The Thin Blue Line roast seems to be the most appropriate for our daily structuring of words. Coffee, itself is great, but the proceeds from is even better; Law Enforcement centric causes. I am particularly proud of BRCC’s commitment to emergency services and those who do what they do for them. We’ve noticed increasing numbers of police officers who are critically wounded or killed in the line of duty as domestic terrorism rises. We can debate all day as to the causes of these increased attacks but one cannot deny that part, a large part of the issue is the skewed public perception based on media and politicians who push an anti-police and first responder agenda. This was highlighted on a July night in 2016 in Dallas where 5 police officers were murdered and nine wounded as they were working a Black Lives Matter protest. Recently, protests and “demonstrations” by BLM and ANTIFA (Domestic Terror groups) continue to push the anti blue rhetoric. Up to this point, 26 officers had been killed in 2016, and increase 44% from 2015. It was this an incident like this that gave birth to ‘Cowboys for Cops’.

What it is

Cowboys for Cops is a fundraising concept and public show of solidarity between law enforcement and the Cowboy/Equestrian community. Just three days after the Dallas Shooting, 150 cowboys gathered and rode nine miles with a police escort, to their county courthouse. The purpose, to show their support for law enforcement. Unlike most large yet organized events these days, there were no hidden agendas or monetary benefit. What this gathering accomplished was a nerve stricken and Kansas City saw its own Cowboys for Cops ride in 2016. This event was organized by the Jackson County Sheriff’s Posse.

KCPD had lost two officers Captain Dave Melton and Detective Brad Lancaster. In just two weeks, they raised $7000.00 which was donated to the Melton and Lancaster families.

Riders of all ages showed up to ride to support!

Kansas City’s ride was organized by the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department Mounted Posse. The Posse was originally organized in 1947 and made up entirely of volunteers. Each rider supplied their own horses and tack. They donate their time to assist the Sheriff’s Office with search and rescue. These Cowboy Patriots also represent the Sheriff’s Office in parades and civic functions. We had a chance to meet with the event organizer, Kelly Sitter-McComb of the Jackson County Sheriff’s Posse in the west bottoms of Kansas City while an incredible number of Cowboys prepared for the 2017 ride.

The Ride

Went from the west bottoms through Midtown that ended on the Mall of the National World War I Memorial and Museum at a total of 4.5 miles. Traffic control was provided by a large contingent of KCPD’s Traffic Unit who did an amazing job of keeping over 300 riders and their horses safe and in line. The ride was led by KCPD’s Mounted Patrol and followed immediately by the Sheriff’s Mounted Patrol. All in all, there was one mile worth of mounted cowboys and cowgirls from Kansas and Missouri. Local cowboys and girls weren’t the only ones showing their solidarity, Texas, Nebraska, and Kentucky all had showings as well. If you are trying to picture the event; let us be clear in saying that it was not a bunch of 10-gallon hats on horses. There were wagons and the such included into the line. A TRUE showing of American pride that Peacemaker Trading focuses their brand upon!

Our Takeaways

Personally, I ride all the time and got my law enforcement start in Kansas City, so I had a personal vested interest in this event. To see the pride and professionalism shown by both KCPD and the JCSO was simply inspiring. As the ride progressed, we got caught up in the upbeat support of law enforcement by Kansas City residents as well as the respect shown for the officers and their families. We asked Kelly for her takeaways of the event. Whether or not, she thought the event was a success. She made it clear that the showing of first responders and everyone involved was overwhelming. At the end of the ride, the cowboys and cops gathered on the Mall lawn where an announcement was made that $10,000.00 dollars were raised for the Posse 100 Fund.

Money from this fund helped the families of the KCPD officers last year. Kelly went on to say

That just like those cowboys in Texas, we rode to show the country that other communities can and should be doing the same thing. If we can do it here in Kansas City, you can do it where you live. Our first responders have earned our respect and we should show it.

To contribute to the Posse 100 Fund donations can be sent to the Jackson County Sheriff’s Mounted Posse, Posse 100 Fund, 4001 NE Lakewood Ct., Lees Summit, MO. For questions about starting your own Cowboys for Cops ride, contact Kelly Sitter-McComb, KCCFC Coordinator at her [email protected]

For questions about starting your own Cowboys for Cops ride, contact Kelly Sitter-McComb, the KCCFC Coordinator at her [email protected]

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