hhvsrAbout a month ago I sat in a 40 ft. connex box room in the middle of nowhere perusing Facebook when an ad popped up as a suggestion. A catchy logo and name enticed me to click on the “shop now” button instead of look past the ad like normal. Before I knew it, I was scrolling through Hard Head Veterans (HHV) website, looking at their ballistic helmets. Being a gear queer of sorts, I am always in the market for new, bad ass gear and HHV fit that bill… even if I already had a 1000-dollar helmet sitting 3 ft. from me. HHVs price point for a fully ballistic tactical helmet with all of the bells and whistles was something that I haven’t seen. Clad in just about any TACTICAL color or hydro dipped pattern you can think of (common patterns, they are a practical company not a Halloween prop store) from Tan to AOR1 and everything in between there truly is a helmet for everyone. Military or Law Enforcement; if your job requires you to employ guns in one fashion or another your search for an affordable ballistic helmet is over.

Practical Application

HHV is responsible for the craftsmanship and fabrication of the NIJ Level III shell but not the accessories that enable the various uses of the helmet itself. All prior service (some still active in defense in one capacity or another) HHV’s employees know and fully appreciate what is needed on the battlefield. Side rails, shrouds, liners and padding are all sourced from companies that supply other major manufacturers within the industry.

You will find a handful of companies out there that claim to make “quality” helmets with “quality” parts, yet when you receive the product, one or both of the side rails fall off due to being glued on instead of bolted in place. [I have personally experienced this] HHV drills each helmet with the 3 hole WARCOM pattern to accommodate standard (Norotos or Wilcox) NVG shrouds. Nothing is glued on HHVs ATE helmet, everything is drilled and reinforced with high intensity epoxy to ensure shrouds, rails and hardware stay in place. The ATE helmet is virtually compatible with every other accessory on the market, should you decide that you want to replace something although the helmet is ready for combat operations as its shipped. HHV has a list of recommendations on their website if you need a point a reference.

Quality drilled accessory rails make for easy lighting solutions for most of the popular light manufacturers

Quality drilled accessory rails make for easy lighting solutions for the most  popular light manufacturers

Remember the early days of the Gen I MCH? Sliding around on your head because the padding or webbing on the inside sucked…or how about the nylon strap with the plastic chin cup; I think I would’ve rather worn a steel WWI helmet…at least they looked cooler! Let’s not talk about donning a set of NODs…are you getting aggravated thinking about it yet? The two hotspots on my forehead and nape of my neck are coming back. During my review of HHVs ATE the hotspots were nonexistent, the helmet stayed in place and remained comfortable throughout my hard end use. There have been many trial and error helmets in the past 16 years, The Above The Ear tactical helmet by HHV is my choice. I even put the 1000-dollar helmet in a pelican case with the rest of my gear that I don’t use.


Let’s back up. I clicked on the tab on HHVs website that says “make comms” to ensure that the advertised price of $425.00 included everything depicted on the site. This was a too good to be true scenario for me, as every other comparable helmet range from $800-$1000 dollars on top of a ridiculous lead time. Keep in mind I was roughly 8 ½ hours ahead of HHVs area of operations, yet I received a response within 5 minutes of clicking send. For the record it was 0215 on a Tuesday morning, any normal person would be sleeping and not fielding emails. Not HHV, that was my first inclination that these guys meant business; smashing my too good to be true theory. At noon (Kabul Time) I informed my team of the new ballistic helmet company, everyone was intrigued and immediately took to their computers. Everyone was at a consensus…They wanted one, a couple ordered two.  After a few back and forth emails with HHV, our orders were placed and we waited for each persons logistical trains to catch up. It is evident that HHV takes customer support and satisfaction to the next level. To prove this point, I have  repeatedly emailed a certain competitor company in the ballistic helmet industry (that is a staunch Hillary supporter) and have yet to get a response. They aren’t a company of veterans…so reputation and truly taking care of our countries warfighters is not a priority like it is with Hard Head Veterans.

The supplied shroud fits most all major mounting hardware for Night Vision Devices

The supplied shroud fits most all major mounting hardware for Night Vision Devices


Once everyone received their helmets, there wasn’t a negative response murmured. I think everyone was still under a bit of sticker shock…with what they paid vs what they got. HHV must be operating at a level of proficiency only a group of self motivated and driven veterans display when hardtimes (time limits) are paramount. We adjusted the head liners and re situated the high density memory foam impact pads. There is nothing more ridiculous when a bunch of operators get new gear in and are trying it on…in front of each other. Necessary nonetheless.

I immediately attached a Norotos AKA2 mount to the shroud and attached my  gen 3 AN – PVS 14. Slid my Princeton Tec flashlight into the side rails, slapped on a S&S precision Manta Strobe and put both of my stars and stripped IR reflective flags to the supplied loop Velcro on the sides. Hard Head Veterans clearly knocked the cover off of the proverbial ball in the quality, practicality and price point departments with this helmet. For less than $450 dollars you have a fully functional, highly practical ballistic helmet that will surely meet and exceed your expectations. It is hard telling what this innovative group of  combat veterans will do next; stay tuned!

HHV helmets can be hydro dipped in AOR1 and Multicam patterns, otherwise covers can be purchased in A-TACS to ACU and everything in between

HHV helmets can be hydro dipped in AOR1 and Multicam patterns, otherwise covers can be purchased in A-TACS to ACU and everything in between


Ballistic Level: NIJ Level IIIA
Weight: 2.70 lbs
Finish: Polyurathane Coating (solid colors) Hydro Dipped (AOR 1/Multi Cam)
Fragmentation Performance: 17gr V50 ≥ 2400 ft/sec (731 m/s)
Warantee: 10 years (ballistic shell), 1 year (dial/accessories)
Accessories: 2 Picatinny adapters/ 1 single clamp flashlight holder/ 1 Surefire X300 adapter/ Helmet Cover $34.00 additional
MSRP: $425.00
Website: http://www.hardheadveterans.com

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  • Chad Durbin says:

    Any thought on franchising? Will retire after 31 years in the Army, and 21 years of police work. Wondering what’s next?

    • Scott Lambin says:


      As a matter of fact, Send [email protected] an email and express your intrest in franchising. They will take great care of you; tell them that you got the information from the blog, and someone will be in contact with you very shortly! What better than setting your sights on your next objective being the most Conservative coffee on the planet?!

      Thank You for Reading and your interest in BRC.


  • Joy says:

    Hey Scott,
    Im not a coffee drinker myself, but I will spread the word about your coffee company to friends and family who are. I’m proud to be an American, my husband served in the navy and my dad is a retired marine. So you definitely have my support. God Bless You! Just wanted to encourage you in all that your doing, keep up the great work, I hope and pray that others will follow your example!!!!
    And I may not own a gun yet, but I’m working on it! Ya, I love my 2nd amendment rights!!!
    Again, God Bless You, -Joy
    P.S. We need BRCC, to open in CA!

    • Scott Lambin says:


      Please thank your husband and dad for their service and thank you for supporting your husband in his service. Military spouses deserve medals of their own!!

      Thank you for your continuing support for BRC and all that we do! Please be patient in our franchise program as I am sure there will be a shop pop up in your AO!

      As for the guns! you cannot ever have enough! If you have children, get them into the sport, we need patriots to carry on our heritage!


  • Max Spach says:

    On a separate note, have you ever thought about having stir sticks/spoons that the handle looks like an AR-15 Charging Handle? You could put the BRCC logo on it. You can have the idea and any patent on it. Just send me something cool to remember you. Thanks again.

  • Max Spach says:

    We are hosting a Patriot, Oath Keeper and III% Summit in Davie County, North Carolina on the weekend of Palm Sunday. I would love for Black Rifle Coffee Company and Hard Hat Veterans to consider attending as vendor tables at no charge (i.e. bring your own tables and canopies, etc.) We love your commitment to our country and to excellence via your products! The National Oath Keeper website will have further details. If you know of like-minded groups, vendors, individuals, or just that person who is really good when things are not so good, please feel free to have them attend. This is our first time hosting such an event and input is welcome from those with more experience. Thank you all in advance for all your have done and all you do!
    Sincere regards,

  • Cory Kamp says:

    I used to drink that ‘Seattle’ coffee. But once I heard about them turning their backs on America, no more!! It’s BRCC for me and my family from now on!!
    Glad we found you. Spread BRCC from coast to coast.

  • Kim Kannaley says:

    A friend sent an article about your company and I had to check it out! It’s very impressive being a true marketing geek! Many of my family members are verterans, including my dad, so you have my full support! Screw Starbucks!! I have forwarded your website to family and friends and my dad just bought 2lbs of coffee! Keep up the great work!!!

  • jesus bejar says:

    I don’t drink coffee. But my family does. But I will be ordering (once you got stock again) coffee and those mugs look [email protected] A brother in law and two nephews serving right now. A deceased cousin in law enforcement. I support this stand.

  • Chief Parment says:

    I don’t do social media or normally comments. Lurker Alert. But wanted to say Bravo Zulu. Chief P.

  • Renee Hockensmith says:

    You have my business and support. Thank you.

  • Gloria Casanova says:

    I buy 2 packs of Starbucks every 2 weeks. Then I saw you on Fox and Friends this morning, and i heard that Starbucks wants to hire 10k illegal immigrants. So it was not a hard choice to make the switch. I will from now on order from you. God and Country first. So I hope you ramp up, because you are going to be busy. Goal here is to brink Starbucks to its knees or at least hit them to where their earnings are reduced.

    • Scott Lambin says:

      We appreciate your business and willingness to support veteran owned companies. Although we do not agree that a focus to hire immigrants and refugees should be at the top of anyones priorities Starbucks did not say that they plan to hire 10k illegals (although the perception is clear) we do not want to spread bum scoop. Lets concentrate on the issues that effect our country, focus on US and nobody else!

      It is patriots like you that will make this great country of ours what we intend for it to be!!

      thank You for reading

      • Nate Wilkins says:

        Stumbled across this site while reading something by Sarah A Slayer.. To see that you hold to your values, while keeping to the truth, was nice. The fact that you clarified that refugees are not, by definition, illegals, just goes to show that your goal is not to segregate America by nationality/religion/ethnicity, but to show support and appreciation for those who make and keep America free. That was refreshing. Aside from my normal Folgers medium, I’ve been drinking Caribou because I heard it was responsibly sourced and crafted on the West Coast. I’m considering giving Black Rifle a try. I don’t own a rifle. But am thankful that there are some who do within range, should TSHTF. I’m not a veteran, but this is one place a civi can see just how freaking cool some returned warriors can be. Pretty freaking cool if you ask me.

  • Victor Letonoff says:

    As a cop I’m touched by your work with Blue Lives Matter, thank-you Victor

  • Tony says:

    Can’t wait for your open in Atlanta. Go kick some Starbucks’s butt…………….the boycott is on!!! Great job in getting your products to us, and thank you for your service to our country!!

  • Richard Madal says:

    I just saw your CEO on Fox And Friends. I am retired Law Enforcement and switched careers to Financial Planning after 25 yrs. of playing Cops and Robbers. I LOVE Vets. I come from a Grandfather who came here legally from Poland and enlisted in the U.S. Army and served active duty promoted to Captain and then was put in charge of training Polish speaking troops in Chicago prior to WWI. My Dad joined the Army Air Corp and served in Europe During WWII and Korea doing bombing missions and maintenance on aircraft. You have earned my business. Hiring Vets and helping cops, My kind of company! I have contacted my fellow LEO’s (Law Enforcement Officers) on social media and the response was quick and strong.

  • Lyle says:

    Saw you on Fox News this morning. Great story . Lyle russell

  • Rory Hatch says:

    Will boycott Starbucks due to leftist Globism Hive mind Think! Will start ordering from your site!

  • Lyn says:

    Please consider sending your review of this helmet to President Trump and his team. I’m pretty sure he’s alllll about high quality at lower costs….and all about doing the right thing for vets and active service men and women. (If HHV needed help with increased production to fill a national order, I’m guessing he could make that happen as well.)

    Of course, anyone who needs a helmet of this quality is gonna need a great cup of coffee, too…..

    Congratulations on a terrific web site and on being backordered! And mostly, Thank You for your service.

  • Paul Comesanas says:

    I’m getting ready to pull the trigger on this helmet because I’m heading down range on the 9th. Do you recommend getting the helmet cover? Please let me know as soon as feasible. Thank you.

    • Scott Lambin says:

      We have found that like many other products, there is a reasonable alternative to the gear that some may or may not be able to afford. HHV products stand right next to any ballistic helmet on the market! The Helmet covers are quality, however, their hydro dipped camouflage helmets are flawless! We highly recommend them!

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