A few months ago we posted an article called tumultuous circumstances, we gave our 2 cents over the process of the election cycle and how we were quite sick of how nothing was being accomplished, questions weren’t being answered and (although entertaining) the mudslinging between those running for the head motherfucker in charge of the greatest country on the planet was getting old. Well, now…almost 9 months later, the worst President in history is gone, Hillary is more than likely back to domineering Bill with ball gags and rolled up newspapers, while deleting more emails and Donald J. Trump is in fact well on his way to Making America Great Again. History was made with his election on multiple fronts. Trump immediately went to work to carry out the promises he made in making fundamental changes; something that recent past presidents failed to do. It does not seem that Trump is making the strategic decisions based off of the lobby or special interests, He is peeling back the layers of the rotten onion that has been the US Government for the past 8+ years…And making all sorts of people butt hurt in the process.


Blow Holes

The Temper Tantrums started quite literally minutes after Trump was sworn in as our 45th President of The United States of America. Entitled hipsters took to the streets to “express their freedom of speech” while burning cars, smashing windows of their places of righteousness (Starbucks) and throwing anything from rocks to trash at Police officers who are merely trying to uphold their oath to serve and protect the citizens of their communities. That is not freedom of speech, that is called free will, and being a douche bag! I was drug down into a hipster dug rabbit hole on social media in the process, that inevitably resulted in 2 of the 3 hipsters bowing out after I presented facts not facebook memes, and the 3rd sending me a private message saying “Im sorry if I offended you, you’re obviously very strong in your opinions, and fact driven.” Now…I don’t speak hipster very fluently…but I interpreted the PM as a white flag since there was no other mention of the topics discussed throughout the threads. I presume that many similar discussions ended in the same manner. Entitlement and tenacity are not usually synonymous with each other.


Wide spread demonstrations took place throughout our country with a lot of the same vandalism being conducted, all because President Trump officially took the oath of office. Something that was inevitable, since November, EVERYONE on the planet knew it was coming. Our question is this; Why didn’t these demonstrations of “free speech” take place after the election results were official? We are not advocating for people to be silenced, or anything tyrannical, what could a quick burn of cities to the ground possibly accomplish?! Really! We are not talking about the marches that took place to protest something that President Trump apologized for after the “locker room” talk was made public, a vast majority of these protests were done in accordance with the law and carried out peacefully. Albeit, these temper tantrums were just about as effective as the occupy movement a couple years ago. Hipsters, snowflakes and ill-educated millennials; It is time that you remove your heads from each other’s asses and do something that will actually make a difference. Put in the work to educate yourselves, get off your asses and work for something…once in your lives, you may find that it will prove more effective than opening your blow holes. A week or so ago, two celebrities opened their blow holes with some pretty inflamatory and threatening remarks regarding President Trump and his presidency. Ashley Judd stood up at the women’s march against President Trump, quoting a 19 year old woman in Tennessee in the fakest, most engineered southern accent I have ever heard. Her reciting of the poem “Nasty woman” invoked cheers from her target audience while Michael Moore’s fat ass played as her little hype boy. The actress is a self proclaimed feminist who spewed content from someone else, assumedly so she could get some sort of financial gain, not to mention that she knows her career is in the midst of tanking. Ashley, if you’re such a self respecting southerner and feminist, how is it that the only original content that you can talk about is your pussy? You’re talking out both sides of your mouth aren’t ya?  Next up, a classy act who spring boarded her career some…120 years ago (or so it seems) by straddling anything from dudes, to microphone stands on stage while fondling herself and sticking her tongue down impressionable early twenty something celebrity  throats. Madonna! At the same woman’s march in D.C, she opens her speech with a few rhetorical bullshit questions and then welcomes everyone to “The Revolution of Love” only to transition into telling everyone how “angry and outraged” she is and how she thought “an awful lot about blowing up the White House”. This pop culture prostitute doesn’t even live in the Untied States. She ran away some time ago when she realized that her career had fallen flat on it’s ass. Give it up Madonna, you scammed the world out of money f0r your ridiculous music for decades, quit talking you sound like a blubbering idiot!


Demonstrators burn flags and peddle other Anti American messages throughout protests throughout the United States

Demonstrators burn flags in tipped over city property  and peddle other Anti American messages throughout protests throughout the United States


The President is in the midst of a firestorm in his recent signing an Executive Order in protecting the nation from foreign terrorist entry into the United States. Vice the clarification that this order is not a ban on Muslims, it was put in place to ensure that radicalized shit fingers don’t gain access to our country and plan and/or carry out attacks as seen more frequently that we care to realize in recent past. The refugee and immigration processes in place prior to this order were quite frankly broken. [We are going to go off on a tangent for just a minute]


Freedom of speech does not include burning other peoples property to get your message across. protesters claim that they are getting their messages out by peacefully protesting!

Freedom of speech does not include burning other peoples shit to get your point across. Protesters and the main stream media claim that they are getting their messages out by peacefully protesting! Behavior like this is identical to how 3rd world counties demonstrate

People from predominantly radicalized countries are flocking to the United States in droves in unmanageable numbers up to this point. We work in one of these countries quite frequently and engage with indigenous personnel (interpreters) on a daily basis, the same ones who apply for “special immigrant” status under the preface of being in fear for their lives in their home countries. Yes, the program was implemented on good intentions but it is being taken advantage of. I have found myself engulfed in many conversations with those who apply in how the SIV process is a joke, and “why wouldn’t we take advantage of it”. This coming from the same people who plead their cases to Embassies worldwide, yet after the interview they go to the local park and drink alcohol, and socialize with their friends freely only to commute to their place of employment unscathed the next day. I have heard on more than one occasion directly “The US will pay me to live in your country, and I don’t have to pay them back, why wouldn’t I go?” Note that these guys are married with kids yet 90% of their families do not get visas to the US, a bit of perspective for you. Disclaimer: We are not insinuating that EVERYONE takes advantage; we are saying that there needs to be an extreme vetting process for a multitude of  common sense reasons. 


Recently The CEO of Starbucks issued a statement that they vow to hire up to 10k immigrants in a span of 5 years, in the wake of President Trump’s executive order. Once you read between the lines, regardless of the words coming out of the CEO’s blow hole; the fact is that Hipsterbucks is chicken shit of backlash. They do not want their bottom line numbers effected since they are in 75 different countries. Hipsterbucks say they have a “heavy heart” and that they “support building bridges, not walls” with countries like Mexico. The CEO further went on to talk about how Hipsterbucks will not “Stand by or stand silent” and stated that with Trumps order “we” are sounding an “alarm” to Starbucks that civility and human rights are being taken for granted…is Starbucks so narcissistic to think that they are somehow an authority that people other than their hipster customer base will actually sound an alarm?! Let’s be honest, Hipsterbucks brews burnt, bullshit coffee and they add a bunch of sugar, foam, cream and sprinkle a side of other bullshit on the top to mask the taste of SHIT. Mixed into each cup comes a convoluted ingredient of anti-American and anti-constitutionalism fluff that has seemed to further the entitlement of the millennial generation.  Before you jump on the bandwagon of main stream media and Hipsterbucks. Do a little homework, and read the executive order in its entirety. The United States was once a nation of immigrants, but let that shit go…after a couple generations, we are Americans…PERIOD. It is time after 3 presidencies that we start protecting ourselves. This is NOT a Muslim ban…it’s a ban on people coming from terrorist clad countries that happen to be predominately Muslim, and coincidentally we have found ourselves immersed into a war, fighting terrorists who (for all intent and purpose) harbor their ideals upon their interpretation of what their holy Quran says. Make no mistake; we do not advocate the violence against peaceful Muslims. Many of us have fought next to them, it is time we sit back and put more effort into our vetting programs for people who hail from harboring nations. We are going to leave you with this; Black Rifle Coffee has [always] vowed to hire Veterans and Patriots, we didn’t adopt this vow on the heels of anything to drive a bullshit touchy feely false sales projection!


Running to Ground

We are no doubt on a BeeLine to reclaiming our position as a country that others don’t want to fuck with. General Mattis is rebuilding our military, Once Tillerson is confirmed; our diplomatic relations will be effective and efficient much like Condoleezza Rice did during her tenure and our intelligence community will not be afraid of doing their jobs to get out in front of imminent threats to our country and its assets and interests. Anyone with a brain knows that a President cannot do everything on his own. Donald Trump knows this which is precisely why he has surrounded himself with smart and competent patriots. As we eagerly await his nomination for the newest Supreme Court Justice; which will inevitably cause some more stir within the mediocrity circles.


As protests, temper tantrums and ill-informed jackassery continue to sweep the nation there has to be an equal balance of patriots who are informed, who are about our constitution and more importantly PROUD to be an American. Let the country of immigrants catch phrase go. Take some pride in being from a country that was founded on OUR ideals, free from oppression and beat the breaks off of a tyrannical empire in the 1700s. Up to this point we have been staring down the barrel of a (California legal) tirade of politically correct and  bullshit; touchy feely “how you should act and think” way of life. You may not agree with everything that is being proposed, but before you start breaking shit and giving your money to chicken shit businesses do your homework and STAND FOR SOMETHING!

We don't care if you like our coffee, we don't care that you fully agree with what we stand for, just don't be a zombie and educate yourselves.

We don’t care if you like our coffee, we don’t care that you fully agree with what we stand for, just don’t be a zombie and educate yourselves

For other unbiased perspective on guns and what is going on in our culture check out Drinkin Bros Podcast  The BrassTacs  and Disruptive Intent to connect with like minded people!

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  • William says:

    Thank you so much for putting into words what this Louisiana educated man never could. I am sick and tired of being told I need to be the one to change and accept. And I love your view on the whole Nation of Immigrants comment. I truly believe we are Americans Now no longer a country of nations but many backgrounds to become on Nation and its America Baby!!!

    • Scott Lambin says:

      I thought you were pretty articulate in your comment! You would laugh if you saw my English grades in High School and to be honest I retained nothing from my Marine Corps Sgts. non resident english training…Im just super opinionated! I couldn’t agree more that we are Americans…PERIOD…not a nation built from other nations…Every country has diverse backgrounds…The last country to actually try to make a “superior” race was Germany back in the 1940’s…howd that shit work out for them?

      Thank You for reading brother! Try writing something sometime…


      • How about you make more coffee so we can buy it and support your business!! Get your ass out of your rack and make us coffee!!

      • simon says:

        I am donating a bag of BRCC to every coffee drinker (every person I know–not entire world 🙂 ) who switches from starbucks to BRCC
        thank you for service—and please ship ASAP

        • Scott Lambin says:

          Thank you for your support! Please be patient with our fulfillment process. There seems to be more BRC drinkers ordering everyday! 🙂


        • Rick says:

          I couldn’t believe how quick I got my order. Best coffee I ever had. keep it coming. Tough s… Starbucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Gerry Shidler says:

          I got my coffee and I enjoy it very much , it only took about one week to get my order after I ordered on line and signed up for 4 boxes of one round coffee. My wife and actually need more than 48 keuric K cups but we have a need for Diversity in our coffee.

    • Carla Wren says:

      I loved Starbucks coffee. I’M DONE!!! So glad to have found you. Just to let you know…hashtag neveragainstarbucks.

    • Linda Caldwell says:

      Thank you for the great words and for not backing down. I just heard the news about Crapbucks and their plan….So, I just ordered from you. I have a feeling that you are going to be VERY busy……..my husband is a vet, 101st Airborne baby!!!! Maybe you can supply the White House or some of the thousands of offices there…..just a thought.

      • That’s funny. My wife told me about this this morning while I was cooking pancakes and grinding coffee beans, and my reply to her was “I hope he becomes the official coffee of the White House!”

    • Shirl Klee says:

      THANK YOU:)
      I saw you on Fox that is the first time I heard of your company. Your message is awesome. I went to your website to order and read your blog. I am happy you are sold out!!!!! I am sad I could not order. Best wishes and much success. I hope you become the coffee of choice in the White House.

  • Kerry Thurlow says:

    As I read this post, I heard the voice of SSG Rankin echoing in my skull, rattling like a BB in a boxcar. As a Zoomie in the Chair Force, I had the extreme pleasure of teaching some very intelligent and driven Marines at an Imagery School in West-by-God Texas (Semper Gumby).

    To be completely blunt, your post made me smile broadly, I swear it was better than hearing Lee Greenwood “God Bless the USA” on July 4th while standing on a base in the 1700’s Tyrannical power from whom we achieved our independence.

    Damn shame so many if your products are sold out. I swear I coulda overdrawn the USAA account buying your brew just for the product names. I’m probably gonna hafta get a second job just to support your business. As a suggestion, can ya make a “yo momma wears combat boots” blend? Ya know, just for us lady coffee addicts that miss the hell outta chow hall sludge and tooth chippin coffee.

    • Scott Lambin says:

      Well thank you for reading, and thank you for your service! There are a lot of big things planned within our spaces. I will most definitely pass on your request of a womens inspired blend of coffee.


      • Crystal says:

        Like Hazelnut blended maybe? BTW, I am a recent breakup with Starbucks too. Just DONE with their political BS. Anyone know where I can sell my collection of You Are Here cups? I’m going to need the money for my new BRC cups.

    • Melissa Wells says:

      YESSSSSSSS Bitches Need some coffee!!!!! Sometimes you feel like the Lone Ovary in the military and as a veteran. I swear every time I go to the VA someone is looking at me trying to figure out who’s nurse I am 😉 or if I am looking for my husband.

  • Steve says:

    Goddamn outstanding blog entry. I loved every word. So much truth it brought a tear to my eye. Thank you for your commitment to hiring Veterans and your support of the Thin Blue Line.

    • Scott Lambin says:

      There comes a time when us hard working Americans get tired seeing the hipster ideals spring boarded to the top of news reels, streams, feeds ect. That we come together to and say fuck you! I think that time has come!

      Thank you for reading!


    • Wayne Perkins says:

      Nothing like seeing a group of Veterans standing up for their beliefs and making a great company. I just read your blogs and placed my 1st order with you guys. I will never purchase another cup of coffee from those snowflake libtards known as Starbucks.. Can’t wait to get my order in and try this coffee. HOOAH!!!!! 82nd Airborne Veteran Here

  • Cindy says:

    Just learned about this place today, I am in love! A based coffee merchant. Your blog is spot on and the commercials are crazy good!

  • Danielle says:

    love this. will definitely be placing an order!! love any company that supports troops and vets!

  • Brian says:

    you just got blown the fuck up on reddit.com/r/the_donald and we are about to wipe out your inventory…better dig in!

    Thank you for supporting our vets!


  • So i heard you were vet owned and operated and standing up for MAGA?

    You need to get to work, i have money to spend.

    Clear those lanes of fire and get to grinding K-Cups, fucksticks!



    • Scott Lambin says:

      Thank you for reading!
      Have you tried our other blends? There are plenty in stock!


      • RAKE says:


  • jolly john says:

    yaaaaa…….so…..im going to need you to come in on saturday and make me some more k cups and a XL blackbeard tshirts that are sold out.


  • Ramirez says:

    From Houston, Texas, we are now buying your products. Thank you for your message!

  • Megan says:

    A. Fucking love this post. I’d apologize for my language but I sense I’m in good company. B. Found you all about two hours ago (on Instagram – I gave up on the incoherent wailing hysterics that passes as Facebook now) and literally everything is sold out – so hell yeah!!So thrilled for your company, for your success and for all you stand for. Got my email in and just waiting on the restocks – haven’t even had the coffee yet but I’m already a supporter!

    • Scott Lambin says:


      Thank You! Do not worry about the language! You are definitely in good company! You will not be disappointed in the coffee! Its the best on the planet!!


    • .243 Precision Bitch says:

      THEY call them swear words, I call them sentance enhancers.

  • Mitch Underwood says:

    What a great message! Thank you for speaking plain English what so many Americans are feeling!

  • Im Out says:

    Starbucks has had a Veteran’s Hiring Program since 2013, has hired over 8000 vets in less than five years, and did it all without seeking huge publicity. Why would a veteran company attack another company that already has a veteran hiring program? Are you trying to make companies think twice before setting up these programs? There’s more than enough jobs to go around in a global company; 10000 refugees hired overseas doesn’t mean they won’t continue hiring veterans in America under their (already in place) program.

    This is in bad taste, to attack another company that already does a lot for veterans, simply for some publicity. This is damaging to the veteran community and I’m hugely disappointed in your company.

    • Scott Lambin says:

      “Im Out”
      Have you checked our social media feeds let alone our collective feeds? I think were good in the publicity arena. Reading through your comment left me scratching my head…the fact that you commented on our last post would suggest that you read it. As stated in the article, aside from the fact that Starbucks has burnt piss for coffee, they are the ones who in fact tried to capitalize on President Trumps executive order on the temporary travel ban. Shultz said that they are “not going to stand by or stand silent” in response to the signing of the EO. Our point is that like everything fundamentally sideways with Starbucks they are chicken shit on top of it. This was clearly an effort to throw out a lightly veiled promise to try to put pressure on our Government to keep us vulnerable to a lot of the same terrorist attacks that have been taking place throughout the past 8 years. Starbucks is among a very dirty laundry list of companies in OUR country that stoke the proverbial flame in the laziness (hipster) culture. We have always said that it is our objective to hire as many veterans and patriots as possible, this applies throughout ALL of our spaces.

      To your point of “10000 refugees hired overseas doesn’t mean they won’t continue hiring veterans in America under their (already in place) program”. They can hire all the refugees they want overseas…but if they’re overseas are they refugees? Is this applicable in the context of THE UNITED STATES of AMERICA? Shultz released the statement aimed directly towards hiring refugees in America. There are almost 500,000 unemployed veterans in our country…if we could, we would hire every single one of them.

      • Im Out says:

        Scott –

        I’ve seen your social media. I saw your initial meme on Facebook and Instagram, which visually implied all refugees were ISIS fighters. That one was taken down and replaced with the current one, stating Starbucks goal of hiring 10,000 refugees and your goal of hiring 10,000 veterans. It was not said, but it was implied, that Starbucks isn’t hiring veterans. As their Veterans page shows (https://www.starbucks.com/careers/veterans), they already have a veteran hiring program that’s almost 90% to their goal of hiring 10,000 veterans. Those are real jobs for real veterans, keeping them off the street.

        Now, to your second paragraph. Yes, they’re still refugees if they’re overseas. As long as they aren’t in their home country, they’re refugees. Even if they never ended up in America. Starbucks statement (https://news.starbucks.com/news/living-our-values-in-uncertain-times), direct from their company, states “we are developing plans to hire 10,000 of them over five years in the 75 countries around the world where Starbucks does business.” So that’s worldwide, in 75 countries. You are right, though. They did say they were starting here in America. In fact, they said “we will start this effort here in the U.S. by making the initial focus of our hiring efforts on those individuals who have served with U.S. troops as interpreters and support personnel in the various countries where our military has asked for such support.” So now we’re backlashing against a company that’s hiring the very guys who fought alongside us in Iraq and Afghanistan, putting their lives on the line to try to help us.

        I’m glad you want to hire every single unemployed veteran and I really hope you reach your stated 10,000 veteran goal in the next few years. I understand you’re upset over Starbucks’ comment on last week’s Executive Order; however, publicly attacking a company that has hired veterans, is hiring veterans, and even plans to start hiring our terps seems like a poor move for the veteran community. And we both know you’re a huge force in the veteran community.

        • Scott Lambin says:

          I have not read every article containing the contents of shultz comments on the refugee hiring, I have other things to do. He wasted no time in jumping on the political band wagon to try to further smear mud on our Presidents face. His statements again…were political and he knew that he has the ears and eyeballs of his targeted sub culture; the very culture that is and will continue to be the unemployed succubus straining our economy unless people like us continue to empower Veterans and Patriots as much as we can. WE are about hard work and following through with what we say. We call that Integrity where we come from!

          Have you ever worked in either environment, with the terps or are you spewing a catchphrase or soundbite taken from mainstream media? Go back and read the article, I scratch the surface as to the situation with them.

          • Im Out says:

            Scott –

            I’m curious if you see the irony in writing a blog post in which you state “Before you jump on the bandwagon of main stream media and Hipsterbucks. Do a little homework, and read the executive order in its entirety” while also stating, in the comments, “I have not read every article containing the contents of shultz comments on the refugee hiring, I have other things to do.” I took the time to read the actual press release from the company, along with the actual Executive Order, instead of reading news stories about them.

            As for the credentials part of the conversation, I’ve been in combat arms for 15 years with multiple tours of Iraq, Afghanistan, and elsewhere. So yes, I’ve worked with terps. I will say, all of my interactions with terps were on patrols. I can see how, with the current environments, there might be less “fight beside you” terps and more “lazy as fuck” terps as you’ve addressed in your blog post.

            At the end of the day, I come from the same place you do. Which is why I’m voicing my opinion, even if it’s different from yours.

        • George Bailey says:

          Scott, I don’t think Queerbucks is hiring vets OR refugees out of any sense of appreciation for them. I see it as a slap in the face of President Trump and the rest of us deplorables who voted for him. And if that’s the case (which I think it is) then all the kind, bleeding heart hippie hogshit goes RIGHT out the window.

  • Kristi Skinner says:

    Thank you for supporting our veterans. Thank you for saying what so many are thinking.

  • Jeanne says:

    That was an excellent article!

  • Jessica says:

    There’s a meme/photo w/ caption saying BRCC has pledged to hire 10,000 vets in response to Starfarts refugee hiring.

    Is it true? I hope it is because I have been defending it on social media (obviously over a large period of time to hire 10,000)…people instantly claiming it is a PR bull stunt. I told them to pound sand but just wanted to make sure…

    Thanks and your coffee beats Starfarts any day.

    • Scott Lambin says:

      We have seen some of the comments. Those who say it is a PR stunt obviously do not know what we stand for. They take it in the most literal terms that we are literally going to hire 10k unemployed veterans at once. Anyone who knows us, knows that a great majority of what we do revolves around the veteran and patriot communities. Our brands extend further than BRC proper. Collectively our rolodex of contacts extends further than many in similar spaces. We have and will continue to connect people throughout our spaces and others that we trust and conduct ethical business practice!

      Thank You for defending the brand, thank you for having the forethought in looking at the situation rationally!


  • Peggy says:

    I absolutely love that you have no filter. You lay it on the line and tell it like it is. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for your service and all you do for other vets. If I weren’t 63 years old, I’d ask you to marry me. 😉 Though he did not serve, your values remind me so much of my departed husband. Thank you again.

    • Scott Lambin says:

      You are most welcome! We are about values and integrity. Somewhere along the line our country has strayed off the path of each. We do everything we can to help our community of Veterans and Patriots. Thank you for reading!


  • Jeff Dooley says:

    As I sit in my patrol car reading this it reassures what I already have known for years, that the small group of people with like minded beliefs, the balls to tell people to fuck off, and patriotism still exist!!!! As a “doer” and not “talker” I am happy to have a new commander in chief who actually works to get shit done… It also excites me to know that our Military and Police will once again be backed by someone who has a set of Balls… Thanks for the post, view point, and service to this great county we live.

    • Scott Lambin says:

      Hey Jeff,

      Thank you for your dedication to serving and protecting people of whom you may no know. Keep up the great work!

      Thank You for reading!!

  • Geneva says:

    As I was on Facebook this evening the article came on my feed regarding that other coffee company hiring the refugees (which infuriates me), and as I read about your company (which I had never heard of) I thought to myself thank goodness for another option. I hope your company grows in leaps and bounds!!!! I am excited to get your coffee and the insulated cup that I ordered……. now I need to figure out what to do with that other coffee companies cups that I have….. it is entertaining watching the cutting off of the noses inspite of the face……

  • Thomas Wills says:

    Found you guys a few weeks ago and ordered some K-cups off of Amazon and a COTUS shirt from your website (wearing it right now!). Waiting for you to restock all your other blends of bean coffee so I can order. Today, there was an article about you guys on redstate.com. Keep up the good work guys!


  • Please, do NOT tell me that your site “SOLD OUT” nearly half of your products?

    • Scott Lambin says:

      That is what happens when you have the best coffee on the planet, and values that hard working Americans identify with!

  • I'M IN says:

    I’M OUT sounds like he works for Starbucks
    Just found you today! I will be letting friends and family know about you also. Great job thanks.

    • Scott Lambin says:

      Thank you for reading! “Im Out”s opinions definitely differs from ours. Im not going to get on a “everyone is entitled to their opinion” snowflake rationale since these issues are much deeper than a matter of opinion. Im out is a veteran so we give him that respect…

      Nonetheless, Thank you for reading…there is a follow up coming soon!

      • Never In says:

        You guys definitely know your target demo, that’s for sure.

        Unfortunately you’re also alienating a lot of potential customers, including and especially other veterans. The way you talk to fellow retired service members who are raising the point you don’t agree with speaks volumes about your character and the company you represent.

        You also failed to ever address “I’m Out”‘s point: that you’re attacking a company who’s actively supporting the veteran community through employment. Starbucks has hired 8000+ veterans since their pledge, meanwhile you attack them to capitalize on the negativity. The more observant of us can smell an opportunist when we see it.

        This is a publicity stunt and to your credit it’s working. It’s easier to sell coffee by feeding into hate than it is to acknowledge that the Starbucks refugee pledge doesn’t invalidate its pledge to veterans. The two can and do coexist.

        But hey, you guys are making money right? Good for you.

        For what it’s worth I don’t drinks Starbucks either, but I sure as hell ain’t drinking Black Rifle.

        • Scott Lambin says:

          Throw away,

          I appreciate your comments and you taking the time to read our content and others comments. Let me be clear in saying that I do respect peoples opinion even if it differs from mine. The entire point to bringing up the refugee over veterans…or Americans debacle was simply my opinion towards the situation. The statements made by Starbucks was strategic and intended to tug on the heartstrings of Americans. I saw it as having an adverse outcome to their perceived intent. I appreciate ANY company that strives to hire veterans at any point in time, Starbucks included. As Evan has said, this entire conversation needs to shift towards domestic issues instead of worrying about 74 other countries. We have enough issues that need to be addressed right here in our own country.


          • Never In says:

            Hi Scott,

            Thanks for your reply. I can understand a shift in focus towards domestic issues, but to do so through fear mongering is morally dubious at best.

            I’m sure your guys’ hearts are in the right place, and in a way I do applaud you for taking a stance on the issue where many companies would not risk posting such inflammatory content. That said, I can’t ignore marketing material like your guys’ original promo here:


            The fact that this picture even exists is alarming, and I’m sure somebody on your team realized as much which is why the less controversial version is currently on your twitter in its place.

            With regard to differing opinions and respect for other companies, your own words speak for themselves:

            “Hipsterbucks brews burnt, bullshit coffee and they add a bunch of sugar, foam, cream and sprinkle a side of other bullshit on the top to mask the taste of SHIT. Mixed into each cup comes a convoluted ingredient of anti-American and anti-constitutionalism fluff that has seemed to further the entitlement of the millennial generation.”

            That’s an interesting way to “respect” other companies that are actively benefiting your fellow veterans. It would seem your newest customers also share this form of “respect”. Says Dan Thomas below this very comment:

            “Globalist, monopolistic, and abusive Corporations that only have their own interests at at heart at the expense of real people. *Cough Cough* Starbucks *Cough Cough*”

            Right, tell that to retired marines (and let’s not forget spouses and family members) who hold new careers within the Starbucks corporation. I suppose those combat vets aren’t “real people” or “patriotic” enough in the eyes of this type of BR customer.

            Anyway, like I said: you guys clearly know your target demographic. You have every right to build a brand that embraces short-sighted negativity as part of your definition of patriotism. You also have every right to insult other veterans who have also sacrificed but just so happen to be proud Starbucks employees.

            All of this aside: I wish you guys luck. If nothing else I can say that you’ve got enough balls to hear out your critics.

            Take it easy.

        • George Bailey says:

          Firstly, where’s the proof that I’m Out of The Closet ever served anything other than his gay porn addiction? Secondly, where’s the proof that Queerbucks ever hired vets other than accidentally? Thirdly, who the hell cares if BRCC alienates terrorists, PC SJWs, communists and hippies such as yourself? Fourthly, you can guzzle gorilla piss out of your grandma’s “hot water bottle” for all I care. For any of you younger folks out there- “hot water bottle” is what a douche bag was called back in the day.

  • Dan Thomas says:

    I recently read about your company and it’s support for Veterans. It makes me proud to be an American when I realize that companies like yours exist. Companies that are, in their essence, the antithesis of the Globalist, monopolistic, and abusive Corporations that only have their own interests at at heart at the expense of real people. *Cough Cough* Starbucks *Cough Cough*.

    So in short, Thank you patriot.

  • John Bradford says:

    A few years ago, Starbucks and Carribou Coffee (local outfit owned by Iranian) chose toe remove their roasting date which originally was their proof of freshness. Guess what – nobody rotates inventory and some product is old. Now Starbucks issues silly statement about immigrants needing special care. Then I learned your outfit is making trouble by being who you are, saying what you want, and selling good coffee. So, what’s to loose? Either we drop our cash on these fat cat toads who sound as dull as Goofy or we shop with folks we like. First order placed. If it’s as good as you claim (and it damned well better be), we are friend for life.

    • Scott Lambin says:

      John, We stand behind our product. We have always said what is on our minds and put our money where our mouths are. The recipe for standard is simple: we spend our hard earned money on businesses we associate with, businesses who have morals and values, and we do not continue to throw our money at the people who take advantage of Hard working americans and then rub our noses in their political rhetoric.

      Thank You for Reading!


  • Ian cassidy says:

    Great post! Sounds just like the typical conversations that take place everyday in my firehouse. Going to sign up for the coffee club immediately….no more burnt piss coffee watching hipsters sucking on their douche flutes (e cigs) for us. Thanks for your service.

  • I sure hope I like your coffee! Actually the one I wanted was sold out, so ordered a different one, and plan on trying several. I brew Starbucks at home (so it’s not burnt piss) but have really been looking for something I like enough to switch! With shipping your price is good so really hope I like the coffee too! Don’t want to give Starbucks anymore of my business. Love your blog!!

    • Scott Lambin says:

      I have no doubt in my mind that you will love our coffee. Thank You for reading our blog…there is a lot more to come!


  • Maranatha Tope says:

    Badass statements…I could say so much more, but that sums it up. I also want to extend my sincere gratitude for y’alls service. You deserve every success. I especially love that it will come at the expense of Starfucks.

  • John Reno says:

    Finally! A company with the testicular fortitude to stand up to the sniveling, self-centered, politically correct, low information, participation trophy crowd. I salute each and every one of you at Black Rifle Coffee. I’ll place my order shortly. In the meantime, I’ll give you guys a plug on my websites (JohnReno.com & Facebook.com/JohnRenoMusic) for all of my Patriot friends.

    • Scott Lambin says:

      Thank You!! We have been around, and equally as boisterous with no intention of changing for anyone!

      Keep checking back!!


  • SteveG says:

    Great post! Very good coffee, too. I received two bags from my son-in-law for Christmas as he knows I love good coffee. I usually drink a pure Kona that is very smooth and not over-roasted. I was a little apprehensive when i saw the coffee bags, but your coffee is really good.

    I was very happy to hear that you want to hire vets before “immigrants.” My father was first-born American right after WWI (yes, that makes me old enough to be your grandfather, punk!). He served in the Navy in WWII, My brother was a career zoomie and i served in the Navy during Vietnam watching for bears. My dad was always patriotic toward the US, didn’t matter that he’d been born of immigrant parents who had to learn the language here. Your comments about how immigrants view the US was spot on.

    Last bit, a funny coffee story: I was stationed on Goodfellow AFB during my term in the Navy (don’t ask, some sin in a prior lifetime is my guess). The Navy guys occupied one barracks building. Even those of us who were married and living off post served barracks watch, usually mid shift. My most important job was to get the 80-cup percolator up and running before “boats” (crafty old chief boatswains mate) got in at 0700. I looked in the pot… ack! It was disgusting covered with burnt dried up coffee residue. All I had was brown paper towels and water to wipe it all out. I made the coffee. Boats came in and asked for the report as he got his coffee. I reported NTR and waited for him to say something about the coffee. He said, “what did you do to the coffee?” I thought ‘oh shit, think fast!’ I told him I’d just cleaned out the pot with water and brown towels. “That tastes good! Put it in the log book for the next mid shift – clean the pot out with paper towel before making next pot.

    Low standards are better than no standards. I’d rather drink from an 80-cup mud fountain than that effete burnt crap pushed by Starbutts.

    • Scott Lambin says:

      Thank you and your family for their service. Your dad didnt have to serve a country that he essentially had no tie to other than being born in it. This speaks volumes to the work ethic and esprit de corps that everyone had up to this point. It sounds like your family worked their asses off! Good shit!!

      I was a Jarhead, and when some shit like that went down…we had a very specific name for guys like you! Blue Falcon!! HA!

      Thank You for reading!

    • .243 Precision Bitch says:

      I have only had two cups of that Screwbutts battery acid in my life. I was forced at gun point (airport terminal) to drink it or go without, next time I will opt for the blue Gatorade from the little room on the plane. I would rather suffer without caffeine than support those snowflakes. I am heartened to read that other people realize that the emperor isn’t wearing any clothes!

  • Great Blog!! To the point and truthful… And I am glad that you’ve watched an increase in sells! I’ve only been to Starbucks once. And asking for a Coffee Black was like asking for Brain Surgery with them. And for a larger cup 16oz. and they charged me 4 Dollars for it. I like 3 Sugars and 2 creamers… And the coffee must have gotten stewed some how. Cease the Creamers didn’t even change the color of the coffee. And I should have tasted it before I left, cause it tasted like crap. That was 8 years ago. I’m a Veteran of the USAF, and I was in Food Service. So I know what and how to make coffee. (Been drinking Coffee since I was 12). I like the fact that you have taken two things of the Military and combined them into One! Military Attitude, and Coffee! I’d love to try some of your Coffee. I believe I am a Patriot, and I Salute those that have Served before me, and the future… I consider every last one of them my Brother’s and Sister’s, it doesn’t matter the branch.
    Thank you for your Service, Salute!

    Don W.

  • NRALady says:

    Great blog! It expresses perfectly how I’ve felt for months now. I hadn’t heard of your company until I read Gateway Pundit’s article on you tonight. I am always on the lookout for a good roast, and thought I’d give yours a try. I love supporting American, but throw in the fact that you are a company founded by a vet and employs vets….well, that’s a win-win!! Thank you for your counter to “hipster bucks” disgusting pledge to hire 10,000 refugees, and THANK YOU for your service to our fine country! God bless you and may your company prosper.
    Daughter of a Vietnam vet

  • Don Parker says:

    Time to start opening Starbucks type bistros and kiosks. Start in the VA hospital in Tampa. I will never buy another coffee from the Starbucks kiosk at that place again.

  • Uncltodd says:

    Just caught a few scattered words of an interview today, Feb 6, on FoxBusinessNews (my only news source) about 1045 CST with your CEO… All I basically heard was that YOU WERE HIRING VETERANS… MANY VETERANS… I bailed out of my stupid online war game and found this site. Jesu Cristo, ‘Mano, kiss my ass and call me Delilah if I don’t start drinkin’ coffee tomorrow! (Doctor says no, F- him.) I read a bit of your (our) business philosophy and your (our) hopes and expectations of a new President… With or without your permission I intend to promote your caffeine-based enterprise on Farcebook (I was banned twice for political posts) where I have small but dedicated following. Rat Own, Bruddas. Make me proud.

  • Robert B says:

    Gentlemen: I can’t thank you enough for your commitment to our heroes. I am not a huge Starbucks fan, but we do grab their coffee at the store from time to time. When I saw their announcement to hire refugees, I threw away everything Starbucks-related in the house. When I saw Evan on TV , I immediately went to the website, placed a sizable order, and also joined the Coffee Club (CAF-4 Boxer). I’ve also passed your info on to about a dozen friends. You are now the official coffee of our household! Thank you for your service and God Bless You All.

  • Badger says:

    I’m gonna tell my brother about you guys and suggest he contact you for a job. He’s a veteran, he’s conservative and proud of it, and he has been buying and handroasting his own coffee beans for years now. Dude is an expert roaster and knows everything about the bean. He also makes the best damn cuppa coffee in the state of CA! (I say this because I haven’t tasted yours yet, and hey, he’s my bro and it’s true.) A match made in Heaven!

  • Eileen Perrin says:

    So appreciate your Service-God Bless you All of our Military Police-Firefighters! Thank all for your Service! 🇺🇸
    I cannot wait to try your coffee-In Des Moines Iowa -I did not serve, would love to assist in getting a franchise or 10 here
    Again, Thank you,God Bless you and your family Extended family all around the world

    • Scott Lambin says:


      Thank you for your support! I am right down the road from you in the QCA!

      Stay Tuned for more great articles and product!


  • Dana Nereim says:

    This was my Facebook post this morning:

    I have an awesome idea! I would love to see the Black Rifle Coffee Company (http://www.blackriflecoffee.com ) expand to open a chain of coffee shops to rival starbucks. Store theming could focus on pride for our nation and the men and women who serve to protect it. A variegated menu that appeals to both the latte-lovers and the die-hard caffeine addicts. Stores should employ a “Veterans First” policy when hiring. Please? 😬

  • Michelle Wollenzin says:

    I was listening to the news this morning when I heard Evan on TV and thought I need to check them out. I’m a 21 year and counting veteran (the light is at the end of the tunnel) and I love your goal of not just hiring veterans but to empower them. I ordered coffee and a few other items. I’ve sent your website to fellow veterans. I drink a lot of coffee! I’m surprised that I bleed red blood instead of coffee. I will spread the word on your coffee. I will be brewing it at my work and at home. Spot on your blog post. I’m tired of seeing professional rioters tear up shit and call it freedom of speech. It’s not demonstrating its rioting. I’m tired of seeing our president get torn up over everything he says or tries to do. I cannot understand those who think we shouldn’t have secure borders. To provide security for our citizens. To make people follow our immigration laws. I laughed out loud on election night and thought OMG the liberals are going to have a melt down and they are. The very ones who screamed that Trump needed to accept the election results and state that he would prior to the election are the very ones who are not accepting the results. They screamed the Trump was full of it on voter fraud, but now voice that Russia rigged the very system they said couldn’t be rigged when they thought their candidate would win. I often wonder if President Trump sits in his office at night and thinks why the hell did I do this, I don’t need this aggravation and bullshit. I was proud of this country on election night when it rose up and said no more. That individuals decided to make a change, to rattle the cages of career politicians and those who demand that we cow tow to them because “they know what’s best for us”.
    Your blog post was spot on with it’s observations and rants.
    I hope you have a badass day!


  • mark says:

    Count me in as a supporter, and once you get coffee back in stock I will be buying. Good luck!

  • Ray Weeks says:

    Hey Guys,

    I learned about you this morning watching Fox & Friends. That was a great segment by the way.

    I was pleased to learn that you’re a veteran owned company with major plans to hire more veterans. I can’t wait to see you make it happen. StarFu#ks needs to be taught a lesson. Who better to teach them than a bunch of grunts? If you need help, ask. As a retired FA 1SG I think I might remember how to call in an adjust fire or fire for effect mission. King of Battle baby! 🙂

    I tried to place an order but it looks like everyGDthing is sold out. Good! I can wait. I put my email on the notification list so you can let me know when you get more stock.

    I wish you the best of luck, but I don’t think you need it. It’s been my experience that hard work and perseverance have more impact on success than luck. Given the training and deployments you all have endured I think you know that already. Anyway, like we used to say back in the day … All the way and then some!



  • Joe Blow says:

    If you care so much about veterans, maybe you shouldn’t trash Starbucks, who actually hired ~9000 of them. Focus on making good coffee instead of trying to make headlines by picking a fight with the world’s most successful coffee chain and taking stances on immigration and other subjects you know nothing about. http://www.foxnews.com/food-drink/2017/02/03/starbucks-veterans-group-stands-by-ceos-refugee-hiring-plan.html

    • Scott Lambin says:

      We have been calling other companies like starbucks out for 2 years now…this was nothing new…especially to make headlines! We expect standards to be upheld especially when it comes to taking care of the people of OUR country first. We know enough about a broken refugee and immigration system to have an educated opinion…

      Thank You for reading!

  • Carrie says:

    The wait time for coffee may be increasing (sorry/not sorry) because I’m about to place a hefty order and I’m spreading the word. I actually cringe when I receive gift cards to Hipsterbucks. I mean, how do I say thanks but, um… no. I hope your company becomes hhhuuuuuuuuuuge! I mean, patriotism and coffee? Yeeeeeeesssssssssssss please. We have a daughter who’s a sergeant in the Army, a daughter who is a Houston Police Officer (they call her Barbie Cop in her duty hood) and I told the youngest we don’t raise sissies (not that there’s anything wrong with that.) Anyway, perhaps you could consider letting her be an intern for a couple weeks in the summer? Not kidding. Actually learning skills in a business (that, quite frankly, in this social-media-induced country run amok has got to be golden!) working for free alongside paid, motivated veterans is a win, win, win, right? Just a thought… Your company is giving me much glee!

  • Carrie says:

    The daughter I mentioned in above comment who could be an intern is about to be 15. I accidentally edited that out. I’ll be darned if we’re sending her off to a college in three years to get indoctrinated with anti American bs. Hopefully the next 4 (8) years will bring about college reform. Here’s hoping… (Still not kidding about internship…)

  • Veronica Tultz says:

    Saw you on the news this am and my hubby and I ordered some coffee. We have been drinking starbucks for years but are done. Thank you for your service and for waking us up today. I hope you open a store in michigan soon.

  • .243 Precision Bitch says:

    Love ya! Mean it!

  • john Russo says:

    Great article. One of our issues is we have a huge number of people who have no idea they are being used by islam groups to promote their cause and seize the country. President Trump and General Flynn are in a difficult spot where they have to take steps to eliminate the terror groups from USA and will be forced to deal with insane sympathizers. Americans were never told or knew Obama is a islamic muslim who worked with muslim brotherhood to weaken USA or that Hilary was to finish the mission of turning us into an islamic nation ruled by Sharia law. Simple minded people and US laws are used by islamic groups to go against us. I’m extremely upset we have judges, politicians and citizens who are eager to sell us out to islam.

    None of this is about immigration and rights. Companies are jumping in because they are in some involved with these countries. They don’t care about USA and safety of people. Obama went to US companies and asked them to hire refugees over US employees, paid the companies to train them and made a few other monetary deals with them. Swift meat packing company was just one company that took the offer. Now they have to stop production 5 times a day for prayers.

    Minnesota city just became taken over by muslims. They now have majority in city council and are enforcing Sharia law there. This is against US law but somehow I feel the sick courts and people will support it. We have problems in USA that can’t be overlooked any longer. How much longer before patriotic Americans decide to take action is anyone’s guess. Any one who would like to knwo more about the plan and islam threat see actforamerica.org Brigitte Gabriel is the founder and extremely experienced and knowledgeable in this area. She has counseled the president on the subject and worked with general Flynn.

    I thank BRC for their support of the vets and the effort they will make to expand and hire more. I want to say I will back them and offer my services to work with them.

  • Crystal says:

    Navy spouse here…Are you going to be franchising? This is something I could get behind…

  • Dan says:

    Came to buy coffee, sad to see (but HAPPY too!) it all sold out!

    God Bless the United States of America and her Constitution! I love this land and *ANYONE* of *ANY* color who calls themselves AMERICAN.

    Dad was an Air Force Vet, who if still alive, would be GLADLY purchasing your brews.


  • Brittney Williams says:

    This blog is incredible!! I do have a question though? You should sell some cold brew packets or kits my husband (Marine) drinks cold coffee because he doesn’t like any hot liquid and we refuse to buy Starbucks cold brew now and would love to support your business. Please let us know! Thanks for you insight nice to see there are ALOT of other people who are tired of the bullshit as well!

  • Teresa says:

    This was an awesome article. I can’t wait to try your coffee… I have never liked Starbucks for more reasons than their terrible coffee. So if you open a place in Bowling Green, Ky I’ll work for ya 🙂 I’m not a veteran but my husband is retired from the United States Army.. He was in Special Forces… He also hates Starbuck!!

  • Vicky S. says:

    Just simply this, that was so well put. Thanks #StarWHO #NoBucks

  • Bruce says:

    With as much as is ‘Sold Out’ y’all may be passing the 10,000 veteran milestone within a month! I’m a 27 year Navy vet who is allergic to coffee (think about THAT for a moment), but loves cocoa and seeing BRCC grind that ‘other’ outfit into the ground. Living just across the Potomac from the White House, was shocked to find the closest outlet is in Baltimore… Yikes! There’s GOT to be enough vets in the area to stand up a BRCC dealership (that just might find willing customers over on Pennsylvania Ave.)! It might be worth coming out of retirement for that mission…

  • Anthony Sanchez says:

    Just discovered your site and products for sale, I am truely looking forward to purchasing and drinking your coffee.
    Thank you for dedication and service to our country.
    I will do my part in supporting your brand and cause..
    MIL-SPEC approved!!

    Tony S.
    USN 86-97

  • Matt Cobos says:

    I’ve always enjoyed the blogs and this one has been spot on. As a Veteran trapped behind enemy lines here in Oregon, I’ve always been chastised for openly expressing my opinions that differ from the majority, and my “don’t give a fuck” attitude. Fuck it. I’ve earned the right to speak my mind. It’s great to see like minded people, especially veterans, putting it in words on social media. So thanks for all you say.

    On a side note, I just realized I used my last K-cup of Black this morning, and only have a couple bags of Murdered Out beans left. That won’t last too long….just saying. Dont leave me hangin here in Starbuckslandia! Glad you guys are humping your asses off, keep doing what you do and I’ll keep coming back for more!

  • Janet M says:

    I initially came to check out the status of my coffee club subscription, and stayed to buy some gear, and read some blog posts. My club payment was debited last week and my coffee usually arrives a few days thereafter. Alas, a week has passed and no coffee. Hubby is a retired CPO, being out of coffee is not an option!! I had to go buy a bag of the hipster stuff because I am out of coffee – not one bean to be found anywhere in the house. Dagnabit!! 🙁 🙁 Of course, I had a gut feeling this would happen after your appearance on Fox & Friends, even said so to the Chief! I couldn’t be more thrilled for you guys. Keep up the good work. I’ll be awaiting both my coffee club shipment as well as the mug I ordered. Can’t wait to take the mug to the range!!

  • Bridget says:

    I love this post! I absolutely love the t-shirts too. So glad I found you and can’t wait to place my first order!

  • George Bailey says:

    Fuck yeah! On election night my eyes were glued to the flat screen, gleefully watching Trump win state after state. I would switch from CBS, NBC, CNN just see the looks on the various libfuck commie anchor’s and puking head’s faces as each state fell like dominoes before the might of the American people and their God appointed champion- Donald Trump. They looked like their dicks just went flat. I especially enjoyed the sneak peeks into the Hellary camp. I laughed maniacally as I observed hundreds of retarded little socialist snowflakes wept and gnashed thier teeth. Two very unattractive bull dykes over here looking like somebody smashed their shaved down rolling pin, a couple pink T-shirt wearing male cucks there, all crying rivers of corrosive pinko tears because thier commie criminal Hellary got douched out. Yeah. Now it’s our turn Stand the fuck by, pinkos………..

  • Amy and Bill Pinson says:

    Please, Please open a store in the Barboursville, WV area. I am so done with Starbucks! Thank you for your support of our veterans! I will be ordering some K cups online from you.


  • Logan says:

    Finally someone that has some balls and will speak the truth. Im so glad to have found you bad asses and i want to try your coffee soon.

    • Scott Lambin says:


      Thank you for checking us out, keep checking our website out, you will not be disappointed in our product!!

      Thank You,

  • Mason says:

    I love how you speak your mind and dont care about what the other side has to say. you make some amazing coffee with some awesome names.

    • Scott Lambin says:


      We are strong in our values, the second we change for the masses, we lose touch of why we do what we do!!

      Thank you for reading and thank you for your support!!


  • Carl White says:

    I saw your interview on FOX recently and was impressed with what you are doing and I want to support you. However, I am a Baby Boomer (mid 60s) and I just want to share something. When I was growing up, we were taught to respect other people by how we addressed them. As a father of some millennial children I taught my children the same respect of others. As I have been around some of their friends I have observed they weren’t taught the same values. My biggest complaint is their broad use of foul language. I was a bit perplexed when I went to your web site and saw the use of this language even on some of your products. Why? Why would you label your products with the F*** word when that can be offensive. There is no need for that. I understand being in the military can bring about your use of foul language, but for a business it can be harmful as I am sure other people will be put off by this. I want to support your company if for no other reason than to protest Starbucks, but I just don’ care for your foul language as I am sure other old folks like myself feel the same way. I’m sure most of your business comes from millennials but you possibly could have a larger market if you cleaned it up a bit.

    • Scott Lambin says:

      First, Thank you for taking the time to read our blog, and supporting our company. Being in the Military does not really have anything to do with our choice of adjectives. We are like minded people, in fact we consider each other family. We are vigorous in our values, morals and general perception of what we hold near and dear. We are not the “run of the mill” company who pander to (for lack of other terms) “touchy feely” mentality. We appreciate everyones opinion especially when it comes to our business, but that does not mean that we will change what we believe to make everyone happy. Our branding is edgy of course, WE are edgy people (that could have come from the military) nonetheless Not all of our products have the F word or other offensive tags or slogans, we invite you check out those products.

      Again, thank you for your support! We do appreciate it!


    • George Bailey says:

      Really Carl? I gravitated here NOT because of foul language, but I like dealing with people who think pretty much the way I do about certain issues. I’m SICK if the PC crowd and have no use for them, other than make fun of them. PC is a LIE! LIKE- “WOW! I’m better than everyone else since I don’t say bad words!” So you can look down your nose at us all you want to, but I suspect nobody here is going to change. I’m an Iraq vet, and currently serving as a police officer in Alaska. Been on the job 10 years with over 1000 prosecuted criminal cases, some of them major crimes. I chase and throw down with drunk Indians regularly and I NEVER bullshit them and I don’t coddle them. And frankly, more than one of them have expressed their appreciation of me and respect for EXACTLY that. If you don’t curse, that’s fine with us but don’t tell us how to act. I’m 54 and frankly don’t give a fat fuck about your opinion. Don’t like it? I recommend staying out of the blog.

  • Jeff says:

    Loved the blog, love your message. Just found out about your company and am immediately putting in an order. I hope the furor dies down and the rioters and obstructionist politicians (fearful now that their machine has broken down) stand aside and let our President do his job. I’ve waited years for this country to get back on track. I’ll wait for my coffee.

  • ern says:

    read your response to Starbucks on seeking alpha. Bot $60 of coffee. we must support each other.
    No support list:
    1. Bud – super bowl ad
    2. 84 Lumber – same
    3. All Coke products – same
    4. Starbucks – obvious

    We need to make a serious list and hold firm to it.

  • Andrea says:

    I just placed my first order with tears in my eyes, I will never purchase another coffee brand again. To all who serve or have served our country, please know that this NAVY mom has a special place in my heart for all of you. Thank you and I hope Black Rifle Coffee Co. grows to become one of the biggest companies in our country. 🙂

    • Scott Lambin says:

      Testimonials and perspective coming from family of our service members means the world to BRCC. We hope that we have earned your business for years to come! Thank you for reading, and thank you for your business!


  • George Bailey says:

    Heh heh heh heh…..Assley Jugg. More like talking out of both sides of her pussy………….

  • Joe says:

    Well first things first I have never bought anything from Starbucks, why would I want to go to place were I would see liberal hipsters with their skinny jeans and man buns on top of their heads. What the hell is that about. I first heard about your company while going through gun videos on YouTube. I thought your videos were funny as hell and started looking into your company and it is great to see what you have accomplished, since most of your products are sold out. I appreciate what all of you are doing for veterans like yourselves and I appreciate your service to this country.

    As for the little whining liberals, not much can be done about them, since liberalism is a neurological disorder. Although taking them out to the woodshed probably wold not help them either.

    Anyways you guys rock and I will continue to buy your coffee and gear.

  • John Palys says:

    I also heard about your coffee on patriotic websites and just ordered my first batch of coffee from you guys. Looking forward to supporting decent folks with good coffee. Starburnt coffee – “Sign of the cross.” Friends don’t let friends taste Starburnts.”

  • Wildflower says:

    Speaking as a 21 year plus veteran NYY cop there are two facts I know. 1. I have worked with Scott and he never answers his phone. 2. There has only been one large chain of businesses that routinely refuse to assist the NYPD at large events. Instead of just sticking to selling overpriced, crappy burnt coffee they continue to get involved with politics. They routinely deny requests from the NYPD to provide a warm environment where officers can go to get out of the weather. Events like New Years Eve, St Patrick’s Day etc. This continues to occur even when the PBA will cover any and all costs to pay for that space. However, they are at the top of a small list of establishments that routinely call the police for “Special Attention” when their customers decide that they have had enough of bad coffee and take to the streets to destroy or burn other peoples property. Humorous to me that they call for help when they are concerned but won’t let those same people use the bathroom. Ah… I think this just about sums it up…. http://www.npr.org/sections/codeswitch/2016/11/10/499633977/does-it-matter-when-a-white-ceo-says-black-lives-matter

    • Scott Lambin says:

      For your own safety, I will refrain from mentioning your name…Just know that that Otters are alive and well my friend. Further, I dont answer my phone not from malice, but because I routinely have roughly a million and one half things I am doing at once…

      We will catch up very soon!


  • Steve C says:

    Thanks for taking a stand against the left wing creeps and their mouthpiece media. I went to Starbucks but am done. My wife and I bypass their coffee in the stores. I heard about your company on a newscast and said this is my new coffee source. I’m an older veteran and will now be supporting you and drinking your coffee. Thanks for being there.

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