“It’s Who We Are” honors the stories of its employees that make up the fabric of Black Rifle Coffee.

In this second episode, Air Force Officer Amanda Higgins recounts harrowing tales of her heroic missions in Afghanistan and Iraq while piloting F-15E Strike Eagles. She also shares advice for women dreaming of entering the aviation industry. This is her story. This is Who We Are.

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  • tylermc4 says:

    That’s awesome, I was an electrician on the f-15e strike eagles for 6 years in the Air Force.

  • Medic2Pilot says:

    Awesome story and love the commitment of BRCC to our veterans and the military. Thanks for sharing your inspiring story.

  • aevanov says:

    I’m curious if Ms. Higgins was with the 391st when she went to Afghanistan, there were a couple tails in this video that I used to crew, 90-245 and 91-333 (tripple cripple we called it, it was always broke) it was cool seeing some Mountain Home jets on here though. I was watching another video and this one was the ad before it lol. Well thank you BRCC/ Ms. Higgins for the nostalgia and have you guys considered a blend for the Aircraft Maintainer? I.e name it “Jet Fuel” or “JP-8” or something like that, we love you guys. Thanks!!

  • Matt says:

    I’m not good with computers so…where is the story? what am I doing wrong?

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