Bring on the tailgates the BRCC way!

Football season is kicking off, labor day just commenced and let’s be real we are all waiting for hunting season to start! So that is why I am here to be your BRCC fairy godmother of sorts. Giving you the ins & outs to get ready for fall. Yea we can joke and say fall is just a thing for fancy starbucks drinks and leaves, but fall is legit the best time to be outside with coffee! Fill up your new growler, bust out your new hats and hit the streets, tailgates and hunting trails with gusto!

growlers, growlers, growlers…


these fantastic products ain’t just for beer! Headed to a tailgate? Fill your growler with some BRCC brewed coffee (grab my fave here) and bring your bottle of Bailey’s along for the ride as well! (Bailey’s & BRCC brew recipe here). 

Looking to head into the mountains and start your hunt early in the morning? Fill your growler the night before with hot hot coffee and this fucking amazing product will keep your coffee hot for up to 14 hours! If you don’t have a growler, you are seriously in need of one! (buy here or click on the pictures above)


Well. Guys. Let’s be real. Who doesn’t love a fucking badass hat? I have yet to find someone who doesn’t like a good looking hat. So, what are you waiting for? Jump on this new trend because back at the BRCC HQ we are all sporting this new hat! The green just looks badass and the skeleton man really makes you look tough. Not to mention the fact that you are reppin’ BRCC and part of our special high speed family!

next, mugs

So now that we have purchased our growlers and our hats for our party, tailgate or hunt we need a mug for our coffee to be sipped out of! In a post a few weeks ago we did a round up of the new mugs we have now at BRCC (check out those mugs here, here, here) but this new skeleton mug is about as rad as rad is! (buy here)

get the party started

This fall really jump into Black Rifle Coffee. We pride ourselves in being a brand that is close to our followers, close to our community and taking care of our fellow veterans! follow along on Instagram, and tag us in your pictures!

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