It’s Who We Are – Mohammad Wali Tasleem Teaser “It’s Who We Are” is a new series where we focus on telling the stories of the employees here at Black Rifle Coffee.

In this first episode we take a look at Mohammad Wali Tasleem, an Afghan commando, whose compelling journey is nothing short of amazing. From a childhood rife with conflict in his native country, to fighting alongside U.S. Special Forces, then coming to the United States because of the dangers his family faced. Ultimately, Wali found his way back to his brothers at Black Rifle Coffee.

This is his story. This is Who We Are.

Episode 1 premieres HERE 11/9 at 3pm EST.

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  • calebc says:

    Love everything about this story. Our brothers in arms that fought with us side by side, many interpreters included, are very worthy and deserving of awesome opportunities like this. Awesome to see a company such as yours that knows this intimately and has it within it’s fabric. Thank you for sharing this story and for doing what is right. Love it!

  • Joey Lowe says:

    Great post! No matter how much time elapses or what wars we served in, nothing ever changes. Wali’s, Jeff’s and Evan’s experiences are the same-same as what we experienced in VN and mine are the same as what my Dad experienced in Korea. Friendships are forged on the battlefield. A fortunate few continue after the battles are fought and last a lifetime. Semper Fidelis and welcome home Wali!

  • JumpDoc says:

    Great story! This is what America is all about!

  • mojowheels says:

    How about a picture album of your customers since most are probably vets…

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