We’re changing it up a bit. I’m drinking my regular cup or two of BRC, Beyond Black, and asking you to just go ahead and start brewing an entire pot. You’re going to need it after this. We expect you to fact check and research these little nuggets that we are about to bestow upon you. It is time that we start talking about the people who want nothing more than to see our country; the greatest on earth; be torn apart, and degraded to the point of insignificance. We start, with one of the evilest people on the planet. One that is overt in his efforts to shit on us and wipe his ass with our constitution. I have taken personal interest to the topic of today’s post which we will cover more in depth in future articles. We cannot possibly cover in depth everything in one article. Our objective for this is to paint the picture of a United States of America if some were left to their druthers. We have descriptive information supporting everything we write, none of it is pulled from other blogs or fake news sources. We invite you to fact check and do your own research. Some of what you are about to read will not surprise you, some…will.

“It is sort of the disease when you consider yourself some kind of God, the creator of everything, but I feel comfortable about it now since I began to live it out.” – George Soros, The Independent, “The billionaire who built on chaos.” 3 June 1993.

Hatching of a Serpent

Soros was born George Schwartz in 1930. His father, Tividar Schwartz was a Jewish lawyer with strong globalist leanings. He was an active proponent of Esperanto (Esperanto is language created in 1887 by LL Salmonoff for transcending national borders and overcoming the natural indifference of mankind.) In 1936, while Adolf Hitler was hosting the Olympic Games in Berlin, Tividar changed the family name to Soros; that, in Esperanto translates to “will soar.” The Nazi occupation of Hungary being imminent, Tividar fled with his family leaving George with a German family friend. It was during the Nazi occupation of Hungary in 1944 that Soros reportedly went to work for the Nazis seizing property from his fellow Jews in the local population at a ripe age of 14. During a 1998 interview with 60 minutes, Soros described the year he worked for the Nazis as “the happiest time of my life.” During the same interview, Soros expressed no remorse for seizing Jewish property.It was his view that if it hadn’t been him, it would have been someone else profiting from the property.


Across Europe, we’re witnessing a manifestation of a George Soros 30-year plan. I am speaking of the refugee-immigrant crisis (yes, it is a crisis) that has Germany, Sweden, France, Belgium and the United Kingdom in its inexorable clutches. Through his Open Society Foundation and a myriad of other NGOs (nongovernmental organization), Soros’ plan is to create chaos and destabilize government through social unrest all with the desired endstate to turn a profit. To achieve his vision of a one world government, destabilization must be at the forefront of priorities with super douche (Soros) at the helm. Make no mistake, this isn’t his first time directing this type of traffic. Soros, through his NGOs and liberal puppets, created the social chaos that sacked Central America in the 80s and 90s, only to profit from government seizures via natural resources and private businesses who were not “in line” with his ideals.

Post War World War

With World War II over, Soros emigrated to England in 1947 and became a student at the London school of economics. He was mentored by Karl Popper, and Austrian -British philosopher who was an outspoken proponent of an “Open Society.” During this time, Soros worked at several London merchant banks until he moved to New York in 1963. Seven years later, he created Soros Fund Management and by 1973 he was partnered with an investor named Jim Rogers to create the Quantum Fund. This fund made annual returns of over 30% becoming the base of Soros’ financial power. Using this newfound wealth and power, Soros began betting against national economies. In 1992 he short sold the pound sterling and made a billion-dollar profit in a single day of trading. Again in 97, Soros targeted the Thai baht by short selling it in volume. This destroyed the baht’s artificial tie to the US dollar which started the Asian financial crisis. Soros’ vision of a “New World Government” started to shape into priority number one in his mind, which spawned the commissioning of the NGO shells.

20th Century

The 80’s and 90’s were unique to the planet as it was. In the 90’s, Soros used his vast wealth and NGOs to fund revolutions and/or social unrest deep within Central America and Eastern Europe. Ole Georgie poo didn’t stand up on his own pulpit and rally formidable citizens, like Hitler, Stalin or Hussain did during their reigns. He didn’t organize hit squads like the SS or Uday and Qusay’s goons; he used propaganda. Creating adversarial political parties, publishing houses, and independent media outlets. All of which paid for under the auspices of his Open Society Foundation and dozens of other NGOs under its umbrella. As massive social unrest was being created, Soros would invest heavily in countries’ currencies. Soros’ NGOs would then have “experts” push to privatize all public assets immediately to create a cash flow to stabilize a collapsing economy. The NGOs would then begin supporting the social unrest. Soros and his goons would soon then sell off the assets he purchased for pennies on the dollar and finally, short selling the nation’s currency leaving it weakened at best, collapsed at worst. Soros’ Open Society Foundation has an active network in over one hundred countries. They never stop fomenting social unrest in every region of the globe, including the United States as seen in recent past. This concept has been stirring around in the minds of socialists, Soros is past the pen and paper phase of his planning cycle.

Creating Chaos

Soros’s net worth is currently over $23 billion which is the single greatest funding source for his NGOs. He has spent approximately $14 billion in creating these non-governmental organizations and promoting far left-wing initiatives. The Open Society Foundation was formed in 1993 which was the conduit in his efforts to destabilize Central America and Eastern European governments by tanking their currencies. Czechoslovakia, Croatia, and Yugoslavia saw Soros NGOs funnel directly to political opposition parties, and propagandizing mediums whose sole purpose was to denounce current leadership and drive a wedge into the social eco system. As his NGOs successfully carried out their paid task of chaos creation, Soros moved in and invested in assets of each of the respective countries.

Columbia University economist Jeffrey Sachs was then hired to advise the fledgling governments to privatize all public assets immediately thus allowing Soros to buy and sell everything he had acquired during the turmoil. He created a regime change in Eastern Europe and Central America and profited from it. Soros declared war on the good citizens of the United States by doing the same. His goal; to weaken the United States financially, reducing US influence around the world which would allow him to operate with impunity and work toward his desired one world government. He has since lined his pockets with billions of our dollars and the souls of influential and career politicians who are still in office today!

During the anti-Trump protests pay particular attention to the message; pay even more attention to each group and who they’re comprised of. The recent Woman’s March on DC was promoted by 56 NGO’s. 50 of them with direct ties to Soros’ groups. Moveon.Org, the National Action Network, the ACLU, the Center for Constitutional Rights, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and as shocking as it may seem, the Council on American-Islamic Relations. All of these NGOs were at the forefront of each demonstration. Linda Sarsour, the head of the Arab-American Association of New York, is a co-chair and speaker at the march. You’ll remember seeing women chanting Alluah Akbar with her leading it from the stage. Ironically this group strongly advocates for Sharia Law in America, yet across the proverbial lawn demonstrations starring Ashley Judd and Madonna were barking about their pussies and blowing up the White House all in the name of Womens Rights in America. NEWSFLASH: Sharia Law directly violates EVERYTHING that has to do with Women’s rights…

Done For Now

If you are an avid reader of the blog, stay tuned; we have a lot more on Mr. Soros and his reptilian antics. You may (or may not) be shocked to know that we will be calling out those who are deserving; good and bad. Yes, there are members from both sides of the political aisle immersed into a socialist movement and think nothing is wrong.

The anti-constitutional days are over, so long as WE THE PEOPLE become educated, and continue to stand ready to repel the enemies attack by banding together and demanding a top down scrubbing of those who have personal and financial interests in people like George Soros and those that stand behind him.

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