If Donald J Trumps nomination of General Mattis as SECDEF is a snapshot of what is to come during his presidency, we are on our way to actually making America great again. Yes, I think we all had our doubts about president elect Trump at various points of his candidacy. A few weeks ago, a few of us here at the shop published who we would appoint to the various positions within the administration. We suggested that General Mattis head up the VA, not for any other reason than we thought that the bureaucrats would get ahold of Trump and whine because Mad Dog wouldn’t be “polished” enough for the seat of SECDEF and the VA is in need of someone holding people accountable to ensure our warfighters get what they need after service. Well…we were mistaken, Trump is affirming the fact that if he were any animal…it’d be the honey badger…he just doesn’t give a fuck and neither does General James Mattis! Quite literally every SECDEF since Rumsfeld have been wet dishrags, puppets to a guy who quite literally had NO business sitting in the oval office in the first place but yet has been wasting oxygen for almost a decade!


Secretary of War

Although the official position of SECWAR was abolished in 1947, Everything from ISIS to Iran would suggest the need to re commission the department, Snowflakes chance in hell I know…but having someone in the refined position who is more than capable of making a crucial decision and executing it flawlessly is imperative to keeping this thing we call freedom strong! As ISIS continues to flip us off and as Iran continues to fund them the tipping point is inevitable. General Mattis is calculated and fearless enough to send anyone who threatens us or our way of life back where they came from sucking their thumbs.


Throughout his career, the mustanger was referred to as “urbane and polished” by other general grade officers and an “intellectual” between other higher ranking officers. Well, how did he get the call sign mad dog, being all polished and shit? Well…he was a very articulate, deliberate and a fair leader, but if you fucked with his Marines, Soldiers, Sailors or Airmen, you were nothing more than a grease spot in the middle of the road. General Mattis didn’t start out as a POG officer was in the right place at the right time. Upon his enlistment in the United States Marine Corps in 1968, he was a grunt. After his commission in 1972 back to line platoons and companies, then battalions all the way up to divisions and retiring as the HMFIC of CENTCOM, replacing General David Petraeus. Throw in a couple “B” billets throughout the unblemished 44 years of service and you have Mattis’ career.

chaos-actualAs the news spread like wildfire throughout the community, I personally couldn’t have been happier when General Mattis was nominated by Trump as SECDEF. When was the last time you were as happy any time a SECDEF was nominated or appointed? We even made a shirt! Personally, I can’t remember a single instance where I put any thought into it, because I knew the appointment was political and not a strategical. This time, the gloves have come off! For the past 8 years those of us who were still serving or working with the Military have shook our heads when the DoD did something idiotic or failed to decide on something that effected the masses (which happened more times than not). Although we may be the best equipped military on the planet, what good is the technology and equipment if we can’t use it or we give it away to other countries? We can only hope that under a Trump/Mattis DoD those who are still doing the unthinkable to bad people in unmentionable places, handcuffs will be cut off and our boys can start putting boot to ass again!

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