Matt Melancon will make your day better. Just sayin’. If you are feeling kinda blue, head over to BRCC HQ in Salt Lake City, walk in, go to the front desk, introduce yourself and then meet your new best friend Matt. His positivity is radiant, and he really knows his stuff when it comes to coffee roasts and snowboarding!

so let’s get to know Mr. Matt 

What is your favorite way to drink BRCC coffee? (limitless, so it can be something you don’t make everyday but your favorite “coffee shop” drink)
Matt: My favorite drink, thing I have learned to love and look forward to, is “Frothed Cold Brewed”. It is exactly as it sounds. I take coffee that has been cold brewed and stick the frother and heat until there is a nice head on it. I love it because it is full of rich flavor, but is not so hot that I cannot enjoy it right away. I love the way cold brewed coffee makes my body feel, energized but not stressed. 
What is the best part of being the first thing people see when they come into the HQ?
Matt: My favorite part of being the first thing people get to see when they come in BRCC, is I get to be where everyone else hard work gets to meet the customer. Our fans and customers love our social media, they love our coffee, and now they get to come to the headquarters and meet a veteran who lives for empowerment. They get to experience meeting someone who wouldn’t let depression, amputation, and loss stop him from living his life to the fullest. 
If stranded on an island with only the things to make coffee what roast of BRCC would you have with you and what would you make?
Matt: Gunship! My favorite roast, without a doubt, is Gunship. I love the way it blends the dark roasts and light. When I get couples that come in, I am so excited to sell them a bag of it because I know it will be a roast that they can both enjoy.

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