood flows on ‘Caffeine and Hate.’ I’ve never touched a Carmel Macchiato, a Vanilla Latte or a Chai Tea.  I drink my coffee black and in a Man Cup. Finally, I’d never dream of putting vanilla or cinnamon in my coffee or tea. I am a civilized man I put cinnamon in whiskey… Leadslinger’s Napalm.  My love for coffee starts at Black, caffeine filled, hate enriching, wakin’ up in the morning mainlining.

I’ve got a real military, emergency services, and even a strong conservative political backgrounds. I get my healthcare from the VA and I drink coffee. Still, it seems there should be more to one’s background that would qualify them to be asked to contribute to the blog of a company like BRCC. Like many others within the group, I grew up a military brat on Post’s from El Paso, TX to Anchorage, AK, from Honolulu, HI to Darmstadt Germany and even from Monterey CA to Savannah GA. All this and many postings in between. I can speak forcefully to life on the great plains of Kansas’ Ft. Riley. I can even tell you a little about Nashville and NASCAR. All of this and my Pop’s still had time to do two tours in Vietnam.  My grandfather’s both served throughout the Pacific in WWII. One in the Navy and one as an Island hopping Marine.  My little brother and an in law have both served. My little brother did his time in the Army, and my sister’s husband was a Marine.  Still…. Still, I do not see what my perspective to contribute to this blog.

After retiring from the Army, my Pop’s moved us to Wyoming. This state I still and will forever consider home. I’ve caught a few trout from streams and beaver ponds in the mountains. I’ve walked endless miles through sage fields, aspen and pine forests hunting rabbits, antelope, and deer.  I think this may be it. This part of my life is what qualifies me to opine on a blog for a company like BRC. It was here in hunting camps at 043o that I developed my love for coffee. A kid huddled with the guys around a camp stove given his first cup of hot coffee as the final plans for the hunt are discussed.  I can remember it as though it were yesterday and not, HOLY CRAP, 36 years ago. That first taste of unbelievably strong, hot, black coffee. From that moment on it seems all of the great days of my life started with a cup of strong, black coffee.  Could that possibly be it?  Let’s take a hard look back…


Every day of jump school. Coffee. Check. Every day of every deployment ever. Coffee. Check. Every major structure fire I fought. Coffee. Check. Every arrest or search warrant I served. Coffee. Check.  Dear reader’s I am sensing a trend. Kind of an edge of your seat moment is developing. Every 9 line completed. Coffee. Check.  The day I got married. Coffee. Check. The birth of my daughter and my son. Coffee. Check. The day I was divorced. Coffee. Check. (Do tell me you saw that coming.) Every fishing trip. Coffee. Check. Every good hunt. Coffee. Check. Every day at the range. Coffee. Check. Oh, my God. Coffee is either trying to be me or wants to kill me. Every position paper. Coffee. Check. Every time I had sex. Coffee. Every time I was done having sex. Coffee. Every good fight. Coffee. Every football game. Coffee. Every time I saddle my horse. Coffee. Check.  That’s got to be it. I am never without coffee.

IMG_20170204_163118That’s me in a nutshell. I think that as I write about a topic on this blog, you’ll have an idea of where I am from. First off. I love God, my family to include my Brother and Sister veterans and this beautiful Nation. I have a little experience enlisted and as an officer in the Air Force and the Army. I’ve spent my share of time in the suck, sandy places. I’ve fought a couple of fires and put some bad guys in jail. I’ve advised a couple of Senators and Representatives on military and veteran’s issues and helped on a few campaigns. I’ve taught at police academies and still teach shooting classes. I’ve hunted and fished in the mountains and on the plains. I still hunt and fish every chance I get. I live in a log cabin in the middle of nowhere and have dogs, ducks, chickens, and horses. I dearly love Oklahoma State and University and Wyoming’s football programs. I love the KC Chief’s, the Royal’s and Atlanta’s Braves. (God Bless John Rocker and my buddy Adam LaRoche). I love NASCAR. Clint Bowyer, Jamie McMurray, and Carl Edwards are my dream team of racing.  I have no doubt that you’ll agree and disagree with me. I hope at times to make you laugh, smile, cringe and maybe even sway you to my side of an issue. You can bet that as I do so, I will have a hot cup of BRC in hand.

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