The Serpent in the Grass

By May 10, 2017Double Shot

Our first part titled The Hatching of a Serpent gave a brief overview of George Soros, his upbringing, his imprinting of a nefarious idea of his social Camelot. This started in his home country of Hungary where he willingly worked for hand in hand to capture, confiscate and control the very group of people he was born from. As if the torment and unjust war crimes were not enough against his own citizens, almost three-quarters of a century later, he has brought the same filthy ideas to OUR country. We have done an exceptional job of keeping socialism out and capitalism thriving. Soros is sinking his teeth into everything he can to influence and make socialism the norm in the United States of America.

The Clintons were the first well-known and direct recipients of Soros financial backing. Many reports suggest direct ties between George Soros and former Pres. Bill Clinton’s policy in Eastern Europe throughout the 90s. The same reports indicated distinct line to his State Department and Soros’ NGOs, more blatant in Central America in the 90s.

The Soros/Clinton relationship continued to prosper and grow, culminating in a very close direct relationship between Soros and Mrs. Clinton as of late. While Soros controlled PACs who backed Obama in 2008, they began funding a restructuring of Mrs. Clinton’s campaign machine as early as 2012. Soros NGOs have many ties with the Clinton Foundation.  The very organization that funnels campaign finances, grease payments for government contractors and most notable as of recently, payrolls for many of the bigger anti-constitutionalist/capitalist obstructionist groups. A lot of the same organizations who are speaking out against free speech, and many other unalienable rights found within our Bill of Rights and Constitution that we hold so close. Look deeper into the newest group of idiots who call themselves “ANTIFA”. Other than laughing hysterically, their messages are in line with Soros and Clinton ideas of utopia!

sorosThe Clinton Foundation and Soros NGOs work closely together in Haiti, Czechoslovakia, Libya and Egypt. Mrs. Clinton often speaks highly of Soros at public functions. Horowitz and Poe’s book, the “Shadow Party” describes a unique Soros introduction from Hillary Clinton. “We need people like George Soros, who is fearless and willing to step up when it counts.” Says Hillary Clinton. Her outspoken support was well rewarded as Mrs. Clinton, her super PACs and other groups received well over $15 million from Soros and his foundations.

012508_mccain2_webAll the contributions and accolades do not stop to the left. “Republican” folks who publically identify with conservatism and capitalism are also on the Clinton bankroll! All signs are pointing to a couple prominent GOP leaders; Senators Lindsey Graham of South Carolina and John McCain of Arizona have received notable contributions from the Clinton Foundation to “clear the path for 2020”. As much as it pains me in saying, The Bush family have shown support for the Clintons throughout this election cycle…Could it be because Patriots threw a wrench into their family plan of a Bush trilogy in the white house? Or is it because they support the crooked, social scumbags?! In either case, it is still very disheartening!  Every penny spent by Soros and the Clintons is aimed at dismantling the GOP and everything that the United States stands for as we know it!

Soros’ causes have evolved over time but have included scholarships to black South Africans, copiers to Eastern bloc countries, accountability and transparency in Democratic governments, medical marijuana and same-sex marriages. Soros’ stated that an ideal society would be “one that is equal for all, but often ignores the concept of free will and self- determination”. What in the hell does that mean?? It means that everyone gets the same, regardless of work and efforts. In the US, Soros donations have been exclusively hardcore left wing causes such as La Raza, Acorn, the Southern Poverty Law Center, now and the Tides Foundation. Currently, over $7 billion had been donated to these causes under the umbrella of the Open Society Foundation. He’s become increasingly active throughout the Obama administration, and Soros is expanding his donations to direct partisan organizations such as He also directly funds the Black Lives Matter movement, NOW and the Center for American Progress. These groups are continuing to accelerate their activity in the post ‘16 election period.

Demonstrators burn flags and peddle other Anti American messages throughout protests throughout the United States

The election of Trump has emboldened several Eastern European countries and their efforts to diminish or eliminate Soros’ reach within their borders through his NGOs. As stated, Hungary, Poland, and Russia have enacted legislation banning Soros and his non-governmental organizations from any activity within their borders. Soros, however, continues to push social unrest and his open borders agenda. Remembering that one of Soros’ fundamental goals is the destruction of national borders, he’s recently been very active with his funding of the European refugee crisis. The refugee crisis has been blamed on the civil war currently raging in Syria. But one must ask how all these refugees suddenly were inspired to fleeting Europe and how they knew that Europe would open their borders and let them in?

This illustration shows the flooding of migrants and thoroughfares into Europe, inevitably flooding our country!

This illustration shows the flooding of migrants and thoroughfares into Europe, inevitably flooding our country!

The refugee crisis is not naturally occurring. It coincides directly with open society foundation donating money to the US-based Migration Policy Institute and the Platform for International Cooperation on Undocumented Migrants. Both Soros sponsored, funded and supports. Both groups advocate the resettlement of third world Muslims into Europe. In late 2015, Sky News reported finding “migrant handbooks” on the Greek island of Lesbos. Investigating the Handbooks, which are written in Arabic, it was discovered that they were given to refugees before they crossed the Mediterranean by a group called “Welcome to the EU, ” and as you guessed, I’m sure, funded by Soros’ Open Society Foundation. Soros is not only advocating resettlement of third world Muslim’s, but he was also responsible for the “Merkel Plan” (The Merkel Plan was created directly by the European Stability Initiative whose Chairman, Gerald Knaus, a Senior Fellow at the Open Society Foundation.) All of this while following his model of using his NGO’s to foment unrest, destabilize local governance and profit from the instability. Still working toward his goal of eliminating borders and establishing his one world government.

The inclusion of the United States in Soros’ agenda has revealed that Soros has changed his investment portfolio. He now is heavily invested in rare earth metals and gold.  This will provide stability for his wealth if US markets turn bearish and begin a sharp decline. Coincidentally, the Clinton’s too have started to shift their money away from traditional investments and more toward rare earth metals and gold. There is no indication that the 86-year-old Soros has any intention of slowing down or altering his goals. To that end, Soros’ son Jonathan is working closely with his father and the NGO’s to further the Soros plan after the old war criminal finally kicks the can.

Soros has become one of the richest men in the world while believing he is a god. The creator of everything. This wealth on the back of civil wars, death and financial ruin of entire countries. All of this to promote a global governance system in which he is the ultimate leader. Europe is not handling the massive influx of refugees, and many European cities are up in flames, and their citizens are being told to adjust to the culture of the refugees with no expectation of the refugees assimilating. Women are sexually assaulted and raped. ISIS fighters are being welcomed back to these cities and being provided with welfare and housing. Soros NGO’s are on the ground working diligently toward his vision of the world, and here in the US, they are trying to bring more and more refugees here without vetting. In many cases, it’s Soros operatives who are doing to background for the lawsuits over Trump’s Immigration Executive Order’s and policies. We racked our brains coming up with a good parallel for George Soros, and a serpent is the most fitting. He is evil, his minions are worse, and the number of Americans beside them grows to astounding numbers. What are we doing to ensure these ideals do not progress further than ill-informed hipsters being obstructionists?!

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