BRCC as we all know is a veteran owned company. Evan Hafer went public and mentioned his hiring initiative of hiring 10,000 veterans to help build BRCC into what it is today! Although, there are a few non veterans that slip through the cracks! Sometimes you need a few other people to mesh the group and grow in new ways!


Nate is the Social Media Advertiser at Black Rifle Coffee Company, which means that he uses Facebook, Instagram and the associated platforms to reach new customers. He uses a lot of numbers and a little creative to help increase not just the customer base but brand awareness.

what is your favorite part of working for a veteran owned company? The best part of working at a veteran company is the drive that people have. I have worked for compnaies where people do just the minimum to get by, but here at BRCC, everyone I work with pushes themselves to learn more to benefit the company. I’ve actually not been allowed in the building on a sunday or two because I was working too much. So with all the focus that we have, we also understand the need for a whiskey and a good laugh.
what is your go to morning coffee drink? Oh man, ok… Weekend, Cold brew/Protein smoothie. Week day, A nice pour over made for a few people. I always try to make coffee for a few people a day.
when in a pinch would you choose cold brew or hot coffee? In a pinch? tough, I made a pour over at 8000 ft. on New Years day after camping when it was 10 degrees out. Always choose good coffee, although cold brew is always easier lol


At BRCC Evan


what coffee roast from BRCC is your favorite?
A cup of Just black is all I need!
how do you brew this blend?
Lately, I have been using my GSI UltraLight Javadrip!
what is it like being a non veteran at a veteran owned company?
I learn new things everyday from the veterans I work with. They have
made me a better person from sharing their experiences. Every day, I
have more respect for the badass people that protect our country and

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