Vietnam Veteran Black & White Espresso (a BRCC special)

Sometimes our plain espresso needs a punch to really take it to the next level! This drink is sweet, packs a punch and is as easy as pulling 2 shots and opening a can! Not only will you enjoy this drink, it will impress your friends when you make this for them!

What is a Vietnam Veteran Black & White Espresso?

This drink is the Black Rifle take on a classic Vietnamese iced coffee! Ours can be served iced or warm… that is up to you! There are 3 ways we can make this drink; espresso shots, cold brew concentrate, and drip coffee! One thing to remember…. enjoy your drink when you are finished preparing it!

Let’s start brewing! 

like we said earlier, there are three ways to enjoy this beverage; espresso shots, cold brew, and drip coffee!

what you’ll need from Black Rifle Coffee Company

How to make Vietnam Veteran Black & White

  1. grab your Black Rifle Coffee and either prep your concentrate (recipe here), brew your drip (4-8 oz of drip of cold brew concentrate) or pull your shots of AK 47 (2 shots of espresso)
  2. open your can of condensed milk and pour 1/2 oz. into the bottom of your glass cup
  3. fill your glass with ice and pour your coffee of choice over the ice and condensed milk
  4. stir your ice cubes and condensed milk into your coffee and enjoy!

did you make your own?

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