fill, brew & press!

The American Press Coffee brewer comes with two micro steel filters or you can use a paper filter, which are both perfect for keeping pesky grounds out of coffee! Instead of soaking coarse coffee for a long time, this brewing system allows you to use your ground coffee and brew in only 2 minutes!

Saving time is essential and is even better when you are making delicious BRCC coffee! The plastic brewing container is perfect for on the go brewing! Toss it into your bag for your spring camping trips and hit the trails with BRCC!

how to brew!

How to use the American Press:
  1. Remove the coffee pod and handle from the brewing container.
  2. Open the pod and add your coffee. (19-25 grams) Use a medium to coarse ground grind size. Avoid using a fine grind.                                                                ***If you’re not into measuring your coffee just fill up the pod
  3. Reattach the coffee pod
  4. Fill your container with water (198-202 degrees) Do not exceed 14oz of water.
  5. Mount the plunger on the container.
  6. Press the plunger slowly down into the water. (30-120 secs.)
  7. Pour and enjoy your coffee.

let’s brew!

enjoy your BRCC today!

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