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What is the Aeropress?

A portable espresso like brewing system that is easy to pop in your backpack & makes a damn good espresso! Like a classic shot of espresso, the Aeropress uses pressure to extract the espresso flavors when you push the valve to “pull an espresso shot”. This machine doesn’t create a crema like an espresso shot, but the flavor is almost identical! If you need a little more water to your coffee, add hot water to your shots of espresso to create an Aeropress Americano!


The Prismo Pressure activated valve is a seriously awesome update for the Aeropress machine! The updated filter attachment on the Aeropress comes with a 7o Micron Etched filter that emulates the pressure and extraction from a porta filter in an espresso machine! WOW! This is a handy attachment so you can make more exact tasting espresso shots with your portable Aeropress device! Talk about an upgrade!

let’s brew!

SO how do we use the Aeropress brewing system!

What you’ll need:

  • finely ground AK-47 espresso (try this one!)
  • hot water
  • Aeropress brewing system

How to Brew:

  1. add 2 tbsp of finely ground AK-47 espresso to your Aeropress
  2. soak ground and let the coffee bloom for 3o seconds
  3. add water until chamber is full
  4. stir the coffee grounds
  5. place filter on top *soak filter before you place on top
  6.  flip over and press into a mug!
  7. enjoy!

try out our new filter!

Enjoy your espresso today!

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