Veterans and Patriots

By March 1, 2017Double Shot

If you haven’t figured out, we put our money where our mouths are! Some have called our promise to hire 10k veterans a “marketing ploy,” well, for those who follow us, we continue to hire Veterans and will continue to do so well after the 10k. Our blog is no different. We are eliciting the expertise, backgrounds, and creativity of as many of our nation’s warfighters to contribute to our team as we can.  Black Rifle Coffee Company is the most conservative, pro 2A coffee company in the United States and arguably across the planet. We are true in our absolute, constitutional values, and are tired of the something for nothing attitude that has swept our country for the past 8 years. The table is ours; we have put the blood, sweat, and sacrifice in front of everything else for the sake of our country for too long to stand idle and watch the socialist movement bring down what we have all fought for! As we sit at the table, we’re putting a boot to the asses of those who have wasted our space and oxygen for 16+ years. The gloves have come off, and we are pulling no punches if feelings get hurt in the process; then so be it!

Screen Shot 2016-04-23 at 7.34.10 PMWe strive not to be a media outlet; we will be the most unfiltered veteran and patriot source of information across the internet. Our articles are not edited for political correctness, yet our content and contributors are relevant to our industries and way of life. To this point the BRC blog has been a landing page for those who want to voice opinions, review bad ass products or simply rant through our weekly Double Shot, we are extending our tentacles! Part of our mission at BRC is to expand our ecosystem for Veteran initiative throughout multiple industries, our blog  and partner blogs are no different. In short, our vision for our platform will be a place for free Americans to feature content.


We have all worked for everything we have and we sure in the hell would not ask you to give something for nothing. Selected contributors will be compensated for all of their efforts in bringing whatever information to the table. Selected contributors will not be assigned content; you are free to write whatever…however you wish. There may be times were certain personalities, and writing styles accentuate subject matter; in which we may ask if you are willing and able to interview, review or cover a topic.


Content topics include but are definitely not limited to Gear reviews about shooting sports, tips, and tricks with firearms, ammo and anything related. Our blog is a place for you spark conversation amongst like-minded badasses. If you are interested in contributing, please send the information below to [email protected]:

  • 500 word sample article (minimum)
  • 4-6 supporting images
  • Short Biography of the Author
  • Name, Phone number, and Social Media links

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