Mr. Bert Kuntz ladies and gentlemen!

Welcome back to our spotlight series here on BRCC blog! This month we are spotlighting our very own Bert Kuntz! Remember that delicious coffee blend that looked  like this? Peacemaker Trading Co. started all because of Bert and an idea! Behind the scenes he and his wife Candace dominate the daily tasks at BRCC & at Peacemaker Trading Co.!

Here at BRCC we like to spotlight the people that make our company run! Not only does Bert work hard to help BRCC on the daily he is working non stop on Peacemaker Trading Co.! Go check out our team blend and let us know what you think! Don’t forget to follow Bert on instagram and comment that you came from the blog!

Espresso Chocolate Protein Shake

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caffeine packed protein shake What's better than packing in your morning caffeine and your protein all in one delicious shake *tastes better than a Wendy's frosty! This healthy drink is...

Black Rifle Coffee In-Law Cocktail

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coffee & liquor come the holidays goes hand in hand After a full holiday season full of food, family drinks and bet your bottom dollar... COFFEE as well! We have one...

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