try this recipe out! 

A mocha combines espresso, chocolate and milk to create the most delicious and sweet coffee treat! Making a mocha is so simple, and you can get really creative with your chocolate drizzle!

It’s that simple! Espresso, steamed milk, chocolate syrup, whip and some drizzle! How delicious does that sound! Let’s make one together!

Have we convinced you to try one out at home or at a coffee shop yet?

Cinnamon Swirl Coffee Cake with an Americano

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coffee cake? what is this delicious cake?  Contrary to popular belief.... coffee cake doesn't actually have coffee in it! It is a delicious crumb cake that is paired with coffee!...

Macchiato – what is it and how can I make one?!

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what is a macchiato?!  A macchiato is a delicious espresso drink that is more espresso than milk. The milk is heavily foamed to create a creamy texture when poured onto...

Cappuccino – you gotta try this!

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huh?  Have you ever heard the word Cappuccino and thought...."what the heck is that?" so...what is it?!  A Cappuccino is a traditional Italian Coffee broken down into thirds! 1 part...

Nitro Cold Brew Coffee

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let's brew some cold brew Nitro cold brew is a huge trend this summer when it comes to cold brew coffee! For some people cold brew coffee is about that...

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