Gifts for the Special Lady in your Life

Mother’s Day tends to sneak up on us every year, but have no fear that’s why I am here! Whether it’s your wife, the mother of your kids, or your mom, they do so much for us everyday, and instead of asking them what they want, I bet you they would love to be surprised!


Move aside the cliche flowers, diamond necklaces, and cashmere blankets— because for once, it’s time to buy something she’ll actually use!

The gift of coffee is a gift of pure love. Brewing coffee shouldn’t cause a headache; in fact, it should be as painless as possible! The mother in your life would love nothing more than to throw on a cozy sweatshirt, grab a bag of Black Rifle Coffee Company ground coffee, and brew a full pot to enjoy. After taking in a few deep breaths of that sweet coffee aroma, she can pour a cup full of freedom into her favorite enamel mug.


I’ve created a curated list of eight items that will not only surprise the lady in your life, but allow her to drink some damn delicious coffee while looking pretty fly as well!

Here’s what you’ll need!


BRCC women’s T-shirts: A T-shirt and jeans are a staple in a women’s wardrobe, so getting her a soft shirt that’s fitted with a great BRCC logo will ensure she’ll love this gift!


BRCC Mountain Logo Sticker: Our 6” x 4” stickers are weatherproof and also designed to perfection! Grab one of these as an extra something for her water bottle, coffee mug or bumper!  


BRCC Logo Trucker Hat: Hats are the best! We know how hard it is to find the perfect hat that your lady wants, but here it is. The mesh on the back allows for an easy fit and the snapback is perfect for fitting over a ponytail!


BRCC women’s T-shirts:Our Coffee Saves t-shirt is a best seller for men and women! Buy one for her and one for yourself to be that cute couple that matches!


BRCC Mountain Logo Sweatshirt: With summer right around the corner, our lightweight sweatshirts are a perfect garment for chilly nights to pair with jean shorts!


Enamel Mug: Enamel mugs are the perfect gift. The enamel will insulate your coffee and keep it warm longer!


Hazelnut Coffee Rounds: Our hazelnut coffee rounds are easy to brew and so delicious. She’ll love this gift and so will you— but remember the gift is for her so she gets dibs!


Classic BRCC Logo Hat: The BRCC classic hats are perfect for the lady who likes a smaller logo and a more minimalist design. Easy to wear and easy to rock— she’ll love it and look stylish.

Let’s brew a delicious pot of coffee! Grab your ground BRCC beans, fill your coffee pot with water, fill your filter with 1 tbsp of ground coffee per 3 tbsp of water, brew for 3-4 minutes until your carafe is full. Drink & enjoy!




Check out more gift items on our site and remember, any gift that’s a surprise for the woman in your life is a gift she will love. Give from the heart, and remember: everyone loves a big cup of coffee! 



Tag us in your pictures so we can see how you celebrate Mother’s Day & brew your BRCC coffee!

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