Insolence in Society

By August 30, 2016Double Shot

Patriotism, honor and sacrifice; three words that hipsters, (most) millennials and as of recently…an NFL quarterback know nothing about. Thousands have served our country through 2 wars and have seen first-hand what sacrifice means. Personally, I have lost many of my best friends and teammates to both wars. Whether they agreed on the politics behind being there, when our country asked, they called! So sitting on my ass while our nations anthem is played is something I cannot fathom. I can say with a substantial amount of certainty that with any other veteran, this is also the case. With all that said, the United States of America would not be who we are without the right to free speech, expression, religion and most importantly…the right to bear arms.

The lame stream and social media is exploding with everything from calls to suspend, fine and bench the silver spoon fed 1 – back from the 49ers.  I would say any of those punishments are not out of the realm of deserving at best…however, if we are corking how people (no matter who they are) express their beliefs are we any better than any country with the phrase “Islamic Republic” in front of it? The same countries that prohibit women’s right to vote or have an opinion. Are we any better than a country that its people cannot speak out about corruption, nepotism and crooked politics? Our bill of rights was written and established to ensure a truly FREE nation. There is a double edged sword here. Our constitution grants the right to plant your ass during our national anthem or raising of our colors, does it make doing so right? Not in the slightest.

As a staunch pro 2A supporter, this is an example of why we cannot be subjective with the verbiage of the same document that ensures our right to keep and bear arms. The more we all stand up and call for the dismissal of pseudo celebrities for expressing their beliefs [as superficial and retarded as they are], the more ammo the libtards [that want to ban our firearms] have. Let me be clear, Kaepernicks refusal to stand during our national anthem is disrespectful and by doing so, I look at it as him dancing on the graves of my fallen brothers…the same brothers that enable his ability to play with a ball and make millions of dollars doing so, while they fought [and died] for less money than Kaepernick car payments. Insolence runs rampant in our society. Starting with BLM, and other domestic terrorist groups. The same groups that would wipe their asses with our constitution if they could, yet complain about the rules imposed on them without it. I am a constitutionalist by every stretch of the imagination. I am a full supporter of ALL amendments to our constitution, however I will side with EVERY gold star family that has lost a loved one while fighting or serving to protect and preserve the constitution of the United States of America.

What are your thoughts on Colin Kaepernick and his blatant disrespect of our national anthem, flag and those who have sacrificed life and limb to protect it?

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  • Jeremy says:

    absolutely. We have much bigger problems than insolent and disrespectful celebrities, whose statements and opinions ultimately mean absolutely nothing. We have politicians bent on destroying on our country and everything America stands for and what made it the greatest nation on earth once upon a time. The sacrifice of our fallen brothers and sisters will all be in vain if we do not get America back to what it was – a free Republic.

    • Robert Hanson says:

      5 X 5.
      You basically said what I have said about this except I have never served, regretably, well…I was adog sitter for a Marine buddy for 3 deployments….doesnt count, I know. If I had it all to do over I would like to serve so as to protect anothers right to be as stupid (and maybe even have a chance towake up one day from said stupidity) as one wants to be.
      Thanks for your service. If I get this job as a nursevon a FOB in Afghanistan, I will be loading up on many more of your items….Get roasting!!!! Yer out of stock for Gods sake!

    • Sue says:

      That’s why I stopped watching football this year. The NFL should have stopped Kaepernick’s behavior. He can do whatever he wants outside of the playing field, that is his right. The NFL didn’t stop the “Hands Up Don’t Shoot” shameful behavior either. It’s unbelievable that these snowflakes think that the majority of us give a crap about their disgraceful behavior. No football this year and no Super Bowl.

      I did not serve but I have nothing but the highest respect for those have and still are striving to Keep America Great!

    • K. R. V. says:

      Hello fellow Veterans! Here’s a shout out from the Vineyard! I have finally found an American founded and run business, that does not cater to the chicken $hit PC BS! That has a deep love of everything American! Who have taken The Oath to protect and defend Our County at all costs! Well now that I have that out there, I would love to do business with you,but sadly you are sold out! What I love is a lightly roasted quarlity bean, from a high altitude, however I am lazy and rushed so I like K Cup type of auto despence ability. Is that even possible with a Roaster your size? But I do have a nice stone grinder! For those special coffees I come across, of which I am sure you are! I will keep in touch and have added me email to your list. I am hoping to hear more from you, about the Silencer type coffee! Take care Stay Safe!

    • Rivet says:

      Rock On, Brothers!

  • Dpp says:

    Yes, it is his right to sit on his ass and yes, I stand for his right to do so. Conversely, he should face the repurcussions of his “brave” stand. If I and many others, want to call him a spoiled little bitch, that is within my rights. If he loses sponsors he has no right to be offended and butt hurt. If an entire stadium boos him, that is within their rights.

    • Sally says:

      Well, it may be his “right” to do this – but it’s also an employer’s “right” to fire you. This man, and I use that word loosely, should have been terminated from that sports team when his ass didn’t rise up to show respect for the country responsible for making him a millionaire and protecting him and his family. Shameful. More shameful is that he was not immediately terminated.

  • joshua says:

    1.a person who vigorously supports their country and is prepared to defend it against enemies or detractors.
    This means we have to understand “while not agreeing with” everyone’s opinion. Do I want to push the QB down snowbirds rockiest run while laughing…YES…. will I no. Those that wore the flag and hugged the gold star families must be of the mindset we will endure. god bless those before us and those to come.

    • Thomas Jefferson says:

      Hmm, you buy non American beans and throw your name on it. Yeah bud good luck with the hypocrisy you brew. I think you need to look up the real definition of Patriotism. Patriots challenge the government and dissent is a must. You jarheads need to open your eyes and admit you fight for a paycheck not our freedom.

      • SEM says:

        Seriously?? First of all, coffee is not grown in the U.S. for commercial use, with the exception of the state of Hawai’i. Second – admit they fight for a paycheck and not freedom??? Have you seen their paychecks?? I can assure you they are not over there fighting for the money. Challenging the government and dissent may be crucial, but you may want to educate yourself before making such other foolish comments, TJ.

      • Scott Lambin says:

        “Thomas Jefferson”,
        We can assure you that all of our beans are traded, imported and purchased fairly. We have sourced products from various South American farms.

        To your point of fighting for a paycheck…If you do actual research you will learn that most service members fall within the poverty line of income. So yes, we have and some are STILL fighting for your freedom to hide behind a name that is not yours, yet you somehow beleive that a slapping name like Thomas Jefferson on a blog reply somehow makes you a patriot…Patriotism does not start and stop by being a general obstructionist to the Government, being a patriot means taking unconditional stances with our constitution and capitalistic way of life and standing ready to defend our great nation against all enemies, foreign and domestic!

        Lastly, there are only a few Jar heads here at BRCC, but make no mistake, we are ALL banded and have been forged together by war and an ethos that people like us understand.


  • Sam says:

    His cause has been lost in the act he has chosen to demonstrate it with. Lots of Americans are totally against what ever he is protesting because of the way he is doing it. Most of us don’t have the ability to believe one thing and accept another therefore, regardless of his reason for not standing we, including myself, would not and do not support his cause and as a matter of fact, are against it just because we deplore his disregard for a true national symbol of heritage and liberty and justice for all. A very simple rule of life he should have learned during all the ball playing he has done is, two wrongs don’t make a right.

  • Gabriel says:

    It seems to me that the Catch 22 of this scenario is solved by each individual who says “what a fucking idiot”. The way we win is through the people who make up the country. The same as we elect officials by popular vote, the way we exercise freedom of speech on both sides is to stop watching people who demonstrate values outside those that the majority of America calls “American”. They are the grown up toddlers who throw temper tantrums because bad attention is better than no attention in their minds.

    Celebrities will lose popularity, sports teams will lose fans, and television shows/news networks will eventually stop talking about it. But I’ve yet to see a year go by where American’s didn’t take a moment to remember the military and its veterans. At the very least people remember on the holidays. “Patriotism” is a cycle that rides a roller coaster of popularity as world events shape peoples interests. A Soldier, Airmen, Marine, or Sailer gets killed and all of a sudden everyone is a die hard, red blooded, kill the bastard that did this fucking patriot…right up until a Kardashian has a break up with Justin Bieber.

    But on Veterans Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day…I would argue that the majority of Americans remember why we celebrate these days, and that is the power that we have over the hipster fucktards who think this country is “so bad and evil” but have never witnessed a war zone or the spoiled celebrities, super stars, and super models who want to “exercise their rights” in completely ioditic and nonsensical ways over issues that aren’t even really issues.

    • Audi says:

      So, to dismiss the cause he is trying to bring light to should not be dismissed. That actually compounds the problem. I agree that his actions tend to make people ignore the issue here is referring to, but to ignore it is just as wrong.

      • Terlew says:

        Dismiss the cause? What was the cause? Seriously? Children sold to be sex slaves to old men? Veterans ignored and homeless? Illiteracy in the cities? Lack of unity in the government? Hungry children? Oh, protesting the media manufactured social racism? Something that could have been constructively shut down by a respectful call for unity! These has been celebs have the ability to stir up civil disturbance or to call an end to it. What was that hippy phrase? Make love not war? If they want to stand (sit) for a cause, fine, but do it to promote peace and harmony. Instead these people are destroyingour society. Or is that their intent?!?

      • George Bailey says:

        Are you fuckin’ stoned? The cause that police only shoot innocent black people? That cause should not be dismissed? BULLSHIT! I dismiss that idiocy vehemently, and out of hand, and ignore it out of sheer spite.

  • Ofer Shuremann says:

    I’m going to elect Obama for his third term and watch him take your guns.

    • Evan Hafer says:

      Sean, you go ahead and do what you think is right… Since you’re so motivated, maybe you should also think about moving out of your mom’s basement or putting in your two-week notice at the local truck stop glory hole.

    • Terry says:

      Ofer, you sir are missing a very important point. Your 1st Amendment right became real in 1776…It was our founders willingness to risk their lives against Imperialistic English rule by using your 2nd Amendment Right against a tyrannical government. By abdication or through your own volition or through force if your 2nd Amendment Right is eliminated by you’re loved liberal left. Sir you will lose your 1st Amendment in due course shortly thereafter or simultaneously. I for one do not appreciate your willingness to subject me and my family to tyrannical rule. You sir are free to leave the USA to take up residence in the 3rd world country of your choosing.

    • George Bailey says:

      Good luck with that, snowflake.

    • Lamont says:

      You’re an oxygen thief.

  • Gurdo Grunch says:

    I think it’s good to disrespect the national anthem and the troops. Somebody’s gotta take them down a peg or two

    • Scott Lambin says:

      The beauty of you hiding behind your keyboard goes both ways. You don’t know who I am or any other patriot that sees your spilled fuck on the internet for that matter. Should you and I be in the same place where your skinny jeans are glued to a seat during our national anthem, you will see just how many pegs you brought me down…You may end up riding your single speed bicycle back to your parents basement with your man bun in the pocket of your leather jacket.

    • BillC says:

      And this attitude right here is where the problem lies – Dishonor and Disrespect. I agree and I disagree all the time, but I never disrespect. Until that distinction is made and learned, people like this guy will be the focus of a much-needed ass-kicking. Do and say what you want – you have the freedom and the right to do so. Knowing when, where, and why are often taught and learned the hard way.

    • George Bailey says:

      Which is why you should do a video on how to successfully dodge a coat hanger in the womb. YOU are obviously an expert.

  • Greg F. says:

    While distatseful, what he did (or didn’t do) wasn’t illegal. I, too, support the First Amendment and the Constitution as a whole. That said, freedom of speech was never and isn’t now absolute. Which is to say, freedom of speech doesn’t simaltaneously mean freedom from consequences. It’s true that there are much bigger fish to fry than an NFL second-stringer not playing well with others. However, what disturbs me is the implied lack of respect toward the national anthem, the ensign and, by implication, the nation as a whole. I would probably classify what the QB did as an act of passive microaggression. In other words, it was just enough over the line, although not flagrantly over the line, to generate controversy, which sells like nothing else in our celebrity-obsessed pop culture. The fact that others, albeit not a multitude, are following that example is indicative of who much like sheep our society has become.

  • James R says:

    You said it all Scott. All we can do is vote with our feet and our money. Poof! Your team just vanished, it’s invisible to me. You have a right to free speech and I have a right to remind you of our fallen brothers and sisters who might think you an ass wipe. Don’t come on any military tours, your defensive line won’t be there to defend you. Yea, you probably weren’t planning to do so anyway.

    • Scott Lambin says:

      Well said James. This idiots antics have spread like the plague with other events. The flip side to that is I have seen many articles about High School Football teams doing the exact opposite of what these self proclaimed “role models” are doing…There is quite possibly hope for our youth! So long as we stick together and keep reminding these entitled assholes what WE stand for…our bite in numbers are more ferocious than a couple has been football players barks.

  • Outlaw 3-1 says:

    I agree with Greg F.’s point “freedom of speech was never and isn’t now absolute”. Our freedoms are a not a right but a gift paid for through the sacrifice of blood, limbs and life and we should use as responsibly as we can so we can teach future generations the right way to use them.

    That being said, the fundamental issue here is the amount of media coverage this turd gets. He’s been labeled as “brave, hero, courageous, bold, fearless, etc.” He’s none of that to me because of the facts; he was given up for adoption by a single mom who was destitute at the time, his “baby-daddy” left before he was born, he was adopted by white parents and raised in some of the best family surroundings possible and it’s those same parents who love him because he’s their kid, not because of his skin color.

    Even his birth mom who gave him up for adoption called him out on twitter by saying, “There’s ways to make change w/o disrespecting & bringing shame to the very country & family who afforded you so many blessings”

    His reason for the protest is, “”I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color. To me, this is bigger than football and it would be selfish on my part to look the other way. There are bodies in the street and people getting paid leave and getting away with murder”. If he wants to protest, HELL YES go ahead and protest! We’ve defended that for him, but he should also realize that when others call him out, then tough shit! I’m sure he’ll feel better as he drives his Jaguar to the mansion and enjoy the $16 million dollar salary that he’s paid while the rest of us are stuck in some shit-hole in the world.

    As far as him being “brave, hero, courageous, bold and fearless”, this sack of blistered assholes wouldn’t know the first thing about that! Why don’t you join the Westboro Baptist Church, try the same stunt in front of a Gold Star Family or at a military funeral and see how quickly you turn into a crying little bitch when some vet (preferably a Vietnam Vet so they can use it as therapy) snaps and proceeds to give you the ass kicking of a lifetime! Or better yet, why don’t you protest the BLM group because (according to their actions) it only matters when a white cop kills a black man; not when there’s black on black murders & rape.

    Enjoy your life motherfucker because no matter how well you do in football, you’ll always be known for this shit-show of a protest.

  • Kimberly White says:

    I once took an oath to defend the Constitution and the United States of America against all enemies both foreign and “domestic. I did that freely and without any reservation because I love what the Founding Fathers intended this country to be. A place of Freedom! I too fought for the Assjack, Kaepernick’s right to sit his million dollar, disrespectful ass during the playing of the National Anthem. I do not agree with him and all the other Assjack’s that join him in this little hissy fit! They should just sit it out in the locker room and not continue to upset and disrespect the Gold Star Families and all of the Veterans and currently serving Military men and women.

    Count your blessings and appreciate what we have provided for you. Were it not for THAT FLAG and THE MEN AND WOMEN WHO DEFENDED IT in a little place called Europe, fighting a little psycho named Hitler, you would be speaking German today!


    • Sid says:

      The Soviets did much more to defeat that little psycho named Hitler than the U.S. did, inflicting about 8 million military casualties on the Germans and taking their capital. Read a history book, it won’t hurt.

    • George Bailey says:

      He is really a pretty mediocre player at best. Definitely not worth the bucks they are paying him.

  • Joe C. says:

    Support our country dam it, not personal views!

    Using celebrity status as a platform during a sporting event to express personal beliefs is bush a league tactic. Self proclaimed stars should take into consideration that expressing their views is a dangerous overreach and exploiting freedoms and erodes country core values. Oh yea that’s right, they don’t care.
    I’m grateful for those who serve, protect and defend our country with their life. Often the populace does not have the entire story, here or abroad. I will not judge or make a premature evaluation on sound bites.

    If Kaepernick is so desperate to get his message out, then do it on his own time instead forcing his opinion on the whole world. History has proven that after a stunt like that the player never gets their contract renewed or picked up by another team.

    Do you suppose that the team owners should revise contracts to include fines and breach of contract clauses that dish honor the nation and the sports organization before during or after a game?

  • Victoria says:

    I say let them sit. It makes them that much easier to identify, ignore and avoid.

  • Old Paratrooper says:

    Mr Kaepernick has the right to take a knee, he has the right to make himself look like a jerk. Just as I have the right to point that out. At the same time Mr Kaepernick’s employer has the right to not play him, assuming they find his behavior to be deplorable, just as the fans have the right to not watch the 49ers if they so desire.

    IMHO I was privileged to walk with and serve with Men. I did not play silly games for big money, I was able to do something more, be apart of something bigger than my ego. Sure NFL players make allot of money, but all the money in the world cannot buy the respect I earned from my comrades in arms. So I guess in the long run I feel sorry for Mr Kaepernick, though I suspect he is too blind to see he is a fool.


  • Louise says:

    Why not find common ground with those that have lost their friends by way of police violence and veterans who have lost their friends? Have some empathy. In essence kaepernick was addressing racism. Whats wrong with that? We’ve both lost americans to unnecessary violence on our soil and abroad. Its time for both sides to realize were not that different. Lets support both veterans and those affected by racially charged violence.

    • Scott Lambin says:

      There is plenty of common ground with ALL Americans…the first being were AMERICANS! We are not going to get into what is considered “Police violence” and what is not, We are saying that if everyone stops being assholes and putting police lives in jeopardy, Police wouldn’t have to defend themselves. We would suggest in saying if you have never done the job, than do not criticize those who do!

  • Ray says:

    After finding out that the nfl is a non tax paying organization and kaepernick shiteating attitude to the flag I started boycotting all professional foodball games. College and local games are far better anyway

    • Scott Lambin says:

      I am in the same boat as you. High School and College ball is more enjoyable to watch simply due to the fact that the players are leaving it all on the field, they have goals…where NFL players already have their paychecks signed and cashed. Thank you for reading!


  • Derek says:

    Amen. On a positive note, I witnessed a promising event on Thanksgiving. I was a participant in a 5K race. As is common practice at smaller races, prior to the race they played the national anthem via a recording and speakers. For some reason the sound went out prior to the last few verses playing. The crowd of about 200 runners spontaneously sang the remainder of the anthem.

    • Scott Lambin says:


      That is awesome! There are still patriots out there that care about the greatness of our country! Really Cool!


  • Annie says:

    It’s simple: In America, we stand for the National anthem and kneel for a fallen soldier. I have family members who have served/ are serving in the military, and to me, sitting down for the national anthem is the same as dancing on the grave of someone who has served this country. It isn’t right and the NFL should’ve fired Colin Kaepernick then and there. If people are willing to die for your rights, the least you can do is respect them by standing for the national anthem.

  • Bob Tallman says:

    he makes me so mad I can’t express in words or even my thoughts on him. just enrages me when I even think about him.

  • Libtardo says:

    Hi, I’m a liberal cross-dressing transgender homosexual hipster millenial flag burning and non believer in the constitution…but i love your coffee 😉

  • Bob Welsh says:

    Celebrities (so called) and many athletes have simply forgotten who made their jobs possible. Without a free nation, without a Constitution (unmatched by any other) and without a Bill of Rights, America simply would not be what it is today. Nowhere else on this planet do we have as much as we do. We can afford to go to the movies or to a ball game and if we couldn’t afford it these things would dry up and blow away. So, to the movie “stars” and athletes who have forgotten these facts, I say: shut up and read your lines, shoot your fake guns…dance pretty, hit the ball, throw the ball, catch the ball, put the ball in the net and entertain those of us who keep you safe at night. If you want to understand what courage, honor and loyalty is all about, put on a uniform, pin on a badge and put your life on the line for people who likely don’t give a damn if you live or die; just as long as they get good cell phone reception.

  • Cindy says:

    While I agree with much of what you wrote, I feel it is not only inaccurate, but wrong to paint an entire generation with a single brush.

    As a veteran, teacher and mother of two millennial men, I could not be more proud of the men they have become. While one son and many of their friends (both male and female) currently serve in all 5 branches, I could not be more proud.

    Every generation has their worthless elements who tend to be highly visible. The backbone of the millennial generation are quietly working hard, serving our country and learning how to take charge. They will make us proud!

    • Scott Lambin says:

      The generational divides that I talked about merely comes from upbringing. It sounds like you did a spot on job raising your sons. As a teacher and veteran, you are an influencer, a mentor. There needs to be more parenting like yours who adhere to standard and not “The norm”. There is a level of free will and stray in that equation as well.

      Thank You for reading and your input!


  • Sandy Daze says:

    The nfl is dead to me. colon k is was the final straw. A few gents, but generally, lots of thugs, with little maturity and no respect. Many of the players would have been better men if their fathers had been around when they were growing up.


    The nfl is killing its brand, a case of commercial and brand implosion. goodell should ask polaroid and kodak how that worked out.
    The relationship between the nfl and the Military, the sharing of words, such as blitz, long bomb, that there had to be a victor in the engagement (sudden death, which I always thought should have been sudden life, but who am I–I’m a nobody), means for me that the relationship between American football and the American Military was tight. Seems that goodell and the nfl decided that red America was no longer important to the brand. Oh well.

    (Contrast with the parallels between the Department of State, and European football (a/k/a/ soccer). Diplomats love negotiation, wherein “everyone wins” diplos believe in “the process” less concerned with the result, as long as “the process” continues. Similarly, in soccer, a 0-0 or 1-1 result can and likely is considered to be a “great game.” Process, all process; no result. Diplos. )

    Anyhow, sure was nice to carve all that time back no longer watching Sunday nfl, Monday night Thursday night nfl, etc. You know what–?–don’t miss it at all.

  • Augustus says:

    Fuck them anti american assholes I need some coffee

    • John Best says:

      Now the effin’ c–t ga ga is supposed to perform at half time. Not sure I’m even watching the game.

    • David says:

      I watch and have played hockey. The NHL is a lot more fun and entertaining for this old veteran. The No Fun League is a has been who quit supporting American values many years ago. I also stumbled onto (good thing it wasn’t a trip wire) a veteran owned coffee company while following President Trump. I’ll finish my cup of coffee and head out for work. It’s a very good morning in the good old USA!

  • Hal Fischer says:

    I’m an old fart veteran. .. Vietnam War…. glad to see a few patriotic vets still around… keep up the good work.. GOD is good……. I am greatful to be alive….

  • The Michael Vick controversy reduced me to watching only the playoffs and “super bowl”. I rescue dogs, not torture them. That said, the “fuckcolonapernick” was the last straw! NFL, NBA are all in the same boycott bag, forever! Now, since finding this BRCCompany, I am wondering how I can support the cause, enjoy a good cup-o-joe when everything seems to be sold out? I’ll keep checking in. From a Navy Vet owned company to another Veteran owned company (BRCC), STAY STRONG, we’ll get through these troubled times, AGAIN.

  • Lisa says:

    I just read your pledge to hire 10,000 veterans…..YES!!! We, the people…stand behind you 100%. Please carry tea products soon as well….some of us don’t drink coffee!!

  • Randy says:

    We don’t have black rifle coffee company here where I live but I’m going to order a bag of coffee from your web site just because I appreciate what your doing.

  • John Best says:

    Dammit! What took me so long to hear about BRCC?
    This old Chief is glad to see a veteran run company getting off the ground. Looks like I’ll be ordering some in a few days.

  • Jess says:

    Guess what? America isn’t perfect. some people have legitimate complaints and have a right to voice them. You keep talking about how our veterans fought for our freedoms yet jump up someone’s ass when they actually use those freedoms. They are meant to be used to further improve this great nation and are not just bragging points. At one point woman could NOT vote in the US and look what they did. They protested and caused a scene until they got that right. How about you stop acting like all those other countries that you are so proudly NOT like?

    • Scott Lambin says:

      Were you drunk when you replied to our article? You reference Woman’s rights which spanned 72 years. You’re right they were the squeaky wheel, and ultimately got the proverbial grease. Those same people utilized their right to peacefully protest. Where were they burning things down and vandalizing property? Answer: they didnt…because they were adults, with values and morals. Why can’t America be perfect? Why can’t we adopt the same ethos and values that our grandparents and great grandparents had? We (veterans) jump on peoples asses for disrespecting the very sacrifices that so many of our brothers and sisters in arms made. Because many of us traded in our adolescence for a rifle and fought our asses off does not mean that we are going to be okay with ANYONE disrespecting what we defend.


  • David says:

    I joined Twitter to follow President Trump and feel blessed to have stumbled upon a fellow Veteran with a message; and with a new option to satisfy my love of coffee. I will place an order even if back logged for a while.

  • Alice Birchfield says:

    All people need to do is vote with their dollars. That is it. For every celebrity who talks trash about my country, that is one less ding dong that I will watch on tv, go to any movie they are in or buy their music. Goes for businesses too.
    I promise, that will get their attention. If nothing else, maybe they will just “shut up and sing.” Can anyone say, “Dixie Chicks?” They ruined themselves.
    Signed, proud Air Force veteran

  • Anne says:

    Thank you for hiring 10000 vets!

  • john mcclay says:

    He needs a haircut and a shower, and he needs to move in with an adult.

  • K. Williams says:

    I took an oath on June 6 1980 to protect and defend not only the constitution of this nation, but the nation itself, from all enemies foreign and domestic. I was discharged from active duty, but never from that oath. I am older and a bit slower now, but if the need arises, I will answer the call again.

    How many of the regressive, leftist SA Brown Shirts can say that?

  • Jean C Edens says:

    Dear Fellow Americans:
    Please be advised that saying the pledge of allegiance and singing the national anthem show our unity as Americans. These are ways to express our bond as a people. They show that we have the maturity, unity, and love of country enough to see beyond our personal politics, parties, and problems. It means we cherish who we are. If everyone knelt down during the anthem over something they don’t agree with in our government, then, no one would be standing at attention enjoying our oneness as a nation. Learn to differentiate between the two or miss being a part of the greatest nation in history. Life maybe unfair, but, we can join our hands and make it better. Our national relationship with each other is the same as any of our other relationships. Anyone on a team knows that. Is Mr. K hard to get along with on the his football team, too?

    • Jean C Edens says:

      Dear Fellow Americans: MY CITY
      The citizens are afraid to fly their national flag. The citizens are afraid to wear a cross on their school jackets and they are afraid to walk in neighborhoods. The citizens are afraid to offend the invaders of London. Is this fear coming to us?
      The invaders bring a lost ancient dream. The invaders bring hatred and death. The invaders feel offended by London. Is this invasion coming to us?
      The winners hold the law and justice, the government and culture, and the economy and military. The winners hold London. Is this war coming to us?
      Wake up! The fight is here.

  • Jacob Gray says:

    As a fellow veteran (retired), I find it absolutely disgusting and disrespectful how these spoiled rotten brats slap the face of those who have put their lives in harms way (and their families). And I honestly believe we need to have Public Spankings for these rioters and such. (that would be awesome!! LOL), However, we do need to remember that they to have the right to free speech, which is protected by the 2A. I do agree that ANYONE who wears a “uniform”, does not have the right to express their 1A right while in uniform. People who wear uniforms (sports uniforms included) have a profound influence (good or bad) on others, especially young people, and should use that influence to build up, not tear down, to unit, not divide. And those who abuse that influence should be fired/harshly punished. Let’s not forget the educators that continue to brainwash our young people, they should receive the same. As far as the entertainment industry…we are the only ones who can “punish” them by not buying their music, movies etc.

  • Darryl B. says:

    Old Nam Vet here, love coffee, weapons and like minded folks. Respect, if not taught must be learned the hard way.
    Y’all take care, and RLTW !!

  • Bill says:

    I totally agree that people have the right to free speech, and they have the equal responsibility and consequences for their words, weather legal, political or personal.
    just like the old yelling “fire!” in a crowded theater, you have the right to say it. but if someone gets trampled you are responsible….
    if someone want to kneel for the national anthem they are free to do so. I am free to not buy jerseys or watch the product.
    if someone wants to espouse the hiring of a certain group of people over others…I am free to shop elsewhere….

  • Samantha says:

    Thanks for being on Fox today and telling us about your company.

    Congratulations on hiring vets.

    I just placed my first order.

  • Lucy Martin says:

    When you call these celebrities “retarded” or use the word “libtards” you truly insult the some very kind and sweet challenged humans in our world. I kindly ask you to please consider changing your wording.
    Thanks 🙂

  • Michele Salles says:

    Just saw you on Fox and Friends. Please come to Queens NY, home of President Trump and me. Many of us here on Long Island and the boroughs stand with you and your values. Good luck with your company. Please give Starbucks a run for their money. Would choose you over a company that hires refugees over Americans anytime.

  • John Sefcik says:

    Hey Scott.I just caught the tail end appearance on Fox News 5 with you and your company. Being a retired NYPD police officer for over 20 years and a responder at 9/11 for over a month and a total supporter of all active military,retired vets,and all other law enforcement both active and retired. I have a uncle who is a Viet Nam Vet,a father who was a Police Sgt. and a middle brother who is also a retired police officer.I really want to support your cause by buying your coffee. Is there any particular coffee that you have to purchase? Let me know asap.
    John S-NYPD#1

    • Scott Lambin says:

      That is a very broad question. My answer will be of the same nature…It all depends on what type of coffee you like. PERSONALLY, I drink Beyond Black. I am a dark roast type of guy. That said…AK 47 and Just Black are also a couple of my favs. My coffee club consists of the 4 bagger of Beyond Black.

      Thank You for reading the blog! Also, we have started a new blog specific to Firearms, Ammo, Gear and anything else 2A specific. Check out

      Thank You for your service!


    • L says:

      Lol, keep dreaming!!

  • Isabelle A.Y. says:

    I heard about this coffee company just this morning and when I was told that it was owned and run by our veterans I had to jump in here, create an account and order some good honest American Coffee!!!

    Thank you for your service to each and every service man and woman and to all those that have served. I love this country and defend it against all that speak harshly of it, we are not perfect but I don’t see anyone rushing to leave either.

    Respect our Constitution, our military and our laws if you come to live in this country. Do not move here and try to change it to accommodate your beliefs, instead embrace the values we have established through the years.

    Can’t wait to get my coffee, yum yum.. Good Luck to you and your success, I will continue supporting you!

  • MP says:

    If the topic is still what Evan intended for these posts – here’s my take. Patriotism, honor and sacrifice. They run together like the waters from creeks and streams to flow into an awesome river – America. Those creeks and streams are the blood of Americans – generations in the making. Not always is that blood shed, but it is always prepared to flow freely for a brother, sister, or another. Many who have never worn the boots or carried a weapon have sacrificed. Take Desmond Doss for example; never carried a weapon into battle with him, but sacrificed much to save the lives of his men in WWII. Patriotic – hell yes. Honor – he gave and he received.

    Me, I’m the daughter of a sailor (WWII) and the wife of a Soldier (Desert Storm) – and the creeks and streams that make up my blood are generations of men and women who have served this nation – in peace and in war. Love the warrior but hate the war. Many, like me, would gladly stand in defense of this nation as well – and I don’t necessarily need a weapon as my voice is clear and loud, and I don’t need a uniform now as the ones of those I love have all been torn and hung for memories. But I will gladly stand beside any man or woman – in uniform or without whose blood is true red, white and blue.

    If you want to dishonor my country, but reap the benefits of those who died for it and continue to do so to protect it from foreign and domestic evil – then I say to you that you can – but I will not honor you.

    To the individual who says he/she is a flag burning, non-believer in the constitution – you have no honor. The NFL individual has no honor. And anyone else who will rob from this nation but chooses to demean her – you have no honor and from I come from – we call you a thief. But there will always be men and women who will protect and defend your rights as an American – until one day, they don’t!

    • Scott Lambin says:

      It seems that you have double posted…I am deleting your second comment as it is identical to your first! Thank You for your support!!


  • Lawrence Lee Huber says:

    I agree it is a First Amendment right to sit during the National Anthem. It is an affront to all those I served whit who are now dead as a result of their service. Also to those like my father who served in WWII and my grandfather who served in WWI and on back to the American revolution.
    It is sad to see the disrespect of especially the youth who have no idea of the sacrifices so many have made so they can live in comfort and ease with no real worries or hardships others in the world have on a daily basis.
    Thank God we do have a Constitution explaining to those in power that these rights are God given and not granted by the government and to keep their hands off of those rights so many have defended.

  • Daniel says:

    I for did not watch one game this season due to the Kapernicks in this game. And for me that was amazing I use to watch all day Sunday, Monday and Thursday games. What a shame a spoiled entitled punk thinks he has the right to feel persecuted. How dare he. God bless our men and women in uniform that stand on the wall 24/7 to protect our way of life. Thank you for your service and I wish you continued success in this life.

  • Carrie Whiten says:

    From the bottom of my heart and all that we are, my family thanks each one of you for your service. Thank you for your continuing service to our veterans and country by providing opportunities, awesome coffee (the lifeblood of America regardless of politics) and for being a beacon of goodness and common sense for those of us who are just…regular, appreciative, patriotic Americans. I have just found you and will sing your praises to the high Heavens and everyone on earth that I can reach. THIS is goodness. Coffee and patriotism and a wicked good sense of humor, telling it like it is. Sometimes, when I think this country has gone so far down the (tubes) that it won’t ever get back to its roots, I find a company like yours, and I am reminded that we’re still out there, voting and quietly carrying on with our lives. I beg of you, franchise it, brand the hell out of it, be it, and make it the best American company so far!

  • Carrie says:

    Also let’s get some girl gear up in here! Us patriotic girls love guns, country and coffee, and we don’t need to wear vaginas on our heads and have a tantrum to let people know it (those people disgust me). A fitted, green, v-neck t-shirt? Yessssssssss please. This could be the best American startup…EVER.

  • Mark J Kinchen says:

    Copy traffic five by! Create a mutation in your coffee that converts, or kills, libtards into decent human beings. Create better coffee shops than that limp-wristed Seattle crap and rule the coffee world.

  • Minnie Partain says:

    Thank you for your service and as soon as your coffee is back in stock, we will buy nothing but your coffee. My father and father-in-law are 26 years retired Navy vets, my husband is an Air Force vet, and my nephew an Army vet. I have nothing but respect for all that you and your families have sacrificed for ours. And I would like to thank you for reminding us that we don’t want to lower ourselves to the standards of Kapernick or that other coffee house. We should be greatful that we live in a country where they can express themselves. Now, just like they have the right to take a knee or vow to hire refugees, I have the right to not buy his jersey or not buy their coffee. Hit them where it really hurts without sinking to their level. Once again, thanks for everything you have done and continue to do.


  • Carol says:

    Heard about this on Fox and will definitely be buying your coffee! I have not served but always send my prayers and show respect to those that have given me and my family our freedom. Thank you for this awesome attitude and love of all that makes America!! I am sure you will succeed and I will spread the word… I have always boycotted Starbucks and this gives me a way to get my caffeine and support vets! Double WIN!!! Love the posts and attitude here, keep it going!

  • Lawrence LaFranier says:

    Every time an actor or actress or sports star or business complains about the flag or patriotism, I take note and do my best to express my opinion with my wallet. Likewise, the opposite is true and I will be purchasing from BRCC shortly.

  • I will purchase my first bag of your coffee in honor of my son who started basic training this week! I had already boycotted Starbucks because of their liberal views (never liked their coffee either) Keep up the good work and when you open a store in my area, I want to work for you! We live in the greatest country in the world….let’s keep it this way!


  • John says:

    This site and the sentiment expressed herein absolutely makes my day!

    Gives me hope that the Country I grew up in and the values I was raised with are not as far gone as I thought.

    Thank you for that.

  • IAMALawyer says:

    Thank you for serving our country.
    U.S. Const. amend. I does not necessarily “grant a right to sit on one’s arse during the national anthem.” That is widespread fiction probably spread by a colleague attorney many years ago. In fact, the entirety of the four corners of the Constitution instrument strongly discourages subversive conduct by the people of the United States. This is evident throughout its language. Intended insurrection is not necessarily protected speech, depending upon the circumstances. Further, I tend to wince at the desecration used by your company’s logo on many items against our “Don’t Tread On Me” flag, which hints at providing historical misinformation to younger Americans. Probably, if you supply samples – for your new company since a lengthy delay is imposed – it would help consumers to make our own minds up as to whether we like your product rather than demanding we first buy an entire bag of coffee. Starbucks offered tasting samples for many years until their product caught on. Merely suggestions. Thank you. Good luck.

  • Michael says:

    I just found out about your company through an article on the Independent Journal Review concerning what Starbucks plan was to hire immigrants. Ok, I’m all for that if they’re legal but my first thought was why not hire vets and then reading further saw your company.
    I was an officer during the Vietnam era and served over there. I’m proud of that and proud of everyone who serves or served our great country. If I’m going to buy coffee I’d just as soon buy it from another patriot.
    Keep doing what you do.

  • John says:

    Thanks for all that you do placed my first order and not my last.

  • Lori Hubbs says:

    Hey Scott,
    We are out in Wyoming spreading the good word on BRCC. Next time your going to be on FOX or do some interview give some of us old time loyal customers a heads up email so we can get our orders in before the tidal wave of newbee supporters! Lol!

    My 12 year old son wrote you an email a few months ago asking about you offering Hot Chocolate…He was so excited when a couple months later you did! He was super impressed by how you listen to the needs of your customers and their fmailies. We are a multi generational military family back to WWI, mostly Navy the past couple generations, and he is set on becoming a Navy SEAL…I couldn’t be prouder!

    We LOVE that you are doing so well, Starbucks can SucK it!

    Bless you and your family and all the others working with you that have served, and or supported our great military, and our soon to be great again country!

  • Proud of you guys! From a veteran.

  • TJV says:

    He get his just deserves in hell.

  • First, I want to thank the team at BRCC for their service. I also want to thank those who have read this for their service. I appreciate the sacrifices you have all made.
    I agree that celebrities, NFL quarterback and most politicians haven’t got a clue.
    I am the proud mother of a son that is 3rd generation Special Forces. He retired 2 years ago and I know first hand the sacrifices he made, team mates that were lost and the difficulties for his wife and sons.
    I lost my father 5 years ago to a cancer war he would never be able to win. He was a retired Command Sgt. Major. and worked for Veterans up to the end. I still get tears in my eyes seeing pictures of them in uniform and wearing their Green Berets. I have the utmost respect and honor each person who has defended my country and preserved my freedom. God bless each of you.

  • Jack says:

    Amendment II (2nd Amendment) A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. All Federal Gun Control Is Unlawful ~ Publius Huldah this is Publius Huldah’s Blog. I’d like to see this get out to a lot of Freedom Loving citizens…


    I’m U.S. Navy 1961-1965 and proud to be an honorable member of the U.S. Military brotherhood. Standing tall and Proud to protect and defend our U.S. Constitution from all enemies, foreign or domestic. That’s what its all about for those of us who stepped forward and took the Oath of Enlistment. You willingly lay your life on the alter of sacrifice for our country and submit to your manifest destiny in service to something greater than yourself. That is; family and country. There is a selfless honor there that cannot ever be attained outside of it.
    In my old age now, I have a better perspective of what my military service means to me personally. Hall’s of Honor and Paths of Glory. However, I cannot forget to pay homage to some of the sweeter things, like cold beer and hot nookie. Yup, when my ship was in port I liked a good time,

    As to what do I think of Colin Kaepernick and the others who followed his misbegotten example of dishonoring things that I hold dear. Well let me tell you I was madder than hell. And why wouldn’t I be?? Their actions were disrespectful and out of place. Making it offensive and pitiful.

  • Christopher Dall says:

    Brace for impact, this nation’s founding was based on God and his laws. That’s a fact whether people believe or not. And as any nation that has fallen away from God can tell you, from the grave, it doesn’t work out well when a nation turns its back on him. Believing in God is difficult for many as it does require a measure of humility to realize that humans are not the pinnacle. And humility is a lesson we as a nation are about to reap full bore. The life of a sheepdog can be a lonely one. But from time to time when you find a like-minded person that is doing what they can to hold the gates it does give a boost to morale. When our Lord Jesus Christ returns, in what condition will he find your lamp?

    A call to all Patriots, brace for impact

  • Philip Clayton Gossett III says:

    Well said! I agree with you 100%. I’m a Veteran myself, I was in during the first Gulf war. My unit was preparing to send us to California for a month of desert training then sending us to Iraq. The ground war was over in 100 hours or so. We never went to war. I was discharged in 94 and moved on with my life. What is going on now makes me sick! Seeing our Constitution and nation disrespected by the left-wing celebrities really bothers me. My family is 4 generations military service. I’m proud of my nation and my service. I work as an RN now and have met many Veterans of WWII, Korea, Vietnam, ME. Met a man who was on a ship at Pearl Harbor when the Japanese attacked. Another who was in the 2nd wave at Normandy. To meet these men and hear their stories fills me with pride. They have given everything to their nation. The real true heroes are buried around our nation or never came home at all. America’s values are under attack. I will not remain silent about my patriotism. We are free today because of the sacrifices of others. Trump winning the election makes it clear that the majority of Americans want a strong nation that respects the Founding Fathers. The BRCC have tapped into the patriotism of this great nation. I have a large order on the way and hope to own a franchise. We are a strong nation that has not forgotten those who gave it to us.

    • Scott Lambin says:

      Thank You for your service! We do not necessarily take credit for tapping into the patriotism rather than reinvigorating the patriotism moral fiber that we have engrained.

      Thank you for your support! stay tuned to our blog and partner blogs for more content


  • JACK LARKIN says:


  • We are kindred spirits, even though I have never served. I very much support an individual’s right to have an opinion, and to voice it (even if it is silly and poorly thought through). However, that means that I too get to have an opinion…and I too get to act on it. Historically, I have been a consumer of that Star___ks brand. But their recent refugee comments sent me off the deep end, and then I found you guys. I signed up for your bulk bean delivery. I wish you guys the best of luck. I am Co-owner of a small entertainment business…we make audio dramas, this forces us to be deep associated with all things uber-liberal…being conservatives we do find it at times to be depressing at best. It is seeing people like you, fighting the good fight (and winning) that motivate us to continue. Thank you.

  • Kay says:

    I live outside the gates of a military installation that is appreciated by my town and my family. I have spent the last 30+ years of my life in and married to the Army. My family have lost friends in Somalia, Africa, Eastern Europe, Iraq, Iran, the Pentagon, Afghanistan and places we can’t talk about. I have friends who have buried children in the cemetery on post. When I drive 20 miles southeast into the city it is another world. I work for a large company that no longer reminds us of the war, the soldiers, the wounded, the family members or the sacrifices. I would like to say that nobody cares about Colin Kaepernick and that he is of no significance. But, I think I would only be talking about those of us in and around the military. He is not worthy of us. Please don’t acknowledge someone who isn’t concerned about us, our service, our patriotism and more than one piece of the constitution. We must continue to do what we know to be right and accept that there won’t be anyone acknowledging our sacrifices before the next holiday. But none of us got into this for the holidays – right?

  • Jennifer Bloodworth says:

    Well said. The most difficult part of having the freedom to express our opinions is knowing when and how to do so. While I abhor his actions and can’t possibly fathom why anyone could dare to sit on their behind during the playing/singing of our national anthem, (hell, I get teary eyed every single time I hear it) brave men and women fought to give him the to do so. Part of me wonders if it wouldn’t be disrespectful to their memories to keep him from doing one of the very things they fought for. That said, can’t stand the NFL. Overpaid cry babies. Give me college football year round and I’m a happy girl. Go Buckeyes!

  • Received the Silencer Smooth a couple weeks ago and all i can say, GREAT PRODUCT! Thank you. On another note, the other “coffee company” stock has TANKED, and rightfully so. See the link

    Here in Maryland, I have promoted the BRCC to everyone who I know drinks coffee on a regular basis and have enlightened many to consider a good cup-o-joe from time to time. In contrast to the other company, I am certain, the BRCC has gone the other way in success. STAY STRONG!

  • Jennifer Parks Tapia says:

    I saw you on Fox News and as many of the Fox viewers, I was compelled to support any Veteran who had done what you all do to keep US safe here! You are all heroes who should be supported by each and every free American, knowing that you, Sir, are the very reason we enjoy this freedom and the least we can do is buy, what I must say…is some damn Great Coffee!!! THANK YOU FOR ALL THAT YOU DO AND MY FAMILY WISHES YOU MUCH SUCCESS, OUR HERO!

  • Doc Mitchell says:

    A pharmaceutical rep just introduced me to BRCC. Like what I see. As far as the NFL guy……why the hell didn’t his fellows just kick the living shit out of him? That would have been the appropriate response. I don’t know about you guys, but the older I get, the less tolerant I have gotten to this kind of behavior. I have ripped the caps off a few young heads over the last few years. Size of the fool doesn’t matter, if I am not afraid of my buffalo, I am not afraid of you!
    Good work. Thanks for your service.
    “All the way and then some, Sergeant, AIRBORNE!”

  • Jim says:

    Colin Kaepernick is a true patriot and a hero for standing up for his principles and for justice. The NFL uses our National Anthem to stoke up false patriotism to further its business and its own sense of greatness. How many NFL owners are veterans? How many players are veterans? How many spectators are veterans? What have the hypocrites that criticize Colin Kaepernick done for their country?
    If you really want to criticize someone as a traitor, criticize the Chickenhawk commander in chief, mr. trump.
    He refused to serve in the war that I served in, because just like the NFL, greed means more than personal sacrifice for one’s country. How many of you are willing to have your kids die for mr. trump?
    Protest requires courage and I’m glad that the Founding Fathers had the courage to protest British tyranny.
    Protest is American and it was through protest of injustice that created our freedoms and our Constitution.
    America belongs to all of us. Quit fucking with the brave and instead fuck with the chicken shit politicians that are at the root of destroying our country. Enough of this shit.
    I was exited when I learned from a fellow veteran that there was a coffee company that was owned and operated by veterans. I love my fellow brothers and sisters and it doesn’t matter what your politics, religion or sexual preference is. We are all brothers and sisters. I look forward to drinking your coffee. Peace and thank you!!

    • Scott Lambin says:


      There are points that are agreeable and others that are pejorative at best. 1st…Kaepernick is NOT a patriot. He is barely an athlete, and his principals start and stop for the contract and “marketability” of HIS brand. I will turn your question of “What have the hypocrites that criticize Colin Kaepernick done for their country?” to you in asking since Kaepernick’s publicity stunt (that is exactly what it was) of disrespecting our nation’s anthem that many of us REAL patriots value dearly? He could use his professional status to spark up conversations with police leaders within inner city communities where so called social injustices occur. Instead he is whining about not being picked up by a team.

      I am a critic of Kaepernicks chicken shit antics, I will tell you that I have dedicated my entire adult life to serving OUR United States of America, and will continue to do so on one capacity or another until I don’t have air in my lungs.

      When you volunteered to fight for your country and boarded that ship, or plane enroute to lands where you barely heard of, were you thinking “Im willing to die for” [whichever President was in office]. When I got on the plane for Iraq I sure in the hell wasnt prepared to die for President Bush, and damn sure wasnt willing to so much as stub my toe for Obama…I was however, willing to die for my brothers whom I fight next to, and even moreso willing to pay the ultimate sacrifice for the freedoms that many others paid for in blood.

      I appreciate your candor, and I could not be more grateful for your service.

      Thank you for reading and thank you for your support of Black Rifle Coffee!


  • Jean C Edens says:

    Dear Patriots:
    Why didn’t Mr. K’s teammates educate him immediately? Why didn’t his employer? Why didn’t the fans pour out of the stands and educate him? Saying the Pledge of Allegiance is a sacred time in which Americans come together as one nation under God and for a few minutes verbalize the unity of our country. Refusing to participate in this holy rite is treason and the traitor needs to be dealt with as such. No one has the right to disrespect our flag or our soldiers. No One! I come from a long line of veterans including Indian Scouts, privates, Mustang fighter pilots and U-2 pilots. My family was at Guildford Courthouse, Kings Mountain, Fort Watauga, Battle of Tippecanoe, all battles of Sherman’s March to the Sea, Spanish War, World II, five in Korea, and Viet Nam. I descend from the Boones and the Morgans. We are Scotts Irish, English, French and German. Just what do you think General Morgan would think or Daniel Boone?

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