single serve, easy to use & makes BOMB coffee!

what does it include?

Brewing system includes a insulated jacket on the vesile to ensure your BRCC coffee stays warm or cold for hours! The easy brew directions are fool proof! Grab your BRCC coffee, ground or whole, scoop, pour, brew & enjoy!

What you’ll need!

  • 1 tbsp of coffee per 3 oz of water
  • hot water
  • ground coffee


  1. place your yround coffee into your Eva Solo Cafe Solo brewing system
  2. bring your water to 195° – 205° F
  3. pour 3oz of water to 1tbsp of coffee into your brewing system
  4. stir your ground & let them soak for 3.5-4 minutes
  5. secure the filter screen to the top, pour into a mug while rotating the system
  6. drink & enjoy!

let’s brew!

try it out today!

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