Filmed on location at Battlefield Vegas, this skit is the brainchild of four men who have spent more years doing things they can’t talk about than you’ve been alive.

Make sure that you make a trip to Battlefield Vegas on your next trip to Sin City. They now have 6 mini-guns and the largest gun selection we’ve ever seen.

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  • BLACK RIFLE COFFEE COMPANY IS BETTERING THE LIVES OF OUR FIRST RESPONDERS AS THEY HELP SAVE LIVES IN THE COMMUNITY! No, really – down at the Station, I turned-on the fire-resQ-EMS youngsters to a Manly-Mens’ kinda Coffee: the BRCC-type, o’course! Well, actually – I threw out that Commissary-bought variety of nasty iron shavings n’ iodine crap they call…whatever. So they’ve stopped liftin’ weights, and are now curlin’ Rescue 10 during PT [and use the lighter Crash 7, for circuit training instead of kettle bells].
    And we no longer respond with our rigs, choosin’ instead to just run to the incident… I mean it’s OK, though – we’re not completely crazed: The Bosses bring the engine and EMS rig to the scene later, ’cause, well, we sometimes do need the helmets, bunker gear n’ tools…and yeah, some residents complain when we show up sweaty n’ just in our skivvies in the -40 degree weather; and o’course we need the radios to listen to some rockin’ jams while workin’…amiright?!
    Finally, you’ll be pleased to know that we always keep a pot goin’ 26/7; and the EMS crews have decided they’re gonna ask the Medical Director if we can maybe use the BTB n’ JB blends – separately or together, we dunno, yet – in an IV or mainline infuser for cardiac stuff…maybe even as a stimulant, like back when they used to use ammonia capsules.

  • Carmen says:

    OMG I’m dying ???????????? This makes finalizing grades so much more amusing. On point, gentlemen. On point.

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