sift it. sift it real good!

first off…what is this?

The Kruve Coffee Sifting System is a three part sifting system that allows you to sift your coffee down to the specific micron! Is your mind blown yet?!

Let’s walk you through this, because it’s a lot to digest. You just ground up your favorite BRCC whole bean coffee, and you want to make a middle road cup of brewed coffee – where your grounds are somewhere in the medium coarse range. Remove your beans from the grinder, place in the sieves (with all the levels attached), place your lid on the top and shake it. Shake it real good!


Remove your lid and VIOLA! You have your coarse grounds on the largest sieve, your middle ground in the middle sieve and your finest grounds that have fallen through all the sieves laying at the bottom. This system allows you to hyper control your brewing outcome! HOW RAD!?

see the three sieves!

Here’s what you’ll need!

brew to perfection!

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